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By astrologer Tina Reinhardt Hansen



Halfway through 2023


Jupiter – Neptune conjunction in Pisces


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Eclipse season May – June 2021

Jupiter - Saturn conjunctions and the death of head of states

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The great Jupiter – Saturn Conjunction 2020

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Eclipse season: late May – mid July 2020

Saturn enters Aquarius: The Truth is out there

Looking back on the Winter half year 19/20

Jupiter – Pluto conjunction


Jupiter from Sagittarius to Capricorn

Saturn – Pluto conjunction

Uranus in Taurus 2019

Saturn – Pluto conjunction


Jupiter from Scorpio to Sagittarius

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The new calendar year begins with Pluto at the very last degree of Capricorn about to enter Aquarius for the second time on January 21st, (staying there until September. The third and final ingress happens in November – and then it will be Pluto in Aquarius for the next 20 years).


So right from the start of the year, we are pretty much at that stage, where anything can happen – and that goes for ALL of 2024; that we will constantly be in such a tension filled stage of transition.






At the same time basically all the major astrological happenings of the new year also refer to a huge potential for expansion of consciousness in 2024.


The segment already interested in anything considered alternative, evolution of consciousness, awakening, spiritual growth, freedom, freethinking and truth will thus get the opportunity to break through some previous confinements – and in many ways be able to express themselves and create more freely.


More people could also become more interested in these areas.


However, events or new information could also actively force all of us – or most – to expand our consciousness and previous perceptions of “ how things are working in this world” (and beyond).


When Jupiter & Uranus meet in Spring, at another Great Conjunction, they end a cycle that started back in 2010.


That particular cycle was especially powerful, since it first began 0° Aries, the maximum potent first degree of the Zodiac, signaling an entirely new beginning and the potential to take things to a higher level.


“Things” in this context was; awakening, expansion and raising of consciousness, an urge for freedom and truth-seeking.


At first much of this energy was centered around “December 2012” – or deliberately pointed in that direction - but of course it wasn’t about a date in a specific year, but a much longer process that did bring the opportunity for (further) awakening, for those who were receptive to it.


An incredible amount of knowledge and deep insights previously mostly restricted to smaller occult circles has since then, if not been spread out as common knowledge among the general population, then certainly become more widely circulated, available and understandable for those who choose to dig deeper.


On top of that, of course, there will also have been many individual spiritual experiences and self-discovered insights.


The new cycle beginning in 2024 takes place in Taurus, so now all these insights will have to be grounded and converted into something tangible and practical here on Earth.


 It won’t be enough to just be able to see through and understand things – nor having open channels to higher dimensions  -  it will have to be directly reflected in values, way of life and one’s entire existence and actions in the physical world and in our relationship with nature.


Likewise, the energy influx, coming in 2024, will also have to be anchored and assisted in growing roots.


By know, it’s well known that there is a huge resistance to the raising of consciousness of humanity – for the simple reason that we will of course be much harder – if not impossible – to control and would also stop allowing various parasites to suck and feed on our energy.


A subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) war has long been waged against us to keep us in constant fear mode, dumbed down and as low frequent as possible. This of course won’t lessen in 2024, with the strong incoming more high frequent energies and possibilities, which is why, the new year will probably bring a lot of distracting:




As mentioned last year, the change in zeitgeist that Pluto changing signs symbolizes - ( the other two zeitgeist movers Neptune & Uranus will follow as well next year – making it the ENTIRE zeitgeist that will change in the mid 20's) - can often be shocking to many people, who can end up feeling quite lost for several years after. Typically, many will unfortunately also find themselves in some trouble or bind.


Because of Pluto ending its stay in Capricorn in 2024, this shift will be especially challenging for those with a high level of trust in authorities, as well as for those who have wielded their power in, let’s say, not particularly lovely or just ways.


Likewise, many previous well known societal structures and institutions could end up breaking more or less down – the dysfunction level has already been reached many of these places, around the world.


Jobs and work life – and people’s general identification with their job title and status – could also undergo a transformation.


Then there’s the new incoming energy.


Aquarius represents anything residing in heaven or in space. Including of course our central star, the Sun, who synchronistically with Pluto’s transition to Aquarius this past year, began acting more and more wild in its outbreaks, which has continued ever since. Aureus Borealis in previous unusual places have almost become the norm now.


Will we in 2024 reach the kind of Solar storm outbreak that could damage various technological gear on and around the Earth?


Well, who knows, but it IS remarkable that Aquarius also represents that kind of technology, and a Pluto visit can bring with it a lot of weird stuff, also in the direction of things breaking down.


In any case, it’s certainly not very smart to rely entirely on digital solutions or to get rid of cash now!


Internet and social media are also under the domain of Aquarius and will probably not remain in its current form in the many years ahead, with Pluto transiting the sign. Some of these changes could potentially already take place in 2024.


More censorship, breakdowns, crashes, hacking or hackers playing a more central role in events, as well as alternatives to current social media could become relevant, in various ways.


Right now, the internet is buzzing about the possibility of an upcoming large cyber-attack – that could actually also be a page taken straight out of the “Pluto in Aquarius script”…


Right before Pluto left Aquarius again in 2023, the first "official disclosure" came in the form of a whistleblower revealing to the American congress that several governments around the world had recovered crafts and non-terrestrial bodies, over the years.


That timing was of course not a coincidence and a sign to the attentive: “to be continued” when Pluto returns to Aquarius again.


Anything is basically possible on that front, whether it’s the long heralded fake alien invasion or concrete contact with extra-terrestrial intelligent beings or information, that expands and changes the definition of Earth and humanity’s role in what we call the Universe, true or untrue.


Another wild event, which is of the more inevitable kind concerns:




When Pluto made its first foray into Aquarius in Spring 2023, several banks, exactly according to script, started crashing, going under or being swallowed by bigger banks.


When things didn’t look too well – despite various official claims, which by now have taken spin and gaslighting to absolute absurd heights – when Pluto made a standstill and changed direction in Fall, the lucrative war machine was simply put into further gear.


Jupiter goes direct on New Years Eve Day and will be moving forward through Taurus, the sign of economy, the following 5 months.


