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By astrologer Tina Reinhardt Hansen



Saturn – Pluto conjunction

Uranus in Taurus 2019

Saturn – Pluto conjunction


Jupiter from Scorpio to Sagittarius

Uranus from Aries to Taurus

Chiron’s new cycle


Saturn in Capricorn

Jupiter in Scorpio



Saturn - Neptune Square 2015-16

The Epilogue; The Uranus – Pluto Square 2015 -19

Neptune in Pisces

The Uranus – Pluto Square 2012-2015





Saturn – Pluto Conjunction

The end of a long cycle and the beginning of a new


Fall is here, and in more ways than one, there are indeed dark times ahead.

As Saturn and Pluto are now both going direct, moving forward towards their final meeting point, at 22°46 Capricorn, in January 2020, it is worth refreshing and elaborating on the meaning of the Saturn – Pluto conjunction, that has been noticeable for all of 2019, and will be for all of 2020 as well.

This combination and sign placement symbolize huge societal changes, a lot of the former structure and known framework will be blown apart or break down and several things will not continue as previously.

The organization and structure of labor and working is one of the things facing huge changes, because of the strong focus on Saturn and Capricorn. The same goes for management, leadership and business.

Some of the power of state, government, authorities- as well as other societal institutions and pillars – will change distinctly as well, and this can both go in the direction of more or less power.

Citizens’ rights – or lack of them – can also go in both directions.

Distrust between citizens and authorities can easily reach new highs.

Authorities might respond by coming down hard on any kind of criticism and resistance. Extreme measures of censorship, surveillance and social behavior regulations could be the result, if not stopped in time.

At the same time, this is also a period where both powerful individuals, powerful dynasties (known, as well as hidden) and societal pillars perceived as ”too big to fail” actually could fail, crash and lose their grip on power.

No one from top to bottom can feel safe in their seats in these times, as Pluto’s lesson is; nothing last forever, everything has its time, everything ends, and then something new can be born.

This is why so much now seems to be decaying and no longer works, why we’re constantly told stories of authorities and other societal institutions, obviously no longer taking care of the assignments, they were originally created to do, that’s why we constantly hear of scandals, fraud, failures, lack of resources, bad management and why we see former rulers, in spite of trying to cling to their former power, ending up with not particular graceful exits.

Expect all of this to further intensify this Fall and throughout the Winter.

However, this conjunction isn’t just about 2019 -2020/21, where Saturn and Pluto will be within reach of each other. This combination is also about the long term, both going back and forward.

We’re now at the end of a larger cycle, that started in 1982, when these two planets were last in conjunction, and which reached its dramatic midpoint at the opposition, in 2001. (I’m sure, there’s no need to remind you, what happened that year, with global implications!)

Decisions and actions from those in power then, both the visible and the hidden agendas, the policies, the economical and societal decisions made, the declarations of wars, in those years, as well as the publics’ reaction – or lack of reaction – is all something we’re facing the consequences of now. We’re reaping as was sown those years. And if things don’t feel particular viable right now, it’s probably because the seeds sown was not particular healthy nor put in the ground with best intentions!

There are things that can come to a natural end and graciously make way for something else/others, and then there’s that which is rotten to the core, but still hanging on and needs to be removed now.

Anything no longer viable, anything from the past, with no future could unmercifully end up being destroyed within the near future.

For we are about to reach the last death rattle - the very last phase, before it’s finally over, after which a huge rehabilitation work, where something new can begin to take form, awaits.

How this new will be, is what all of us incarnated on this planet, at this special time, has co- influence on and not least co- RESPONSIBILITY for.

Looking ahead, this also means that decisions made and actions taken, here at the beginning of the new cycle starting in January 2020, will have consequences several decades ahead, which is why it’s important to tread cautiously and wisely, whether it’s you or your descendants that will have to live with the consequences in the future.

We need to be way more awake and vigilant at this cycles’ beginning, in the early 20s, than we/they were at the beginning of the 80s and the beginning of this millennium, in terms of what we allow those in power to initiate, as well as what we initiate ourselves.

On a personal level the big theme and question is how much authority and power you are willing to take on yourself or reject and let others handle?

How do you handle the power you have over others? How do you relate to those who have power over you?

How much are you willing to put up with, from say a boss? Or from some other authority figure? Especially if they’re not doing their true job or acting fair?

To what degree are you willing to take control and set the framework for your own life?

How much are you willing to sacrifice for the promises of security and comfort – even if the promises are never kept?

In those instances where Saturn – Pluto = more power and control to the authority, then the choice is yours, whether it’s you taking on your inner authority and thus gaining more power and control over your life or whether it’s outer authorities taking over even more, with a very little individual scope as a result.

In the instances where Saturn-Pluto = the breakdown of the system and the well known structure, the choice is yours, what you will put in its stead.

If you have personal planets/important placements near 22° Capricorn/Cancer/Aries/Libra, you are/will be especially impacted by this on a personal level and/or you’re one of those playing an important part in all of this.

The same can also apply for important planets & placements near 22° Taurus/Virgo and Scorpio/Pisces.

On a higher level this planet combination and the end of the cycle is about karma; the settling of karmic debt and karmic relations. It’s about reaping as you have truly sown yourself, but also about becoming wiser of dark parasitic forces and their interference, hidden agendas and abuse of power, that might have resulted in you battling with and paying for something, that never really should have been on your shoulders in the first place.

Insight and knowledge of this can blow up the entire karma and (re)incarnation system and the previous tales and perceptions of it, and bring way more spiritual maturity, as well as more options and freedom -  also beyond this life.

So yeah, huge things are definitely brewing at this moment in time!

Saturn and Pluto are a serious and heavy combination, and we have previously seen really dark and violent world events, when these two have met. The conjunction is further “burdened” by the sign placement in Saturn’s own sign; Capricorn, so there’s no need to sugar coat or pretend that this will be an easy process, because an important part of the process is actually about being (or becoming) mature enough to face the dark, harsh realities.

But as we know, it’s also darkest before dawn, and just as light and Spring always follows Fall and Winter, this is also a rare opportunity to get rid of a lot of rot, a lot that no longer works or serve us, and in its place put something new, better and more constructive and fair.

We’re at a cross road, and the choices made now and in the immediate future will have long term effects and consequences, both collectively and individually, and on an earthly as well as spiritual level, so it’s a rather unique and also very responsible time to be alive. So, use the energy wisely, with eyes wide open.

Special stops on the way to the exact conjunction, at which the process is further intensified, are:

- Saturn triggers and ends a previous Solar Eclipse in Capricorn from January 2019, from October 13 – November 13. This is kickstarted by a Full Moon squaring Pluto on the 13th as well.

- Saturn and Pluto get within 3 degrees of eachother + Jupiter enters Capricorn in early December.

- Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on December 26th.

- Saturn and Pluto get within 1 degree of eachother, and the precise phase of the conjunction begins on December 31st.

The conjunction is exact on January 12th 2020.

Let’s use this challenging last phase of this cycle, and the prelude to the next, to light up the dark and create a breeding ground for a better and brighter future for us all.

October 2019

© Astrologer Tina Reinhardt Hansen





Uranus in Taurus March 2019

March is here and next week one of the powerful outer planets changes signs, when Uranus, Wednesday March 6, leaves Aries for good and enters Taurus, where it will spend approximately the next 7 years.

New era, new times, as Uranus truly enters its 2nd phase – in its 84 year long cycle consisting of 12 phases – bringing with it new themes, that you can read much more about here

Outer planet shifts echoes on several levels, so the next week, as well as the entire month of March, could be quite interesting and distinct, when it comes to world events.

Keep your eyes, ears, heart and mind open to what goes on around you, both on the world scene, and in your outer personal life, as well as your inner life, since messages and signs can give you clues to happenings of the next 7 years.

The period Uranus spent in Aries was accompanied by Uranus’ square to Pluto, the square will now enter its absolute final phase, as an out of sign square, with both planets now residing in Earth signs. It will end for good, 3 weeks after Uranus’ ingress in Taurus, after 11 years turbulent mayhem. So, March will also be influenced by a likely dramatic end to the influence of the square.