This placement can bring growth and abundance in real commodities and tangible, useful values. But are known for NOT looking kindly on financial speculation that are not based on reality or something tangible – in other words most of what the world economy as well as the stock market are build around…


On its way through Taurus, Jupiter, will, as mentioned above, catch up to Uranus. Uranus in Taurus has long forewarned of a huge crash or other economic changes of the really significant and lifechanging kind, and will now be further strengthened, emphasized and activated by Jupiter. With Pluto – also representing economy and common resources - reaching the point of no return the same year, there is no doubt that something major will go down in 2024 concerning finance and economy.


A total transformation of the entire financial system could very well be on the horizon (many pieces have already fallen into place in the background, this past year.)


At minimum, at least some things will NOT go on as previously - at all.




Despite the fact, that we live in a bizarre world where war can act as a momentarily rescuer of failing economies, we will also have more Eclipses in Spring and Fall on the Aries/Libra axis.


(Including another total Great American Eclipse in April – the partner to the 2017 Eclipse).


So, more war or threat of war as well as heightened demands of ceasefire, peace negotiations and diplomatic solutions will be very relevant topics in 2024 as well.


There are many types of war, as previously mentioned, also the more silent, subtle psychological war on consciousness – and the 2020’s have so far been a nonstop extravaganza on that front.


Along the way it also turned into the kind of war that most understand and perceive as war.


How will it end up?


Well, that depends on how desperate the current beings in power become as well as on the level of consciousness of humanity and what we allow these beings to initiate and follow through on.


It’s rarely the decisionmakers who literally go into the battlefield and fight, so others will have to be willing to follow orders and act on them.


Those could be influenced, depending on how huge a public demand for peace, negotiations and diplomacy there is, instead of a cry for more war, fighting and bloodshedding.


In order for it to be truly effective, it won’t do to just demand it for a specific nation, people or one flag, but for ALL people suffering under decisions made and cruel actions done over their heads.


If we stop playing into their divide and conquer methods and splitting games, we could actually give peace and harmony a  decent chance.


These Eclipses also refer to new alliances being made as well as old ones breaking up and dissolving.


A lot is already ongoing on that front and will no doubt develop further in 2024 and ahead.


If we take a quick peak into 2025 (-26), Saturn & Neptune will meet at the last Great Conjunction, this time around. The last time they met the Berlin Wall fell and the Soviet Union since dissolved, and a new world order was born.


We are at a similar place these years, except for the fact that we actually have much more distinct astrological activity going on at the same time, than back then.


(We have six Great Conjunctions among the major planets, which is an unusual high amount – and all the three outer planets changing signs within a few years).


 It’s in periods like this, that the world and many people’s way of life changes irrevocably.  Where major transformation occurs.


Asides from regular war between nations/alliances, there is also heightened possibilities around the world for:




The Aquarian energy will now come BARGING in – and Aquarius is, among other things, the sign of uprising, protests and revolution.


At the same timer Jupiter will strengthen the ruler Uranus, in Spring – (the last time these two met, there were constantly protests for various reasons around the world) and then enter into a trine with Pluto in Aquarius and empower that position even more, with free flowing energy,


So generally the urge for protest and uprising, will be MUCH larger and constantly sizzle - so it will NOT be welcome if intrusive decisions are simply forced on people.  The type of leadership style ( in the more dictatorial/ authoritarian vain) we have seen in previous years will simply not be accepted in the same way, any longer.


In some places in the world, it will probably also get even wilder than that and could potentially turn into a regular revolution and the removing of someone in power, by force…




Because so many new planetary cycles were started in 2020, we will regularly return to that year, when the planets reach a new phase in their mutual cycle – and of course we DO also have that infamous elephant in the room, that unbelievably enough, has not been dealt with, yet.


In the Summer Jupiter and Saturn will enter into a square and will remain so the entire following year.


The square phase is a crisis point, where whatever was initiated during the conjunction – in their case around December 2020(!) - inevitably will come up to the surface and will have to be dealt with.


This will be the most distinct phase, we, until now, have had since then – and it’s also rather long.


So, something or someone from back then will probably be held accountable for at least something.




Neptune will reach the last degree of its own sign, Pisces, in the Spring and then turn retrograde.


Neptune is another outer planet that have gone into extremes of what the sign represents before an energy shift in 2025.


Victim mentality, being easily hurt and offended by just about anything, as well as dreams of various saviors coming to our rescue, taking care of everything for us, while we simply have to remain passive, trusting and hopeful, has thus soon been taken as far as it can.


But only just about.  It can still – for some – become even more extreme in 2024, since Jupiter momentarily also strengthens Neptune while in the 29th degree.


But from 2025 and onwards the zeitgeist will completely change,  then it will be the individual that to a large degree will have to save themselves.


Just as it will become clearer that higher powers, spiritual guides and helpers also need to see some action on your part before they can step in and do anything for you.


So, it’s very wise, already this year, to start preparing for that energy shift and clear out various illusions.


Otherwise, the bursting of those illusions can become very painful in the near future.


Saturn’s continued stay in Pisces is already trying to warn people about this, providing a reality check and an invitation to mature more now, spiritually.




Further focus on issues concerning medicine, drugs, abuse of various substances, Big Pharma, diseases, hospitals, healing, nursing and caretaking as well as water, heavy rainfalls, flooding and significant events on sea could also occur with Neptune in the last degrees of Pisces.


An Eclipse in Pisces in late Summer/Early Fall will also underline the same Neptunian themes.




Jupiter enters Gemini in late May and will stay there for the rest of the year, which is another invitation to expand your mind and your knowledge.


There could be a lot to talk about during 2024, perhaps because of many shocking and tumultuous events or a huge amount of new information to absorb.


New ways of communication could also arise as well as new ways of sharing information and knowledge.


New inventions and progress are also a part of the Jupiter – Uranus Conjunction having taken place just previously to Jupiter entering Gemini.


Alternately, more old school communication forms could also be revived, IF the internet or various technological and electrical devices go down or become unstable. Letters and mail for instance could in that case receive a renaissance.


Jupiter in Gemini also refer to two completely different paths, going in opposite directions, concerning future development, growth and consciousness level.




As evident from all the above, we will in 2024 constantly dance on a tightrope between something close to total destruction and on other hand exciting new possibilities, evolution and higher consciousness.


So, choose very CONSCIOUSLY the energies you wish to align with and the path that is right for you, going forward and then be insistent and stubborn, yet also flexible when that is called for, when it comes to focus.


Because that will be needed in order to even see and be able to grab the opportunities that no doubt will arise along the away, amidst all the craziness and all the stuff that will break down, crash and make a LOT of noise in doing so.


But you can simply not allow yourself to be way led or too distracted by it.


This is a time to build a better future for yourself and others – a lot of the past will truly be gone, these coming years, and if you spend too much time hanging on to the past, others will create your future for you – and that might not be beneficial, to say the least.


So, take on your co-creator role as never before and dare more.


One thing is certain, 2024 certainly won’t be boring!


I wish you a happy New Year 😊🎉✨🎆🌟


Freedom Truth Light & Tina

© Astrologer Tina Reinhardt Hansen

 December 30, 2023



Jupiter & Saturn meet again

Pluto reenters Capricorn,

first stay in Aquarius is over.


We are now almost halfway through 2023 and we have experienced the first test run of Pluto’s upcoming two decades long stay in Aquarius, during the Spring.


Aquarius rules the heavens, space and anything “out there” and here in 2023, the interplay between us and that part of Aquarius’ domain have obviously reached new levels.


Not least, when it comes to our central star, whose outbreaks have been increasingly escalating.


Transmissions from the Sun and other cosmic sources have emitted higher and higher levels of Light and energy towards us, impacting us on a very physical and visible level as well.


Extraordinary aurora borealis have been witnessed several times in unusual places, lately impressive noctilucent clouds, too.


Down on Earth, the previous matrix doesn’t always seem to be able to uphold itself any longer, with various individual bizarre experiences as a result.


Upgrades in consciousness have been readily available for those receptive to it – and this was just the beginning, very exciting!


On the last days of Pluto’s stay in Aquarius, we of course also had the whistleblower reveals of previous governmental salvage of both crafts and remains of extraterrestrial beings.


Whether true or false, (as a convenient setup for an upcoming fake alien invasion show), it is certainly no coincidence, that this happened right as Pluto’s first foray into Aquarius was wrapping up… to be continued, I’m sure…


Technology is another Aquarian area, and the wild spread of AI, as well as all round digitalization, has of course been another extremely present topic, that will no doubt be continued, as well. We will have to make some very important decisions, both collectively and individually, as to how to handle this, to not lose completely control and most importantly not losing our humanity in the process as well, and it seems we better think and act fast in that regard!


Asides from use/abuse of technology, the Aquarian energy is really not very well suited for powerhungry entities, that wish to remain in power and continue sucking energy from others. Which is why this Aquarian era is so obviously feared by them and why they seem to now clamp down increasingly desperate on anything resembling Aquarian qualities such as freedom, free thinking, free speech, system critique etc.


The Aquarian energy will however only get stronger and stronger, as Pluto settles in for longer duration next time in January 2024 and then for good in November 2024.


Pluto has for now, here in June, returned to Capricorn and will spend the rest of the year rounding up that Capricornian transit, that began in 2008; the year of the financial crisis.


Just as we saw back then, when Pluto was in a transition phase between Sagittarius and Capricorn, we have here in 2023 also seen several bank failures, it started that way back then too, before later evolving into a fullblown crash, crisis and depression…


The transition back then was mainly going from a naïve believe in eternal growth and careless overspending and consumption (Sagittarius) to recession, depression, hard times, a time to pay bills and take responsibility (Capricorn).


The transition from Capricorn to Aquarius is more about a complete systemic change, financially and otherwise. Exactly what kind of system, we’re gonna end up with is what the whole ongoing battle is all about.


As this is the last time Pluto will transit back through several degrees of Capricorn, we certainly have a lot to round up for the rest of 2023, concerning unsustainable financial decisions (apparently very few in charge got the memo of the taking responsibility part), governmental overreach and abuse of power, corrupt corporations etc.


The rest of the year will no doubt be a tumultuous and very transformative time.


Pluto will be in the critical wildcard 29th degree until late July – a time where basically anything can happen.


In July Pluto will also square the Nodes, the Sun will join in as well, as it reaches the end of Cancer, creating a tension filled and fateful Grand square in the Cardinal signs.


Then from mid August – early December, the infamous Pluto return of the US, will be going through its last decisive phase, no doubt with huge consequences for the country and its status, financially and otherwise, as well as the rest of the world, not least the Western world.


When Pluto makes a standstill and then goes direct in October, it’s another moment to look out for.


And then Pluto reaches the critical 29th degree again in December, before reentering Aquarius in January.


So, we are pretty much in for it, for the rest of the year.


Right now, there is, however, some stabilizing and very harmonious energies present, as well, that it’s very important we make use of.


Perhaps you remember, all the hope, visions, ideals, meditations and other manifestations in the spiritual and truth world leading up to Great Conjunction, at the Winter Solstice 2020, when Jupiter & Saturn met and started a new several hundred year long era in the Air Element, when they joined at 0° Aquarius.


“The Age of Aquarius” were then to take another huge step into being. A free and golden age, bringing with it a higher level of consciousness for humanity.


This important phase of the new era was however met with extraordinary opposition and darkness, (like mentioned earlier, some entities really DO fear the free Aquarian energy), another round of very long lockdowns, harsh restrictions and mandates was initiated and then there were the unbelievable amounts of strife and divisive rhetoric that followed “the experimental roll out”, initiated that same December as well. Not to mention the danger to health or life...


But even all that darkness couldn’t turn out the True Light and positive seeds also sown, nor the visions and manifestations send out into the ether, by millions of people across the world, who felt called to do so.


The only thing that could do that, were if they were given up on or forgotten.


Jupiter and Saturn have now reached the first major stop in their mutual 20 year cycle, they also began in December 2020.


The sextile is a harmonious aspect, which brings with it very beneficial opportunities to work further on all those positive visions, ideals and manifestations from back then, now on a much more concrete and tangible level.


The sextile is not a super pressing aspect, which means you have to make a conscious decision to work with it, but if you do so, there will be enormous backup for creating successful results.


This is an implementing and very productive phase of the cycle.


The exact phase of Jupiter & Saturn’s sextile has just begun, lasting from June 14th – 24th, with the exact peak taking place on Monday 19th, at 16.53, BST, (adjust to your local time).


The aspect will continue to be active for about another month following that day.