Crucial times, indeed – huge endings and new beginnings.

Through the placements of the larger planets, there will from now on be an enormous focus on Earth signs.

Both Saturn, Uranus and Pluto will be placed in Earth signs now. Jupiter will also enter an Earth sign as well, in December.

Which is quite fitting, since we have now entered a phase, where we literally will have to face and deal with Earth changes, in climate, in nature, in the way we treat Mother Earth and how we use and share her resources from now on and into the future.

The last outer planet, Neptune is placed in the Water sign, Pisces. This places all the larger planets in introverted, feminine signs at the end of this decade, and the beginning of the next. A huge focus on Goddess energy, if you will.

Let’s use this energy to turn the future of the Earth in a positive, lush, green, sustainable direction, that benefits the whole and not just the few.

©Astrologer Tina Reinhardt Hansen

March 1st 2019





A new calendar year awaits us, the last of this decade.

Since we’ve been living with wild and turbulent collective energies for more than 10 years now, no one can be blamed for wishing for just a little peace, quiet and stability.

However, that’s not on the agenda quite yet.

Even though 2019 is the year, where we say our final goodbyes to dramatic planet placements, such as Uranus in Aries and Uranus’ long-lasting square to Pluto, the next distinct and heavy aspect, in the shape of an applying Saturn – Pluto conjunction, literally takes over right away…

So collectively, we still have huge assignments to finish, before we can hopefully relax and simply enjoy life.


Let’s take a look at the energies, we’re parting with, in the first months of the year, and then at the new ones coming in.


In November, Uranus reentered Aries (2010/11 – 2018/19) and, right on cue, the rebellious protest spirit, that has been with us since the beginning of the decade, came back in full force (strikes, “yellow vests”, as well as other protests etc.).


Then, on the first day of the new year, the Uranus – Pluto square (2008-2019: financial & debt crisis – leadership crisis – the fall/ removal/abdication of people in power- changes in power balances – reveal of corruption, abuse of power and other sinister agendas- focus on injustice, inequality and suppression – protests – uprising – riots – escalation of terror/false flags- visible climate change- extreme weather events – distinct individual life changes – a strong need for individual freedom – growth potential – awakening) is activated once again, for the very last time.


In March we say finally goodbye to both, when Uranus enters Taurus for good and the Uranus – Pluto square then ebbs completely out shortly after.

At that point we will be able to do a status rapport on the gigantic global process of change, the square symbolized, and how far we got.


We already had a taste of some of the themes, that comes with Uranus in Taurus, in the 6 months Uranus peeked into the sign, this past year. From Spring 2019, we will go in depth with these themes, for the next 7 years.


While this Uranus placement is calmer than the previous, it’s no less revolting or invasive.

Even though it takes a lot longer to excite and enrage Taurus than Aries, there is of course the infamous red cloth, and Uranus will no doubt find that cloth and wave it provocatively in front of us, during these 7 upcoming years.


The combination will likely bring:


Financial experiments/reset/changes, that can be felt in the individual wallets – changes concerning property and ownership – focus on & changes concerning food, eating habits, nature and sustainability – potential blooming green wave;  more growing their own food, ecology, biodynamics, perma culture and perhaps even invention of new green methods versus sabotage of green, sustainable living and healthy food – climate change/ earth changes/ weather conditions/manipulation that changes the outcome of crops, prices and availability – possible scarceness and rationing of resources and food – invention of alternatives to something lacking or no longer available – changes in values – individual growing need for living your life according to your true values and standing firm on them.


On top of all this, we say hello and welcome to a Saturn – Pluto conjunction in Capricorn.


These two will meet in early 2020, will reach the critical one degree in late 2019, but will already get so close, in January 2019, that the influence will be felt from then on and the entire year.


This combination doesn’t have a good rep.

Among other things because it was active both during the beginning of the 1st (in reality before Pluto was officially discovered) and 2nd World War, (that also happened right after a Uranus – Pluto square and Uranus having left Aries for Taurus, in the 1930s), as well as 9.11 and the beginning of the endless “War on Terror” (where we had a series of Eclipses, where many are in the same spots as those we have these years surrounding Saturn and Pluto’s 2020 meeting).


It’s important to emphasize that Saturn and Pluto has also been in contact several other times without such a drastic outcome, but it’s also important to be aware of the many similarities with time periods, where really violent world events have taken place, and on the fact that this energy CAN be (ab)used this way, if those who push the buttons, wants to and are allowed to do so.


If anyone in position of power should wish to introduce a total police/military state, then this combination in Saturn’s own sign, Capricorn, could also be (ab)used to take further steps in that direction or for that matter, going all the way…


So no, the bad reputation is not completely unjustified, but as always; the outcome will depend on what people are willing to put up with – and then it’s about finding more constructive ways of using the energy.


With Saturn – Pluto big societal changes are inevitable.

The current structure will in many ways blow up, and many things won’t continue as before…which can be both good and bad.


The state’s, the government’s, the authorities’, as well other societal institutions powers will change distinctly – and this can both go in the direction of a lot more or a lot less power.

The citizens’ rights or lack of them can also go in either direction.


The distrust of outer authorities, including both governmental and private institutions, that are considered pillars of society, will reach its absolute highest.

A lot has already suffered serious, serious blows in credibility the past years (such as media, the political system, banking system, taxation system etc. etc.), some will claim that they are already totally bankrupt creditability wise, and in its current form, it certainly won’t get any better, the next couple of years.


One societal pillar that will be especially in the spotlight, during 2019, is, due to Jupiter’s transit through Sagittarius, the justice system.

This will both concern people put on trial for deep corruption and various other sinister crimes, but also the justice system itself will be tested whether its viable, in its current form, in the future.


The organization and structure surrounding the work life and work force will also be subject to huge changes, with Pluto touching Saturn in Capricorn.


The distrust will also go the other way, from authorities towards the people, so there will be a tendency to come down hard on those who “step out of line”. Whether it’s done in a real attempt to uphold law, order and security or whether it’s to cling on to power and control over a population, that will have had enough…


Extreme measures of censorship, surveillance and social behavior regulation, and a very tiny individual latitude, can easily be the result, if we’re not careful.

If the steering wheel is left to others, even the most orthodox person might be very unpleasantly surprised of the world they “suddenly” find themselves in, at the beginning of the next decade.


However, both powerful individuals, powerful dynasties, well known as well as hidden, and societal institutions considered “too big to fail”, might actually crumble, during this influence.

As no one from top to bottom will be safe in their seats, in this period.

Pluto’ s lesson to all of us is; nothing last forever, everything has its time, everything comes to an end, and then something new can be born.


How the new will be, is what all us present on the planet in this particular time period, is co-responsible for.


So, Pluto, is the common thread in the distinct aspects influencing us in this powerful transition period.


Pluto also squares the almost still standing Eris the upcoming year, which tells us that one or more outsider(s) could suddenly enter the field and create discord and splitting among the upper echelons of society (or those who consider themselves to be so) and turn everything upside down.

Likewise, this also tells us that we will all be confronted with important choices, that needs to be made in accordance with our individual value system...which brings us back to the Uranus in Taurus theme of the importance of living our lives from our true inner values and not from something dictated to us, from the outside.


Your values and what you’re willing and not willing to put up with, will thus be a major theme for 2019.


Within the framework of what the prevalent energies offers us, the possibilities of constructive use are:


Taking on more control and responsibility for your own life, taking on your inner authority instead of leaving it to outer authorities to set the structure for your life.


In other words, in the instances where Saturn-Pluto means more power and control to the authorities, the choice is yours, whether it’s you that takes on your authority and thus gain more power and control over your life or whether you will let outer authorities take over even more.


In the instances where Saturn – Pluto means the crash of the well-known structure of society and previous way of life, it’s your choice what you will put in its place.


Depending on perception, taking on more responsibility might feel as a heavy burden or as very liberating.