So, this is a time to consider deeply and work further on how your personal version of “The Age of Aquarius” should be implemented in your life and then how it should be shared with other likeminded – and then eventually spread further on from there.


Because it typically starts from within, then close by and then spreading further and further from there.


Saturn is standing still, in the days surrounding its change of direction, going retrograde on Saturday, which only brings the aspect further manifesting and crystalizing energy, as Saturn comes clearer through.


There’s a New Moon on Sunday the 18th, so the Moon phase is also with us, when it comes to manifestation possibilities and the Sun is of course reaching its culmination in daylight, at the Summer Solstice on the 21st,  also during the exact phase of the Jupiter – Saturn sextile, adding only FURTHER positive manifestation possibilities and Light to the process.


The Sun will furthermore also aspect and support both Jupiter and Saturn from a beneficial angle for the rest of June, following the Solstice.


The Jupiter – Saturn Conjunction took place during the darkest Winter, at the return of the Light, the Jupiter – Saturn sextile takes place during the culmination and peak of Light and is supported by the Sun itself, a very symbolic visual of the beneficial opportunities present at this moment.


Jupiter & Saturn will be at 7°12 Taurus & Pisces respectively, during exactitude, meaning that the physical and the spiritual world can meet and have an opportunity to unite, blend, manifest and transcend.


What’s important right now, is to not let this beneficial and fruitful opportunity for positive changes go to waste. As mentioned previously, there are other intense and turbulent energies ongoing as well, at the same time, so make a conscious effort to not be diverted!




I wish you a happy and fruitful Jupiter – Saturn sextile and Summer Solstice – let’s anchor as much Light as possible and then get to work.


Freedom Truth Light & Tina

© Astrologer Tina Reinhardt Hansen

June 2023





Another challenging calendar year is about to end and a brand-new awaits us.


For the first time since the 00’s we will get a year without major, long lasting aspects.


Instead, we get to experience some significant sign changes, though.






The area probably occupying most people’s mind right now; economy, inflation, prices and huge bills will continue to be a prominent topic in 2023.


Pluto will spend 9,5 months of the year in the very last degrees of Capricorn, meaning we could see more scarcity, lacks, decrease in living standards and poverty, before it turns around.


Likewise, unemployment could rise significantly.


Some societal pillars could also end up breaking completely down.


We will also continue to have a few Eclipses on the Taurus/Scorpio axis, which also highlights changes in economy, energy sources, food supply, other basic resources and our living standards.


Jupiter enters Taurus in May, which could potentially bring economic growth and abundance.


BUT the criteria for that, will be an economy based on concrete, solid, durable, usable values. Not something our current economic system can live up to, which is why we are in trouble.


Which we also were the last time Jupiter transited Taurus, in 2011, when the debt crisis, took over from the financial crisis. Back then we saw countries on the brink of bankruptcy, stock markets crashing and panic – and as we all know the worlds debt has only risen by insane measures since then…


But like I said, there IS room for growth and expansion, since Jupiter is the planet representing exactly that, but it will have to involve a sound restructuring. Maybe we will get that - or we will have to create it ourselves.


A major boom in growing our own food – self supplying from nature’s abundance – starting in Spring 2023 is also likely – and very wise – with Jupiter in Taurus.


It could very well be that it is not only because it’s fun and healthy but also necessary, at least as a supplement.






A couple of days after the Spring Equinox in March, Pluto enters Aquarius for the first time, it will stay in the sign a couple of months, then return to Capricorn in June and stay there until January 2024.


2023 is thus a transition period.


It’s usually quite a shock to most when Pluto changes signs. Pluto has a very strong grip on the masses, since it’s one of the primary representatives of the zeitgeist of any given time and at the same time rules mass psychology.


Towards the last part of a transit through a sign, like now, in Capricorn (where Pluto has resided since 2008), Pluto collectively takes us COMPLETELY out in the extremes of what that sign represents, before we “suddenly” hit a wall and a significant and transformative energy shift takes place and a new counter trend sets in, here in the form of the Aquarius energy.


Many will have identified so completely with the way of life or the narrative of the previous period and won’t be able to just shake it off, when the energy and the zeitgeist suddenly shifts and can become quite lost for some time.


Some will probably also feel misguided and even deceived - since Pluto often takes us through some very dark corners on its way – and as a result could end up in deep trouble, which will take time and energy to untangle from.


 As an individual you can make things a bit easier for yourself, by already starting now to prepare mentally for a giant shift coming up, now that you have been made aware of it.


If you have a high belief and trust in authorities, this shift could be particularly challenging for you. There are some ties and beliefs you will undoubtedly have to let go of – and the sooner the better, for your own sake and well being. So don’t cling on, just for the sake of clinging on.


There will of course, also be some future way showers, that are already “lined up” and impatiently ready to sprint into the new times and energy.


I’m guessing that quite a few of you reading this, will be in that category. Astrology is after all an Aquarian discipline 😊


At any given time, there will always be those going against the current, that have other values than the masses and the prevailing zeitgeist. Those who doesn’t just blindly follow the pendulum swing of Pluto out in the absolute extremes, (which will usually increasingly set in during the last 10 degrees of a sign; latest happening from 2018 – 2023). Some will on top of that also have a natural connection to the following sign, here Aquarius, and its qualities and perhaps already live parts of their lives from those values – and will thus have the experience to be act as true, sound representatives and positive role models and way showers. 


(This doesn’t in anyway just refer to people born with the Sun in Aquarius but goes for all who have other important placements in the sign as well or in the corresponding 11th house or have significant connections between the ruler Uranus and their personal planets – so for that matter it could just as well be a Capricorn).


The strong influx of new energy coming in, concurrent with Pluto changing signs in 2023 & ’24, will consist of awakening, freedom, truth, freethinking, rebellion, uprising, perhaps even revolution. Equal rights for all, but equality with room for differences and originality. A more flat structure, without top management. Community based on like minds and interests. Alternative methods and ways of life. Apart from that, there will also be focus on anything residing in the heavens or in space, as well as on technology and free energy.


It is, however, important to remember, that it is only 2,5 month of 2023 that Pluto will actually be in Aquarius.


So, it probably won’t all just take off in 2023, since we are not finished with dealing with the Pluto in Capricorn transit. But some important steps can be taken, that wasn’t possible before.


For those eagerly awaiting this shift, you can use the temporary influx of Aquarian energy to get your self filled up and ready to completely roll in 2024 and it can also bring a push to things you might already be doing or are planning on doing, that are Aquarian in nature.


It can also become easier to get an overview of things, since another temporary energy can bring some distance and clarity to the current issues and mess.


Finally, and importantly, the energy influx can be used as strength and backup for holding on to freedom and truth, no matter what.


Because this transition phase will inevitably cause anxiety among a certain crowd and their desperation might become bigger than it already has been – and thus potentially also more dangerous…


Because when we get to the end of Pluto’s stay in Capricorn it will become irrefutably clear how low classic Capricorn representatives such as state, government, authorities, big business and “the top of society” truly was willing to sink – and their grip on power will wane.


That’s what the Plutonian energy does; it clarifies and exposes the darkness, the corruption, the abuse of power and the no longer sustainable, in order for us to be able to clean it out or remove our energy from it. Then Pluto introduces a counter measure, this time in the form of the Aquarius energy, that as previously mentioned represent freedom for humanity and a flat structure, where all are equal, but different.


For power-hungry beings, who would like to stay in control, keep on top managing, skimming the cream, sucking of other people’s energy, this is of course no less than a nightmare.


Which is why some among them might feel tempted to quickly install a system to try to prevent us from ever reaching that point.


Since the ”rules” of this world are that everything has to happen within the framework of the at any given time prevailing energies, it would be quite obvious to use a twisted version of Aquarius’ relation to technology, the internet and anything digital – and in that way try to implement a tyrannical digital surveillance system, taking the last part of freedom from people, BEFORE the new energy has rushed so much in, that a large part of humanity will break free from the chains and won’t ever be caught again – meaning, it will have to be implemented during 2023.


If all else fails “ a threat from outer space” could of course also be an obvious distraction, with Pluto in Aquarius 😉


Even though freedom cannot be kept down forever, during Pluto’s 20 year long transit through Aquarius, we REALLY DON’T need any more problems, we have to untangle ourselves from afterwards, after all the mess that we collectively have been caught up in, the past few years.


So, let’s not, shall we, just ride along with something, that might sound convenient here and now, but instead stop and think things and implications through.


Be particularly wary of anything presented as the ONLY solution, without any alternative options. There will ALWAYS be alternatives under the influence of pure Aquarius energy.


Whether we are talking digital programable currencies as the only payment option, digital ID’s as the only way of identifying yourself. Social credit scores as the only way to distribute resources etc.


And of course, be extremely wary of letting unknown technology enter your body.


Whatever might come of technological wonders or monsters, the coming years, there will always have to be a free choice whether anyone wants to make use of it or not – just as there should always be room for alternative options.


If we in 2023 manages to hold on to a true free choice and alternative options, things cannot go completely wrong.






Saturn also changes signs in March, when it leaves Aquarius and enters Pisces.


This put a focus on the entire spiritual world – and what here can sustain or will break under Saturn’s testing reality check.


Anything not holding water, anything that doesn’t have reel substance behind it, doesn’t stand good chances the coming years.


A test and a clean up in various spiritual figures, influencers, “gurus” and “saviours” and their messages will happen.


The same goes for various artists, by the way.


Disillusion among followers might occur, but will in that case be a healthy and necessary process in order to determine who and what deserves your energy and attention going forward.




A new saviour of some kind could also manifest.  Whether a self-proclaimed Messiah or something, a system or other, that is presented as something that will save us all from the situation we’re in.


You can be sure, that if all is just to be let up to this other/others - or again is presented as the only solution - it is NOT for our benefit.


The Saturnian energy always demands that we take responsibility for ourselves and make an effort. So, in case of outer help or salvation of any kind, something will definitely be required of you too, if there’s actually something to it or this could literally mean, that we will have to save ourselves.


Just like Aquarius represents alternatives, Pisces represents multiple options.


Even though there might be the only right solution for you, it doesn’t mean that it applies for all else too. Keep all of this in mind next year.




If we transfer what happened during Saturn’s transit through Aquarius, (2020 – '23), the sign of freedom and community, to Pisces, there could in a worst case scenario also be introduced some restrictions on practicing or communicating about spirituality.


Or (further) attempts to cut off people from their soul and spirit and contact with a higher power.


So, if you consider yourself a spiritual being, be absolutely clear on not allowing anything or anyone to come between you, your inner life and your connection to a higher divine source or dictate what you can or cannot believe in or practice.






Saturn in Pisces also brings further focus on health care, elder care, psychiatry, social institutions etc.


 Saturn here can unfortunately mean more cuts or limited operation, as well as a debate on how many and who it is realistic to help, in the given circumstances, after everything has been brought down.


Apart from that, and most importantly, responsibility could also be placed for actions the last years in both health care and the medicine industry.


Saturn will remain in Pisces until  2026.






Asides from the aforementioned Eclipses on the Taurus/Scorpio axis, we also begin a series of Eclipses on the Aries/Libra axis in 2023, with a Solar Eclipse in each sign.


This axis highlights aggression, military operations and war versus diplomacy, peace negotiations, truce and justice.  Peace seem to be more prevailing during the Fall, where the Libra Eclipse will take place.


The individual’s will and desires and the consideration for others is also an important theme of this axis.


We also have Jupiter racing through Aries in the first months of the year, until May, which could also further highlight aggression and warfare.


It can however also offer individuals power of action, a zest of spirit, courage, flourishing optimism and an eye for exciting new possibilities.


The individual will generally be harder to suppress than previously, during this transit.






Humanity has been through a lot in the past years and in many ways also seem traumatized and under maximum pressure.


There’s clearly a need for healing – and we will get an opportunity for that in 2023.


Even though there’s no major long-lasting aspects, there are still some important collective aspects and they all appear within a few months of the year from late February/March till June/July, which is interestingly also within the same timeframe as all of the above mentioned sign changes.


So, a lot of activity is concentrated in the Spring Quarter and about a month/some weeks before and after.


Jupiter will conjunct Chiron in Aries.


Here the opportunity for healing arises as well as important lessons that can be learned, that in the future can become wisdom and provide higher meaning.


There is a price for this healing and learning though; that we are willing to face something difficult and painful and start dealing with it.


We get a strong hint of what at least some of this painful stuff could be, when Saturn and Pluto simultaneously, for the first time since their Great Conjunction in 2020 will connect again in their mutual cycle, creating a semisextile.