For sure, this energy places high demands on people. It’s not a time where things are served on a platter for you, there are likely privileges you will have to forego, but other things can be gained, if you’re willing to do an effort.


Neptune in Pisces reminds us not to leave behind those not capable of taking care of themselves, and since Neptune will be in a harmonious angle to Saturn (and Pluto), its actually doable; to bring everyone along, and to do something that benefits all, instead of just a few.


Jupiter in Sagittarius is in many ways the light in the dark, the uplifting energy among the more dark and heavy influences.

From here, we can rise above the current darkness, look ahead towards brighter times and find inspiration to how we will get to a better and more ethical world.


However, a Jupiter – Neptune square warns us to not be led astray by dreams and illusions, especially of the kind that promises a Messiah, aliens, angels or others to come and save us from it all.

This doesn’t exclude “outside” help, not at all, it’s just, that the prevalent energies very clearly tell us, that the responsibility is mainly ours …yours and mine.


Another warning concern believing that one’s perception of the truth is the only one viable and becoming fanatic or extreme.


If those pit falls can be avoided, then Jupiter in Sagittarius’ optimism and future orientation along with Neptune in Pisces’ compassion, spirituality and sense of unity, can be very useful tools in getting us out of this mess we’re in and in creating a better future for us all. Jupiter remains in Sagittarius until December.


2019 brings us five Eclipses, spread over two entire Eclipse seasons and the beginning of a third.


We end the series of Eclipses on the Leo/Aquarius axis, with another Blood Moon, on January 20-21st. Aside from that powerful total Lunar Eclipse, the Eclipses will be on the Cancer/Capricorn axis and the themes, that were kickstarted last Summer, will dominate the year.



Since the first Eclipse season begins at the very beginning of the new year, with a partial Solar Eclipse, at the New Moon in Capricorn. on January 6th, you will be able to read much more about the meaning of this, in the first days of 2019, here.


So no, with a Uranus- Pluto square activated again on January 1st, the beginning of an Eclipse season, in the very first week of January, and Saturn and Pluto getting noticeably close in mid-January, the new year doesn’t exactly start out quietly!


It can be frightening when much of the well-known world and societal structures (no matter how you feel about them) crashes, burns and comes to an end.

But it’s also an exciting and very unique time to be alive, with a special opportunity for being part of creating a new era, a new way of life.


This is a time of big earth changes that has been prophesized about for centuries, and it’s not a coincidence that you’re here on Planet Earth now.

If you’re here, it’s because you have something to offer, a special assignment that is an important piece of the big puzzle of getting us through this major transition.


Let’s take on our individual assignments and together use the energies wisely to end this wild decade constructively and create a foundation for some fantastic 20’s for us all.


Happy New Year 😊


©Astrologer Tina Reinhardt Hansen

December 29th 2018








We are now ending the 13 month long period, where Jupiter has been transiting through Scorpio, casting its light on the darkness and thus revealed many of the things done in hiding there.


A few days before Jupiter entered Scorpio, last October, the Weinstein reveals began, a few days after Jupiter had entered the sign the #metoo – campaign began (reopened from an earlier movement from 2006, where Jupiter, interestingly enough, also was in Scorpio!) and then things began to roll quickly, all around the world.


You can choose to see this a clear organically occurring example of the synchronicity between the planets movements and events here on Earth; as above, so below…You could also choose to see this as events orchestrated, by those who hide at the very back of the dark, who have deep knowledge of the energies and this synchronicity, and who knew that the darkness was about to be lit up, and then used their power and ability to stage, well ahead, counting on sleazy sex scandals and abuse among the rich and famous to distract the people from things even worse, done by their own hand…

Either way, the sign change and following events ran totally like a script.


Since then we have seen an enormous amount of revelations around the world concerning plutonian subjects, such as abuse of power, corruptness, financial embezzlement, sexual abuse, pedophilia – and if you went further beneath the surface into the darkness; also of ritual sacrifices, literal vampirism and cannibalism…


No, it’s certainly not pretty and nice when the dark is lit up – but necessary!


Now Jupiter is getting ready to leave Scorpio and will enter Sagittarius shortly and new themes will begin to emerge.


So, what will the next chapter of the script consist of?


Some of the revelations of various forms of abuse and corruption will no doubt have legal consequences and since legal matters are both under Jupiter and Sagittarius’ domain, this can become quite a prevalent theme the coming year.


There will generally be a lot of focus on laws, on convictions, on judicial matters and the court system itself.


Jupiter is strong in Sagittarius, since it rules the sign - both planet and sign has tendency to overdo, enlarge, and strengthen, so we will likely get both the best and the worst of the energy.


It will be a time with strong focus on the truth; the search for truth/ the disclosure of truth.


The downside is, that people’s perception of the truth and the rightness of their conviction can be so strong, that it can lead to fanatism and extremism.  This concerns both religious, political and other kinds of convictions, beliefs and life philosophies…


To not enter the extreme, but to seek temperance will be wise and very important!


It’s hard to remember a time when immigrants and fugitives where not a hot topic, but it certainly won’t become any less so, the coming year, since Jupiter and Sagittarius represent foreign countries and cultures and the people from there.


We’re getting close to the end of a decade and Sagittarius is a very future oriented sign, so we will be quite occupied with how we would like the 20’s – and the time thereafter – to turn out and how to create a better future.


There will be focus on growth, development and the higher meaning of it all.


The educations systems might also undergo a change, gearing it more towards new times.


The house(s) where you have Sagittarius as well as any planets or points you might have in the sign, will thus be visited by Jupiter the coming the year.


The combination of it all will show, where you have the highest growth potential, during the period.


Perhaps also where you will experience downright luck, as Jupiter is also known as the bringer of luck, but mainly Jupiter is about growth.


Generally, it will be a time, where we’re still not out of the dark yet, but where we look forward to - and try to create - brighter times.


This is Sagittarius absolute finest quality, the ability, in middle of the darkest of dark, to be able to hold the light at the end of the tunnel in sight and rejoice in it.


Certainly, an optimistic view of the future will be much needed in the crucial times ahead.


November 3rd 2018

© Astrologer Tina Reinhardt Hansen




Uranus; from Aries to Taurus 2018/19



It’s always significant when an outer planet changes sign. This month we’re facing a distinct change of signs, when the outer planet Uranus, enters Taurus for about 6 months.

In November Uranus will return to Aries for one last period, before finally entering Taurus in spring 2019, staying there until 2026.


Let’s first do a recap on Uranus’ transit through Aries, before we look ahead to the upcoming 7-8 years, with Uranus in Taurus.


In 2010 Uranus likewise began dancing back and forth between Pisces and Aries, before finally entering Aries in spring 2011.

However, this wasn’t just a change of signs, as Uranus does every 7 years.

With Pisces being the last sign of the Zodiac, and Aries the first, this was also the end, as well as the beginning of a new, 84year long cycle. In other words, a major event.

The final ingress into Aries was also accordingly dramatic, as it took place synchronously with the tsunami in Fukushima, Japan in 2011.

On the day Uranus was at the very, very end of Pisces (water), the tsunami took place and was livestreamed (Uranus = technology) and the whole world was for the first time able to witness a catastrophe in real-time, from their living rooms. The tsunami then developed from a nature – to a nuclear disaster, the following day, when Uranus entered Aries (fire)…


As above, so below…whether organically or orchestrated…


In the true spirit of Uranus, the first entrance into Aries in 2010 was accompanied by waves of protests, uprisings, riots and revolutions suddenly igniting around the globe. Even starting in parts of the world, where it up until then would have been totally out of the question.

But the combination of Uranus’ rebellious, revolutionary, freedom loving energy and its vision of equal rights for all, and Aries’ fiery temper, willingness to fight for its cause, and a “Nobody is gonna keep ME down” -attitude, quickly made everything reach the boiling point; the lid was blown off.


Whether the many, many protests around the globe spontaneously erupted, simply because people had had enough, or whether some of them were orchestrated by a smaller group, who knows how to use the prevailing energies in accordance with their own agendas and were able to manipulate large groups of people to go along with things, that wasn’t necessarily what they thought they were; “the protest spirit” has been a prevailing theme these past years.