This intense and heavy aspect was used to write world history with draconian measures all over the world; lockdowns, restrictions, mandates, bans and extreme meddling in people’s lives and possibilities to travel, socialize and earn a living.


If we don’t rip up that sprouting seed, sown back then, here in 2023, it will become a recurring thing. While a virus was blamed the past years, it can be all kinds of other reasons and excuses in the future. But the measures could be repeated. Or we could conclude in 2023, that this simply went too far and was nothing less than abuse and assault on humanity and we then promise each other to never do something so drastic again.


But even though we potentially stop the methods from recurring use, we will still have to deal with the consequences of what WAS initiated during that conjunction.


Repercussions, damages and trauma will pop up again and again years and decades from now. Irreversible damage has been done in some cases. Others will need serious measures to counteract.


So, yes healing is definitely needed and in a best-case scenario we might even discover some new – or old - healing methods for those who have been harmed physically as well as mentally.


Following that a huge focus on justice will come up during Spring.


Jupiter will also conjunct Eris in Aries.


Some of those who have felt excluded, stepped on or otherwise treated unfairly can now receive some kind of redress or attention.


But some (not necessarily the same) could also become very, VERY angry and vengeful during Spring.


This could potentially run completely off track and amock and become very violent and destructive.


Hopefully we can find a more civilized manner of receiving justice for the aggrieved.


But unfortunately, lynching is not completely out of the question with this extremely hot-headed combination in Aries.


Another 2020 conjunction, between Jupiter & Pluto also reaches a crisis point, in the form of a square, in their cycle around the same time.


This ALSO highlights justice – and also involves a throwback to 2020’s extreme lawmaking (and lawbreaking, when it came to constitutional rights) – the lawmakers who were responsible back then as well as those who implemented it.


This aspect also highlights economy, resources and distribution, by the way.




Finally, the last aspect is ANOTHER of the Great 2020 Conjunctions, this one between Jupiter & Saturn, who met in Aquarius at the end of that year and who will now make a harmonious sextile to each other.


Back then, we got a rather clear example of the fact, that some DO truly fear the potential for humanity when it comes to the free-flowing undiluted Aquarian energy.


This otherwise hopeful aspect was obviously sabotaged and abused. A syringe was presented as a scientific miracle and the ONLY hope in the dark  - ( there was that “only solution – thing” again….) – and then we were all locked down and separated from each other for FAR longer, than the first time (where we didn’t have a so called “super weapon”…) – giving the Aquarius conjunctions promise of freedom, community, true hope and light extremely difficult circumstances to shine through.


However, during all the three 2020 Conjunctions, asides from the official things initiated, there were other far more important seeds sown, other kinds of hope and visions for a brighter future, which were manifested and sent out into the ether back then.


This was especially true for the Jupiter – Saturn Conjunction at the Winter Solstice that year: A literal Return of the Light on Earth, “The Age of Aquarius”, hope, freedom, truth, community, light, love – agape.


All of that was envisioned and poured out there and didn’t just disappear into nowhere, despite the obstacles.


It has gestated in hiding and will in 2023 reach a new harmonic point, where it can take on a more visible and concrete form, that can be used constructively, by those who wishes to do so.


This will happen at the same time as Pluto is dancing back and forth between Aquarius and Capricorn – which tells us that the true Aquarius energy and spirit cannot be kept down forever.




What we need to do now is to strengthen the highest qualities of that sign and not allow anymore dark and twisted versions to be initiated, not allowing anymore distraction or sabotage blocking the true potential.


And then there will be a lot to clean up after the latest Pluto in Capricorn years – and 2023 looks to be a year when that clean up phase can start in earnest.




All freedom loving spirits, all alternative people, all spiritual people, all free thinkers, all intuitive empaths; those of you who have acted from a pure, honest heart and mind and have substance behind you and your claims – you’re the ones who will now get the opportunity to lead the way and set a good example. Time to get ready!


Happy New Year 🥰


Freedom Truth Light & 💗 Tina

© Astrologer Tina Reinhardt Hansen

December 2022


The Years of the Great Conjunctions;

Jupiter - Neptune Conjunction in Pisces Spring 2022


It is said that it’s in periods with several “Great Conjunctions” (between Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto) in just a few years, that the world REALLY changes.


A Great Conjunction happens when two of the abovementioned heavenly bodies meet and their joint cycle, both comes to an end and starts a new one.


If that happens for several “planetary couples” in a span of few years, there will inevitably be more chaos, turbulence and change in the world, than at other times, since it will then be in many areas at the same time, that something comes to an end, perishes to never return, while other things continue in new form, while also completely new stuff is added.


The limbo period, between the old being dead and the new born hasn’t become visible yet, can be rather challenging – with several of the various limbo periods on top of each other or following each other, it will obviously be HUGELY challenging.


It’s in these transition periods, that “new world order”s come into existence and that resets take place – and various fractions (both visible and more hidden ones) will naturally fight (both obviously as well as more subtle) for the reign of the new era following – and over which direction, we will all be heading in.


In 2020 we had a total of three Great Conjunctions – and now just one year and a couple of months after the last one, we are entering the fourth; Jupiter and Neptune conjuncting in Pisces.


On top of that, in 3 out of 4 of these conjunctions, one – or as in the case of the present one; both – involved planets rule the sign, the conjunction happened/happens in – and thus have considerably more punch behind it.


Then there was the Jupiter – Saturn Conjunction back in December 2020, that also ended a several hundred year long conjunction – cycle in the Earth element and began a new several hundred year long cycle in the Air Element.


And as for the present Jupiter – Neptune conjunction, it is 166 years since the two last met in Pisces, the sign they both rule over.


So it’s both very powerful, rare and also very longterm cycles and phases ending and beginning these years. So, with that in mind, it’s not so strange, that the beginning of the 2020’s has been so chaotic and extreme as it is – and that we now for two years straight have been in a “stage of emergency”, crisis, and in war, first more subtly, but now apparently in the old fashioned more obvious way, as well.


Now as the Jupiter – Neptune conjunction really sets in, smokescreens, illusions, propaganda and deceit will reach new unheard heights (!!!) and we should all be very wary of both believing oblique statements, as well as of making them ourselves – as even the most sharp sighted eyes will have a hard time seeing clearly now, before the Neptunian fog dissolves again.