(“The Arab Spring, “The Occupy” Movements, large protests in Southern Europe, turbulent riots in London, Stockholm, Egypt, Turkey, Thailand and Brazil among many other places, “Black Lives Matter” in the US, as well as recent anti-Trump protests are just a tiny fraction of some of what’s been going on around the globe in the past 7 years).


There’s also been quite a lot of sable rattling among nations and the general level of conflict and threats has risen (Aries= the sign of the warrior).


The turbulence and generally heated atmosphere, in the years Uranus has transited Aries, of course also must be seen in context of Uranus’ infamous square to Pluto, which, with only a few breaks along the way, has been active all these years as well.

Since Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008 and Uranus Aries in 2010, it has, as predicted, been a very distinct time in our global history, and the world – and the people in it – has changed A LOT.


On a personal level, the parts that can be attributed to Uranus, has very much been about a growing need for individual freedom; the freedom to do what you want, the freedom to go after what you desire, without unnecessary restrictions and intrusions from others.


While Uranus’ shift from Aries to Taurus might not be quite as powerful, as when Uranus, started a completely new 84 year cycle 7 years ago, one only has to think of  the current parallels to the second half of the 1930s(!), where Uranus had also left Aries and entered Taurus, where an Uranus – Pluto square was also laid to rest, and an important Saturn – Pluto aspect was also upcoming, to understand that we’re still living in distinct times and that the coming years will be crucial.


Let’s now look ahead to Uranus’ transit through Taurus, from 2018/19 till 2026.


We have now entered a time where the themes and collective trends that will influence us the next 7-8 years will start to make themselves felt.

Especially the period up until the end of 2024 is on the drawing board now, as the 3 outer planets, (who combined describes the collective trends and zeitgeist), will be in the signs they’re also in from May -November ‘18: Uranus in Taurus, Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn.

So, the end of this decade and the first half of the next are in the making right now – and the bright observer of both outer events and inner sensations, will now be getting strong hints of where we’re heading on both a collective and individual level.


If you’re someone who’s typically ahead of your time, you have probably already felt this for quite some time now.


With Uranus’ shift from Aries to Taurus comes a clear energy shift and new themes will rise to the surface.


While Uranus and Aries could easily agree on having had enough, seeing red, rioting and demanding change and better conditions NOW! Taurus is much more calm and reluctant to change; would preferably keep the status quo if it could.

But that’s not an option, when partnering up with Uranus.

Changes are inevitable and whether we willingly go along with them or we have to be dragged through them, they will now primarily happen on Taurus’ domain; finance, values, ownership, resources, food and nature.


In the underground there has long been talk of an upcoming financial crash or reset.

So, will it be during Uranus’ transit through Taurus that the fiat/debt-based economy finally reaches its end?

Well, we will most certainly begin to value differently, and Taurus undeniably stands for more concrete and physical values than “out of thin air”.

But whether we will see a fairer redistribution of resources, or whether the 1 % will just find new ways of getting richer, while the rest of us get poorer, Uranus in Taurus doesn’t necessarily say. The only thing that’s certain, is that things won’t continue as before.


There IS potential for new economical experiments, that could benefit us all, as well as potential for protests against perceived economical injustices.


In the end, exactly which way the financial winds will blow, depends on what people are willing to put up with, and what YOU choose to earn your money on, as well as spend them on, from now on…


If there’s one thing that can provoke the usually serene Bull, be the red rag, so to speak, it is to threaten it on its possessions.

Taurus has a very strong sense of ownership and is quite possessive of everything and everyone it holds dear.

And Uranus will of course challenge this…


Ownership and possessions will thus be a hot topic.

This might come about as a discussion on whether you can truly own anything here on earth or whether its only yours temporarily, a loan, something you can rent.

A rebellion might simmer, if the perception is that some can own things, while others cannot.

And if it gets to a point of having to struggle and/or fight to keep what people feel are rightfully theirs, that is when the inner Bull might very well feel the need to butt it horns quite fiercely…


Another huge theme will be food and nature.


Optimally, Uranus in Taurus could be this giant green wave, with ecology, biodynamics and permaculture boosting and blooming like never before, and might also introduce new inventive ways of showing even more respect for Mother Earth, nature and its creatures.


However, there’s also a possibility that things could go in another direction.

The ability to grow, buy and eat healthy and nurturing food might somehow be threatened.

The last time Uranus was in Taurus, we had a lack of - and rationing of - food, and those who did best were those who had the opportunity to grow for themselves.

It was a time when it was needed to think out of the box to get food to last longer and to invent alternatives to things that were scarce or no longer available at all.


Whether we do it out of our own free will, because we truly feel an inner urge to take care of our Earth and its resources or we are forced to it, from outside circumstances, out of our control, the way we treat and relate to nature and what we eat is bound to change.

If we’re to imagine some kind of uprising in this area, it might very well be about resources and access to (healthy) food.


If you’re callously making (a lot of) money on pillaging mother Earth of its resources, filling people with poison, making them sick and dependent on synthetic medicine, a giant green wave is, of course, not in your interest.


The notion that those (truly) in power were only counseled by astrology to rule in an ancient, ancient past, couldn’t be more off. “The hidden hand” is extremely well aware of what planetary energies are prevailing and of how to use them in their own interest.

So, unless a shift of power takes place (and with Pluto in Capricorn no one can feel safe, whether we’re talking puppets or puppeteers, hence the last years growing desperation…), that is unfortunately unlikely to be in the interest of the many.

As the world is ruled and run right now, it seems we have to take matters in to our own hands and do our best to create “the positive version” of Uranus in Taurus.


So now, that you as well are aware of the upcoming prevailing energies, what will you do?


On a personal level a huge theme will be; values.

It will feel increasingly important and urgent to be able to live your life in accordance with your true values.

In contexts where others set the parameters, it will become increasingly intolerable, if they don’t represent your values  – to the point where the consequences will be that you will either have to rebel and try to change things or to remove yourself completely from them, and instead start setting the agenda yourself.


Uranus enters Taurus on May 15th and the sign shift is already felt; we’re creating the future right now.


If you wish to live on a green and lush Earth, filled with people living in peaceful coexistence, aligned with nature and with deep respect for all other living creatures, where you can freely choose what nurturing sustenance you put into your mouth, and where you naturally have the freedom and the right to live your life in accordance with your true values, then the time is now, to do your part to manifest it in reality. Let’s do it!


May 2018 – © Astrologer Tina Reinhardt Hansen


Chiron’s new cycle

Today one of the slower moving heavenly bodies, the asteroid Chiron, begins a new cycle through the Zodiac, since it has just left Pisces and has now entered Aries.

Chiron spends around 50 years travelling through the Zodiac. But since it’s only 41 years ago that Chiron was discovered, this is the first time, since we became conscious of Chiron’s existence in 1977, that it enters the first sign of the Zodiac and thus begin a brand new cycle.

This opens up the opportunity for a lift in consciousness.

With a new cycle and a new round trip comes 2 possibilities, we could do a repeat performance, literally just going round and round in a circle or we could do a new round trip on a new and higher level, viewing the circle as part of an upwards spiral.

Chiron represents the archetype of the “Wounded healer”. Its energy is mainly about turning crisis, trauma and wounds, whether physical or on the soul into wisdom, into something that gives you special affinity for helping, teaching and healing others.

But the original tale of Chiron, the wounded healer, who gave so much to others, also includes a tragic element, as Chiron could never heal his own debilitating wound and became more and more agonized, in the end losing the will to live.

If we were to imagine a rewrite of that story, for the new cycle, for the next 50 years, concerning our own inner wounded healer, then perhaps the wounds that most of us have, no longer needs to be open festering wounds. Perhaps a scab could now cover them, and along the way turn them into just small scars.

That, which you’re not able to heal in yourself, you might be able to find others who can, and now is time to go out and look for them.