At the same time, we have, as previously mentioned, also Saturn triggering a former Eclipse degree in Leo in late February and the beginning of March  - (and certainly seem to deliver, when it comes to those specific Eclipse topics; “End of the World” atmosphere; possible beginning of wars; the ascend or fall from grace, removal, withdrawal or death of head of states, the elite or stars; gold prices etc. ) – and previous experience tells us, that while a lot of outer drama will take place, there will be other very important things going on as well elsewhere, that we won’t learn about until later. Which emphasizes the importance of not drawing any fixed conclusions, right now.


It is thus a very confusing and unclear period, when it comes to the outer world, that we have just entered, where many things will dissolve and great sacrifices might take place.


Once the fog lifts again, a collective experience of illusions breaking, might take place, if certain things turn out to be very different, than previously perceived.




Pisces is a Water sign and with both rulers uniting here, water will become a major topic.


We have already seen examples of flooding and mudfloods in the world – and most likely it won’t be done with that.


There are extremely heightened chances of a very wet Spring, several places in the world, with heavy rainfalls, elevated water levels, flooding, mudfloods, also possible earth quakes with epi – center in water and possible tsunamis.


Drinking water could also become an issue/ important topic.


On top of that important events taking place on the sea, as well as shipping, could become more relevant.




Since the war card has now been picked, it wouldn’t be surprising either,  if we at some point hear about someone considering using bio – or chemical weapons, as Jupiter/Neptune/ Pisces is associated with both illness, medicine and chemicals…


The conjunction could also mean, that serious implications and side effects of the previous handling of the virus could really begin setting in now, in a big way, all kinds of diseases, medicine, vaccine and side effects, will be an obvious topic, as well as the hospital & medical system and Big Pharma, but of course now all these things will have to compete with a very dramatic change of scene to break through the surface -  and that is no doubt very convenient for some…


At the same time, this moving from one major and intrusive crisis to the next, inevitably  will wear on a lot of people’s mental state, so mental health can also get a boost in the wrong direction – and it's unfortunately probably already not going too well in that area, after the past couple of years.


The same goes for addiction issues and various substance abuse, that this conjunction in Pisces also highlights.




All in all, the outer world will probably not be the most stable or most wonderful to behold or be in, the coming months, but as already mentioned, at the beginning of the year, that would inevitably be the case, one way or another, with the purpose of pushing us more inwards and upwards.


We had, collectively, also gone rather far out of a very cold and irreconcilable path, and it will now take a lot to thaw up frozen hearts again – and that thawing is exactly what Jupiter – Neptune represents.


To what degree it will take human tragedy and loss, remains to be seen…




The combo of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces is very compassionate, idealistic, spiritual and super creative.


Charity will rise, inspiration and insights will flow  - to those that are open to it.


We will simply have no other choice, than to go within or seek upwards to the divine, to bring something out/down here, that makes the world more beautiful, loving and peaceful to be in, in the future.


Wednesdays New Moon in Pisces is conjunct Jupiter, who on the following day get so close to Neptune, that the conjunction period begins.


The New Moon thus acts as the official starting point of 2022’s Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces.


The coming month, the aspect will increase more and more and become stronger.


The precise phase of the conjunction starts at the beginning of April, lasting a couple of weeks, with peak of exactitude on April 12th, where the old cycle technically ends and a new one is born.


The conjunction lasts until the end of May.


Before that Jupiter will enter Aries on May 11th, making it an out of sign conjunction, spanning two different signs for a couple of weeks, and this is when we truly can begin to see the first signs of a new beginning.


In April and May, we will also have an Eclipse Season on the Taurus/Scorpio axis, concerning economy, energy sources, food supply and other basic resources, and since the nodal axis entered these signs, we have seen how just about anything, that happens pushes those exact topics more and more to the fore.


The Jupiter – Neptune conjunction will have an epilogue in the Fall, the same will the Eclipse topics in another Eclipse Season then.




Whether we will actually see a collective idealistic, spiritual and creative renaissance, with bigger unity and compassion among people, which is the Jupiter – Neptune conjunctions highest potential, remains to be seen.


But those of us, who wish and hope for such a renaissance , now has an opportunity to make it happen in our individual lives – and also of spreading it around us.


Your inner self and the divine will be calling you now, it is time to go within to gather and pick up inspiration and guidance, heighten the frequency – and let it spread around you like rings in water.


Freedom Truth Light &💖 Tina



A new calendar year takes its beginning, while we’re still at an energetic peak, with the Saturn – Uranus square, Jupiter’s change of sign on the 29th and the retriggering of Decembers total Solar Eclipse in the days surrounding the New Year.

The Saturn – Uranus square has been the primary aspect of 2021 and has mostly manifested in strife, splitting, separation, shaming, coldness and distancing. As well as censorship, restrictions, rebellion, severe rise in prices, scarcity, various kinds of crashes, as well as “signs in the sky”…

After this 3rd exact phase ends on January 1st, the aspect will still be tight during January and will then decrease in intensity and in March ebb completely out - for a while.

With Jupiter returning to Pisces (it peeked into the sign back in May -.July this past year), we start gearing up to the next big aspect; a Jupiter – Neptune conjunction in Pisces, in the Spring, from March – May, peaking in April.

It’s another major aspect to look out for, since both planets are rulers of Pisces and thus at home and have more punch behind them.

So, what does this aspect, and the prelude, with just having both rulers in the sign at same time, beginning now, bring with it?

Let’s deal with the challenging and more sinister parts first, but hang in there, because luckily, there’s also great positive potential with this conjunction 😊

A lot of what we have been threatened with, the past two years, could actually happen now; a huge spike in diseases, hospitals and healthcare pressured to the maximum or even beyond their breaking point and also a potential rise in deaths…

The reason – or rather reasons – might cloak itself in Neptunian fog and smokescreens, since it will be a mix of various things, that has been allowed to build up.