Most importantly, we’re living in a time, with lots of incoming Light, love and healing energy, and if you can navigate through the darks twistedness and attempts of blocking the Light, you can open up and receive it, like never before.

So, the potential for a new deep and comprehensive healing, individually and collectively, for all of Mother Earth and all of us living here, is definitely there, in a whole new way.

On top of that Chiron’s new cycle also brings the potential for lifting learning, teaching and the sharing of information to a new higher level, where it truly becomes about reaching and passing on enlightenment and wisdom.

We can at least try. Let’s take this to a higher level!

© Astrologer Tina Reinhardt Hansen

Spring 2018






In 2018 we have a 10 year anniversary coming up, of the Uranus – Pluto square and the gigantic process of change it symbolizes (financial & debt crisis – leadership crisis – the fall/ the removal/ the abdications of people in power – the change in power balances – reveals of corruption, abuse of power and other sinister motives – focus on inequality, injustice and suppression – anti elite movements – protests -uprising – riots – escalation of terror/false flag events – climate change – extreme weather events – distinct changes in personal lives – a strong need for individual freedom – potential for growth – the whole 2012/awakening/ascension process).


The square is still active on and off, until Spring 2019, but has entered its last chapter. Since neither Uranus, nor Pluto represents energies, that just discreetly leave the stage, after a performance, it’s to be expected, that the abovementioned themes will still be highly relevant throughout 2018.


Particularly in April/May and November/December, when Uranus is in the last critical degree of Aries, the urge for rebellion against all kinds of suppression and the urge to fight for individual freedom, will be felt very strongly.


New themes will, however, start to add to the saga, when Uranus peeks inside Taurus from May – November, giving us a significant preview to some of the prevailing themes of 2019 – 2026, when Uranus finally enters and transits through Taurus.


This will set in motion further economic changes, of the kind, that will be felt in individual finances and personal wallets.


Will we see a crash or a financial reset? Will the fiat/debt based economy reach its end? Will we see a fairer redistribution of values or will the small rich percent find new inventive ways to become richer, while the rest of the people become poorer? If so, will we see a rebellion against this? Or will there be a rebellion against income taxes? Will we see financial experiments and new ways of thinking, such as for example implementing basic income?


Well, all the above is actually quite possible during this transit. The only thing certain is that things won’t continue as previously. Exactly which way it will go, depends a lot on what people are willing to put up with, going forward.


Property and ownership will be another hot topic. Whether it will be as in having to fight for your belongings. Or in a debate about whether you can truly own something on this earth, or whether it’s simply temporarily leased to you. Rebellion might simmer, if there’s a perception, that some are allowed ownership, while others are not…


A 3rd and extremely important focus point will be food and nature.


This can also go two ways. With Uranus in Taurus we might see further growth in ecology and biodynamic farming and gardening, as well as the development of new methods, that respect nature and its creations even more. One can only hope. It’s certainly a possibility, during this transit.


But, unfortunately, the right to grow, produce, buy and eat healthy, nurturing food cannot be taken for granted. As there are strong forces that wishes otherwise and have a giant machine behind them. So, the fight for freedom and rebellion might also very well concern food, and access to healthy food or perhaps just access to food in general…


The last time Uranus transited Taurus was a time of lack of food and rationing. Those who did best, were those who were able to grow their own food. It was also a time when alternatives had to be invented to all the things no longer available or in short supply. This could once again be relevant; that we will have to think out of the box, to make meals last longer or to create substitutes for things no longer accessible.


Right before the Winter Solstice of 2017, Saturn entered Capricorn.


In a continuation of the theme of food and nature, Saturn’s’ transit through Capricorn, also signals further focus on sustainability, and the need of only consuming what is truly needed.


Saturn is at home and strongly placed in its own sign, Capricorn, whether this will be felt as a positive, depends on your level of maturity.


It’s definitely not a time to lean back and expect things to just land in your lap.

2018, and the rest of this decade, as well as the beginning of the next, is rather a time, where it will be highly necessary to take responsibility for yourself and your own life, be willing to work hard, for what you consider important, realize that you reap, as you sow, and then act in accordance with this realization.


If that doesn’t come naturally, Saturn might very well be felt as heaviness, resistance and obstruction.

But if you’re willing to put in the work, and take the long haul, you will be rewarded accordingly and later be able to harvest the fruits of your labor.


This is also very much about being willing to be the authority of your own life, of taking and keeping the control of it, responsibly, so that others won’t have to do it for you.


With Saturn in Capricorn, there will be a special focus on state, government and various authorities. And during this transit, their power might increase to the point of running completely off track, if allowed - if we give up our natural individual authority. This might end up with so many regulations, restrictions, prohibitions, and so much control and surveillance, that the system will become so stiff and suffocating, that there’s no breathing room left. So, take on and keep your own authority!


Pluto is, as we know, also positioned in Capricorn, and while we, during the next 15 months, will have to wrap up the Uranus – Pluto square, we now also begin gearing up to the next big astrological event, which takes place when Saturn reaches Pluto, at the beginning of 2020. That conjunction signals an important cycle ending and a new one beginning.


There are (scarily) many astrological similarities, between present time and the last half of the 1930s(!), where we also said goodbye to a Uranus – Pluto square, where Uranus also left Aries and entered Taurus, followed by a Saturn – Pluto aspect…


There are obviously forces, that uses the energetic similarities to try and manipulate us and the world in the same direction as back then, as well as forces working against it, and doing everything in their power to prevent it.


Through the placements of Pluto, Saturn and Uranus, the next couple of years, showcases a strong emphasis on Earth signs and the Earth element. This is no coincidence, as we’re literally determining the future of our planet, Mother Earth, nature and all of us inhabiting the Earth.

2018 and the following years are crucial in that respect!


While the individual, during the previous years of the Uranus – Pluto square might have felt somewhat powerless up against the prevailing turbulent, transformative, and in many ways destructive energies, we are now entering a new phase, where individual responsibility and action are not only possible, but also demanded.

How the new cycle, beginning in 2020, will manifest, is what we are co creating and must take responsibility for, now!


On a spiritual level, Saturn in Capricorn, is about knowing/finding your higher life purpose and then start taking action and simply doing it. It’s about connecting with the Light, and then going back out in the world, and spreading Light around you, in a way, that only you can. Real and true Lightwork, with emphasis on work – and the more people who do that, the more positive a new cycle, we can create, starting in 2020.


Jupiter will continue to spend most of the year in Scorpio, so, in 2018, we will see further revelations of what has been going on, hidden in the dark, more “open secrets” being confirmed, and most of it will concern abuse of power, sex, abuse of the sexual energy and death...Some revelations might be so sinister and macabre, that many will feel the urge to turn away from it. But Saturn in Capricorn also has a say in this regard; it’s demanded of us, that we are/become mature enough to face the harsh realities, about how this world is truly run, if things are to change.


Jupiter in Scorpio also places focus on soul connections. So, 2018 is a year, where you might meet another/other kindred spirits and soulmates, that you share a higher life purpose with. Precisely, because this is a such an important and determining time we live in, more souls that share a purpose will get together. This way we can help each other make important and necessary changes, as well as creating more Light, spreading it like rings in water, and work together towards creating a new positive cycle, at the beginning of the next decade.


At the end of 2018, Jupiter enters its own sign, Sagittarius, giving us a much needed sense of hope and optimism, and inner  certainty that there IS light at the end of the dark tunnel. Which is rather a nice way to end the year, as well as this analysis 😊


Happy New Year <3


© Astrologer Tina Reinhardt Hansen - December 29th 2017



Jupiter in Scorpio

Jupiter enters Scorpio today and will reside in the sign for about a year.

During that year the Dark will be lit up. In other words some of the things that have been hiding in the dark will now come to light.

So, it will quite likely be a year with a lot of reveals and revelations, and some of them could be of a sinister character.

A huge collective, as well as individual, “shadow – work “awaits us.

It’s an opportunity to go really deep, psychologically and a lot will become conscious and needs to be processed.  

Expect focus on taboos, hidden motives and agendas, abuse of power, abuse of common resources, abuse of sex, the power behind the sexual energy, the survival instinct, death and rebirth.

The houses in your personal chart, that contains Scorpio, will thus receive a visit from Jupiter. Likewise, will any planet or point you have in the sign. Combined they represent the areas of your life, that brings you the highest growth opportunity the coming year.

 © Astrolog Tina Reinhardt Hansen

Oktober 2017




In 2017 several distinct, already familiar, planetary aspects and positions continues. But there will also be brand new and, thankfully, more positive energies at work.

The themes from the long-lasting global process of change (2008 -2019), symbolized by the Uranus - Pluto square (financial & debt crisis - leadership crisis - change in power balances - revelations of corruption, abuse of power & sinister motives - focus on inequality, injustice and suppression- anti elite movements - protests - uprising - riots - escalation of conflicts - terror - climate change - distinct changes in personal lives) is still ongoing. The square will not get anywhere close to being precise again, but it is reinforced  in 2017 by magnifying Jupiter, who triggers both Uranus and Pluto one by one, from a challenging angle, up until late Summer/early Fall. So this year will bring  further challenges, as far as the above mentioned issues are concerned. Especially in the first half of the year.

In the background Neptune swims further into the middle of its own sign, Pisces, continuing to put topics such as: heightened intuition - sensitivity - contact with other dimensions - charity - spirituality - art/artists (and hopefully not only in the form of legends dying!) -  debate on legalizing previous illegal substances - medicine - viruses - water (in all its shapes and forms) on the agenda.

Saturn continues its journey through Sagittarius, until December, so in 2017 we will still see: resistance to globalization - national states guarding their borders and identity - focus on foreigners/fugitives/immigrants - cut down and restrictions in the educational system - serious reality check of positive thinking and psychology - difficulty in seeing the Light at the end of the tunnel.

But the Light is there somewhere - and 2017 actually sets itself apart from the previous years in a more optimistic manner. We no longer have any precise squares between the four planetary heavyweights and 2 of them; Saturn and Uranus, are now connecting in a HARMONIOUS aspect - the trine.

In this instance Saturn represents the old world, the well established, the formal, the traditional, mainstream, what we used to do and Uranus represents the new, the rebellion against establishment, the untraditional, the alternative, the different, the new and unknown.

A harmonious angle between these two means, that we now get the chance to experience a more flowing transition from the old, well known world to the new unknown, taking shape right now  - and this in regards to both collective and individual lives. We cannot go back to how things were before, but the way forward CAN be less turbulent and divisive than it has been so far.

An openness and accept of alternative and untraditional thinking and way of life is definitely on the rise. Things that was considered utopian or too far out before, will now prove valuable in practice and thus gain more respect in the population.

Even though much of the old and established has clearly and truly failed lately, with this trine there will also be an understanding of not ALL old necessarily meaning bad . We now get the opportunity to pick and choose the most important and still relevant parts from the past and update them and use them in new contexts - and it will be able to work; to make the old and the new meet in higher unison.

The Saturn - Uranus trine also means that 2017 can very well offer new technological and/or scientific landslides. New inventions, as well as new discoveries/information about the world and/or the universe could be announced and play a significant role in the future.

On a personal level it is also possible to use this energy to put any new, different and exciting ideas you might have into practice.

However, a trine is not nearly as insistent as a square, so with all the possibilities opening up now, it is extremely important to consciously reach out for them.

In many ways we are on a cross road, where things can still derail completely (keeping in mind, that the last decade we had an Uranus - Pluto square didn't end so well - the 1930s! ) OR we (both the people in power and each one of us individually) can keep our eyes really open and grab the beneficial possibilities that offers itself now, (in the midst of a lot of things, we might not personally like), and create something constructive, lasting and positive out of these new times. It has never been more urgent to choose the Light and to spread it around you than now!

Those who have important planets/points between 13˚ Libra - 16˚ Scorpio, will receive a visit from Jupiter, during 2017, pinpointing beneficial growth opportunities, and sometimes also downright luck. Everyone has a house/houses, containing these parts of the two signs. So if you don't have planets here, it will be the life areas, symbolized by the house(s), that are favored.

Happy New Year - may you make the best out of the opportunities that present themselves to you!

© Astrologer Tina Reinhardt Hansen - December 29th 2016







Once again we enter a new year, with energies close to the boiling point!  The Uranus - Pluto Square (global process of change - financial crisis - leadership crisis - exposal of abuse of power and other questionable methods - injustice and inequality revealed - protests, uprising and riots - escalation of new and old conflicts in the world - terror attacks- visible climate change/extreme weather situations - really distinct changes in personal lives), that has heavily influenced us, from the end of the last decade and will do till the end of this, will not be precise again, but it's coming VERY close to it, at the beginning of the year.

The square peaks, 1˚02 from being precise, at the end of January/beginning of February, so the energies will be very turbulent from the beginning of the year and well into the Spring. We will most likely see both more dramatic world events  as well as experience huge changes in personal lives.

When we reach the Summer, the U- P Square will enter an on and off phase, that lasts until spring 2019. So it isn't over, but many will probably feel relieved, that the first months of 2016 will be the last time it will be felt THIS intensely. In that sense the Spring Equinox of 2016 truly signals a new  and brighter beginning.

Change aren't necessarily a bad thing, though, nor is it only something that happens to you, it can also be something you take into your own hands and make happen. From that perspective, the first quarter of the year is the last time you'll have that much momentum for personal changes, for a long time to come. So if you have any wishes for change, make sure to use the energy while it's still here!

Especially when it comes to goals in life, career, personal freedom, close relationships, mindset and letting your true self shine, the potential for change is very much present for the first months of the year.

Neptune has been in its own sign Pisces for so long now, that it's no longer only highly sensitive people who feel it. Its themes of charity, compassion and helpfulness is becoming a part of the zeitgeist, trendy and "in". This tendency will only get stronger in the new year.

Saturn's continued stay in Sagittarius, for entire 2016, means that themes such as foreigners, fugitives, borders, faith, religion, ideologies and education will still be hot topics. Saturn in this sign also means, that from time to time, it can be really hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel and the solution to the world's many problems. But the Light is there, we just have to search a little harder for it...

The Saturn - Neptune Square topics (Borders; controlling borders/ dissolving borders and boundaries -  fugitive crisis - the attempt to keep the status quo, law and order/ compassion and the urge to help and receive all who is in need - faith, traditional religion/intuitive, self experienced spirituality), that began late last summer, will also be extremely distinct for most of 2016. There will be 2 more direct hits in June/July and August/September, where this particular energy will be especially intense, before it fizzles out towards the end of the year.

On a personal level the Saturn - Neptune Square is also about borders and boundaries; do you need to learn to how to draw the line and say no or do you need learn to loosen up and be more open?

The question of how your dreams, your sensations, your intuition, your empathy and your spirituality is best anchored, used and manifested in the so called real world, is another important assignment for 2016, as many things that don't hold up to a severe reality check, will simply have to go.

Exactly how and how much you will be affected by the Saturn - Neptune and Uranus - Pluto squares naturally  also depends on what they are triggering in your personal chart.

If you would like to know more, you can order a personally interpreted chart for your coming year here.

There's a 10 % discount until January 10 2016.

Happy New Year - may the energies be with you <3 Tina


©Astrologer Tina Reinhardt Hansen

December 29 2015





Saturn- Neptune Square 2015-2016


1st hit November/Dec 2015


While we're still under the influence of the Uranus - Pluto Square, it's now time to get acquainted with another planet pair, the two other planetary heavy weights; Saturn and Neptune, that meet up in a precise square next week.

Saturn and Neptune are as different as can be, and the prelude to their coming clash has already been highly visible in the world the last couple of months, with the fugitive crisis and the theme of BORDERS.

With these two, the need for borders, boundaries and control clashes with the limitless, that can't be controlled. Saturn represents borders, fences, walls, border control, attempt to keep the status quo, to keep chaos at bay with well regulated and responsible rules, laws and order.

Neptune represents dissolving of boundaries, borders and status quo. It represents unity, charity, helpfulness, willingness to sacrifice something for the whole; from this perspective we're all citizens of the world and doesn't have ownership of specific areas.

These two opposite viewpoints now has to find a way to work together, compromise and take responsibility to solve the crisis. We have obviously only seen the beginning of this theme...


Saturn - Neptune has traditionally always been connected to socialism and communism. Both the growth of and the decline/ fall of it, has been seen when these two met earlier.

The present Saturn - Neptune cycle, had its beginning in 1989, with the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the fall of the Berlin Wall. Now it's time for writing a new chapter in the story. Russia has, in its different forms, always played a significant role, during Saturn - Neptune meetings, so expect to see further focus on Russia/Putin the coming year.

During Saturn - Neptune connections rigid systems dissolve/ break down; dreams, utopias, faith and ideologies can be crushed or be realized, depending on whether they were too naive and unrealistic in the first place or whether they actually can function in reality.

On a personal level dream and reality will also clash during the Saturn - Neptune square. It's now time for dreams, fantasies, inspiration etc. to take and pass a reality check or simply die. It will take a lot a work and the reality might never be as fantastic as the original vision, but at the same time this is also a unique window of opportunity for physical manifestation - so it's now or never!

The theme of borders and boundaries will also be relevant for many of us personally. Do you need to learn to set better boundaries for yourself or do you perhaps need to loosen up and become more open and receptive?

The borders to other dimensions will also be less clear or simply vanish and more people can find themselves almost flooded by impulses from "other worlds". But these impulses and input need to be grounded and united with a well functioning everyday life, if they're to have any real value. So, keep your feed on the ground and your head in the sky!

The Saturn - Neptune square is precise the first time on November 26, it's getting quite intense now, as the first direct hit starts next week and last well into December.  The whole Saturn - Neptune period began September 2015 and lasts until late November 2016.



© Astrologer Tina Reinhardt Hansen

November 13 2015



2nd hit June/July 2016


The Saturn - Neptune square, (border control/borders dissolving - the attempt to keep the status quo, law and order/compassion & the urge to help all in need - separation, standing on your own/unity, union - rigid systems dissolving - different ideologies and beliefs clash (maybe even violently) - reality/dream - unrealistic ideas and dreams crush and die/concrete manifestation of realistic dreams and visions - personal boundaries/lowering of defenses), is now less than 2 degrees from being exact and is quite intense. In other words it's hot spot time again...

The second direct hit of the square begins next week, June 4th, (when it's 1 degree from being precise) and last until July 5th. The exact, precise point being on June 18th.

Saturn is in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces. At the same time Jupiter is in Virgo, in about the same degrees as Saturn - Neptune, and in the coming weeks several of the faster moving planets,(Sun, Venus, Moon and Mercury), transit through Gemini, creating a couple of powerful Grand Crosses in the four signs, known as the Mutable Signs.


The Mutable Modality is characterized by one season turning into another.

Just as Spring at the moment transforms into Summer, during this month of Gemini.


On a larger scale, a Mutable Grand Cross tells us, that one time period is turning into another; that a new era is about to be born. An era coming on the heels of the year long process of change, symbolized by the Uranus - Pluto square. It's time to reset and reach out for new possibilities, both on a global and on a personal level.

The Saturn - Neptune combination is known as one of the classic "artist aspects". In the period between the 1st and 2nd direct hit of the square, the world has in a short timeframe, sadly seen several great artists, some of them very unique and iconic, exit this world and move on to other dimensions.

Interestingly two of them, Prince & Bowie, in some of their signature songs, both wrote and sang about such changes in time, that we're facing now: "I know times are changin' - It's time we all reach out for something new" (Purple Rain) & " Ch- ch- changes - turn and face the strange...Time may change me, but you can't trace time" (Changes).

Who knows, maybe in the future, we will find , that some great new artists were also born/created during this Saturn - Neptune square as well?  In any case, something special is definitely going on right now; an era is irrevocably over; a new one is waiting to be born.


On a personal level, it's up to all of us individually to take the lead , when it comes to  the creative, manifesting side of the Saturn - Neptune square - whether you consider yourself a creative/ artistic person or not.

Mainly it's about how you turn the impulses you receive, as well as your dreams and visions into something concrete, real and useful in your life. Being a co-creator of - and manifesting - your own reality.

So how do you wish this new era of your life to take shape?

The 2nd direct hit is followed by the 3rd (and last) in August/September, and the square is only a couple of degrees from  being precise all the while in between, so expect the entire Summer to be significant and distinct - basically one long hot spot period...

The Saturn - Neptune square is active until the end of November this year.


© Astrologer Tina Reinhardt Hansen, May 2016



3rd hit August/September 2016


The Saturn - Neptune square (Reality check of dreams and visions - Border theme (both personal boundaries and borders between countries) - Refugee crisis - Crack in the union - Brexit - A massive amount of killing/terror committed in the name of politics and/or religion  - Debates on laws concerning illegal substances - Great artists and other icons leaving this world - Great manifestation potential) reaches its 3rd and last direct hit, starting on August 24th, reaching the exact point on September 10th and lasting until September 23rd.


The square will be active until the end of November this year.


© Astrologer Tina Reinhardt Hansen






The Epilogue;

The Uranus Pluto square 2015/16 - 2019



We have, for several years now, been living with extremely turbulent energies and volatile changes happening around us, both on a collective and a personal level.

The Uranus – Pluto square (financial crisis, leadership crisis, revelations of abuse of power and other questionable methods, inequalities and injustice revealed, protests, uprising and riots, the beginning of/escalation of new and old conflicts in the world, terror attacks, visible climate change/extreme weather situations as well as distinct changes in personal lives) has now been exact for the 7th and last time.

It isn’t quite over though, as the Uranus – Pluto square and the process of change it symbolises, can be divided into 3 phases; ”the Prelude” from 2008 – 2011/12, the ”Precise Phase”, from June 3rd 2012 – April 7 2015 (with 7 direct hits along the way) and ”the Epilogue” beginning now, in spring 2015 and lasting (at least) until 2019.

On a personal level, the process of change has for many, many people expressed itself in a wish for greater personal freedom, a general need for changes in life, as well as literal changes happening concerning goals in life, career, home, family, partners and other close relationships.

Having just left the Precise Phase it’s a good time to look back and reflect;

So where were you in your life in 2008? And what had happened when you got to spring/summer 2011, when the energies really started boiling? What about the Precise phase? How has your life changed since 2012? How have you grown? What have you learned? And where do you want the Epilogue phase to take you?

The changes and the personal growth you have been going through on both an inner and outer level, in your life the last 3 – 7 years, now has to sink in and then take you further through your life. The energetic flow you have received during the 7 exact hits/7 developmental steps, since the summer of 2012, will now have to anchor itself and find a level you can live with, in your daily life. The potential for functioning on a higher spiritual level is definitely there, but of course time is needed to take it all in and land on your feet again.

On a global level, don’t expect things to get calmer anytime soon!

That’s certainly not how its’ been, when you look back at the previous decades, where Uranus & Pluto met in the 1930s (also a square) and 1960s (conjunction).

Most people would probably prefer an Epilogue a la the end of the ‘60s rather than one like the end of the ‘30s (!). So far, there has been clear echoes from both decades in this Uranus Pluto round; among them financial crisis/depression, annexing of areas in other countries, as well as the fight for equal rights, protest, uprising and revolution. Of course, also with signatures that are specific for the time we live in now, with the technology and the social media of today.

Apart from the turbulent changes happening during the Precise Phase there’s obviously also seeds sown that won’t unfold/show its true colours/motives until the Epilogue – with consequences for a long time coming.

One can only hope that the world’s leaders and others in power also make use of the opportunity to take a step up the spiritual ladder, so that the more scary parts of history doesn’t have to repeat itself during this decades’ Epilogue...

In the Epilogue Phase, the Uranus – Pluto square is constantly activated until the summer of 2016 and then on and off until spring 2019.

We’ll see where we all end up – we are always under way and in process, but at least we got this far now and we can salute ourselves for that!


©Astrologer Tina Reinhardt Hansen - Spring 2015




Neptune in Pisces


On top of the fact, that the Uranus – Pluto square enters its precise phase in 2012, the 3rd outer planet Neptune is, after a dance back and forth between  the border of Aquarius and Pisces, finally entering its own sign, Pisces, in February - another sign, that we are living in a very special time period.

Both a spiritual and artistic renaissance could take place, while Neptune is swimming in its own waters. So for the next 13 years things such as spirituality, compassion, intuition, fantasy, soulful art and creativity will be valued more and higher than previously. With the tough Uranus – Pluto square ahead of us, we’re no doubt going to be in need of things than can uplift us and speak to our souls.

However, Neptune can also seduce us, blind us with illusions and bubbles that might burst and bring us pain and suffering when they do. Neptune also often demands a sacrifice - a sacrifice of something important to us.

Neptune is of course the ruler of the ocean and the sea, and water in all its facets will become an even more distinct theme, whether it’s lack of water, pollution of water, heavy rain falls, flooding or tsunamis.

Pay attention to your dreams, you might receive important messages from them. In general, there will more communication between us and “other dimensions” from now on.

If you’re a highly sensitive person you will most likely feel more at home and at ease, since the prevailing energies are more in tune with your own, for the next 13 years.

© Astrologer Tina Reinhardt Hansen

Feb 2012





The Uranus – Pluto Square:

2012 – 2015/16; History in the making.


Some years and decades are more memorable than others.  Some timeperiods involve such a profound change, that a clear line is drawn in the sand, leaving a distinct ”before and after”.

Astrologically such periods are reflected in the outer planets; when they’re changing signs and especially when they’re mutually connecting.

Right now we’re about to witness two of the most dramatic and transformative planets; Uranus and Pluto, hooking up in a precise and very challenging connection (in” astro-lingo” the 90 degree aspect; the square).

This means, that we’re living in a timeperiod that are guaranteed to be remembered for a long time to come.


The prelude to this period has already been underway for a couple of years now, and last year the frequency of world events intensified to a degree, where it’s almost impossible to remember all that really happened in 2011.


It all began when the financial crisis set in, just as Pluto left Sagittarius and entered Capricorn in 2008.

Sagittarius is all about  endless growth, expansion, the feeling that there’s no limits, boundless optimism, positive psychology. In Capricorn on the other hand it’s time to get real, time to take responsibility, time to pay your bills, cut down on the excess, there ARE limits and we will experience them first hand.

In the following years various financial ”experts” have  several times declared the crisis over and started talking about it in past tense. But with the astrological glasses on it was already then very clear, that this was only the beginning; the prelude to the most challenging years in a long time; 2012 -2015/16.

During 2011, I think, we all reached the realistic stage, where noone any longer believes, that we have seen the worst yet, as far as the global economy goes.


In 2010/2011 Uranus started dancing back and forth the border of Pisces and Aries. This was not only a change of signs, as Uranus does every 7 years, but since Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and Aries the first, it was also the end of an 84 year cycle and the beginning of a new one. Another indication that we’re living in a special timeperiod.

True to the spirit of Uranus this shift was accompanied by surprising  protests,  uprising, riots and revolutions around the globe. Perhaps the most surprising part of it was, that it all started in parts of the world, where it up untill then would have been totally unthinkable. But not that surprising when you consider, that some of the classic keywords for the planet Uranus are: ”Revolution”, “Uprising”, Freedom, equality and brotherhood” ! And in the sign of Aries you take action, you’re willing to fight for your cause, add an outer planet to the mix, and you might even be willing to die for it!

It’s also indicative of the nature of Uranus and Pluto; they can both signify events, that you will have a hard time imagining, before they’re actually taking place.

That an outer planet sign shift can be most dramatic, was very clear on the day Uranus finally left Pisces (water) and entered Aries (fire), in March 2011; it happened at the same time as the tsunami in Japan developed from a natural to a nuclear disaster!


If you look at the years since 2008 you can sort of gather a picture of what kind of challenges we’ re facing now, and will be - at full force - the coming 4 years (at least).

The events of the summer of 2011 is especially worth taking note of, since the Uranus – Pluto connection, was as close, as it could be, without being precise.

That summer, we saw the ”Arab Spring” spread to the West, among other things in the Occupy Movements, there were extreme weather situations, there was the Murdoch - media -scandal, the terror attack in Norway, riots in London, nations on the brink of bankruptcy, leaders and presidents revealed in their powerlessnes/ corruptness and a stockmarket that went into a total panic.

The summer of 2011 was a sort of trial run, so we can expect to see more of – or similar - themes coming up in 2012 – 2015/16 and presumably in an even wilder and heavier manner.

Countries and situations rescued at the 11th hour last summer, will most likely reach the point, where bankruptcy no longer can be avoided and they will take others down with them.


We could also look further back and see what happened earlier, when Uranus and Pluto butted heads.

Since Pluto’ s discovery in 1930, there have been two really distinct connections made by the planet pair.

The first was shortly after the discovery, when Uranus and Pluto were connected by the same challenging connection – the square – as now, in the 1930’s.

(Back then Uranus was also in Aries, while Pluto was in Cancer). That coincided with the big depression.  With the invention of nuclear weapon/energy. With fascism, nazism, Hitler rising to power and the prelude to/beginning of the 2nd world war.

On the economic front it’s easy to draw a parallel between the current crisis and the big depression in the 1930’s. And no, we haven’t seen the worst yet.

There’s also the theme of nuclear power; it’s invention back then and the fact that we had a nuclear disaster in 2011, that didn’t just have a severe impact on Japan, but also reopened and strengthened the resistance to nuclear power in other countries.  We will probably see more about this nuclear theme; nuclear as both power and weapon. We had a terror attack, that unexspectedly turned out to be from the extreme right-wing, in Norway – and let’s sincerely hope that it won’t be necessary to draw further parallels between the above mentioned things, during the 1930’s Uranus- Pluto square and the 2010’s!


The next distinct meeting between Uranus and Pluto took place, when they were on top of eachother (conjunct) in the 1960’s, in the sign of Virgo.

The 1960’s societal changes were so remarkable that they’re still felt to this day. Among many things, there were fights for equal rights and freedom for all, no matter, race, gender and sexuality – and several authorites lost their power.

Once again, there are many similarities between then and now, where protests, riots, and revolution are sweeping across the globe, spreading like fire. The previously suppressed rise up, resist and demand their freedom and their rights – and are in many ways granted them.

Authorities, leaders, head of states have already been overthrown and we will se even more of that, with Pluto travelling through Capricorn – (Capricorn is the sign of authorities, leaders, governments and Pluto brings fundamental change to everything it touches). Power-balances will change as well - also among nations.

The 1960’s also saw high profile likvidations (JFK, Robert Kennedy M. Luther King) and unfortunately it’s not out of the question, that something similar will happen again.

The riots in London also seemed to echo the 60’s racial riots. And we will most likely see many more riots around the globe the coming years.


Whether you think all this terrible or challenging, yet exciting, depends on whether you’re  personally longing back to the time before the financial crisis and just want everything to be as it once were – or whether you believe that fundamental changes to the world and the way we have been living so far are much needed.

There are no doubts tough times ahead, but the possibility that a better world might come out it in the end, exist - if we really want it.

No matter our personal opinons and wishes, the changes have been underway for quite some time now and are irrevocable.

Uranus and Pluto share a strong element of unpredictability, so it’s almost impossible to foretell what the world will look like at the end of 2016, but two things are certain: 1. when Uranus and Pluto are done with eachother this time around, not much will be like it was before 2008 and: 2. It might be hard, really tough, but it certainly won’t be boring!

So buckle up, hold on to your hats and get ready for the rollercoaster ride of 2012. The Uranus – Pluto square is precise from June this year.

Happy New Year

© Astrologer Tina Reinhardt Hansen

January 2012