Asides from ”variants”, there is the accumulation of all other diseases and treatments, that has been down prioritized, postponed or completely ignored the last couple of years, there is consequences of Covid handling and restrictions, such as covered airways over a long period,  excess use of sanitizers, less exercise, isolation, loneliness,  huge increase in various addiction issues, people who psychologically won’t be able to handle more of this and simply give up and choose the only way out, they can perceive…Then according to plan  5 g will also be turned higher up, in ‘22…and finally unknown long term side effects of the vaccines might start showing themselves. In 2022 we reach past the first year since the roll out began, and then we will just have to sincerely hope that “the science” was as fantastic and the medicine industry so pure intentioned, as so many have put their faith in, because otherwise it won’t be pretty…

Jupiter’s presence in Pisces actually do put extra focus on Big Pharma – and some kind of morality check is not out of the question, since that’s one of the things Jupiter does.

Pisces AND Jupiter – Neptune also places extra focus on not only healthcare and hospitals, but also care and nursing homes, various other institutions, as well as prisons.

Mandates and other unethical shenanigans, the past two years. have certainly done a lot to create a lack in personnel in these places, around the world, but this is also about a longer process, that way predates 2020, going all the way back to the end of the 00’s.

Jupiter – Neptune’s cycle lasts about 13 years, and this one, that will be ending in Spring 2022, started back in 2009.

(Sidenote, 2009 was also the year of the swine flu and scandal concerning the roll out of a vaccine, that was however rather quickly stopped and dropped, back then…hmmm)

Simultaneously with 22’s Jupiter – Neptune aspect, we also have Pluto transiting through the last part of Capricorn, meaning we are getting near the last part of its process of breaking down and cleaning out all the none functioning parts of state, government, authorities and various societal pillars and systems – and this process could become quite extreme, near the end of it.

Pluto have been in Capricorn since 2007-2008, and some of the decisions made back then and since then, when it comes to cutbacks, management style and work conditions, will also have had a huge influence on why the abovementioned areas, represented by Pisces, is now near a breaking point.

In many other areas, it will also be a recurring theme, that previous outer well known anchors might break (further) down (Pluto) or dissolve completely (Neptune) in 2022.

USA, the “superpower” so far, will reach its first Pluto return in 2022 (with the first hit happening in late January – March), and will at best have to reinvent itself or at worst break completely down/split up.

This will of course also send ripples throughout the rest of the world as well.


It is only the second time, since the discovery of Neptune, that the two rulers of Pisces meet in the sign.

The first was actually shortly thereafter in the mid 1800’s. A time period, that there interestingly enough has been quite a lot of “Neptunian” mystique and fascination about in the past couple of years.

Did something happen back then, that has been forgotten? Was there massive flooding, mud floods, massive numbers of deaths and a highly developed civilization lost, that has since been forgotten/hidden from us ?

We recognize the theme from tales of Atlantis and Lemuria. As well as the Biblical deluge, that by the way is repeated in all other religions and cultures as well.

The recurring theme is that either higher powers intervene because of massive moral decay or that dark forces intervene, taking over, twisting and abusing something highly developed and harmonic. And in both cases, it’s done with water and flooding.

Not a lot of creative license is needed to create a tale of the present times’ corruption and moral decay gone SO far, that higher powers might feel forced to intervene somehow.

Whether there will be another deluge or not – there IS actually heightened possibility for heavy rainfalls, flooding or even tsunamis, with Neptune, the ruler of the ocean, in its own Water sign, Pisces, reinforced and strengthened by Jupiter, also at home here and thus with extra power behind it.

Or it could be other distinct events, that has its root in or on Water, that will affect us. Water in all its shapes and forms will definitely become a theme. Which shipping might also become.

Another recurring theme in the abovementioned tales is the survivors, that start over and anew.

Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac, which is where we end a cycle and reset, before beginning a new one.

Since it’s so rare that both Pisces’ rulers meet in the sign, there could very well be a bigger reset, concurrent with the 2022 conjunction.

Just because certain someones have hijacked the term “the great reset”, doesn’t necessarily mean, that it will be their version or agenda that will come to fruition. There can be many kinds of resets – also some with a vastly more positive outcome for all of us. But that’s what the whole ongoing battle is about.

An important thing to keep in mind, is that Pisces’ resets often involve a dip in the “Waters of oblivion,” before a new beginning takes place.

It can thus be important to pay extra attention to back up of all kinds of documentation about what has been going on, and what you have experienced yourself, because it might be important for posterity - and because there will likely be a lot of future mystique surrounding what actually took place at the beginning of the 2020’s and how on earth it could happen. Future denial about a lot of things is also very possible. So irrefutable documentation is important!


That the reset of 2022 will also concern economy, energy sources, resources and the distribution and possible redistribution of them, is witnessed by the Eclipse season on the Taurus/Scorpio axis, that ALSO takes place in Spring.

Whether we are talking a redistribution that benefits the many or just the very few, once again depends on who wins this subtle war, we are in.

But there’s no doubt that Spring 2022 is a big and decisive energetic peak.

Simultaneously with the Jupiter – Neptune aspect, Jupiter and Saturn will reach the first important point in their mutual cycle, after The Great Conjunction between the two in December last year, that kickstarted no less than a several hundred year long new era, in the Air element.

While official voices used that conjunction to exclaim a syringe as the great hope and ONLY light in the darkness, there were also a lot of spiritual minded and freedom loving people around the world, that used that Great Conjunction to send out a lot of very different, positive intentions into the ether, in the manifestation of a new, free golden era.

With the semisextile between Jupiter and Saturn in the Spring, we will begin to see visible results of all the seeds sown back in December 2020, around the Winter Solstice, which we can then further develop.

Which also brings us to the positive potential of the Jupiter – Neptune aspect, another Great conjunction:

A spiritual and creative renaissance.

This is a SUPER creative combination and placement, that really fertilizes the imagination and where inspiration will just flow.

Already creative people – and you can obviously be creative in a lot of different ways – will, of course, especially be able to make beneficial use of this. But it can also awaken something in people that doesn’t usually consider themselves particularly creative, that make them want to start diving into doing something more creative.

Some of the greater artistic manifestations that could come out of this, will be something that truly speaks to and uplifts the soul and spirit and evokes a larger sense of unity.

There will be a heightened urge to bring something more beautiful, soulful and loving into this world. To manifest dream like states and paradisical energies on Earth.

Jupiter – Neptune represents a much softer and caring energy, than what we have lived with for the past year. The combination is highly idealistic, compassionate and have a strong sense of unity and is conscious of the fact that we all, despite our differences, are connected, on some unseen level.

Likewise, spirituality, the inner life, to listen to and follow your intuition and inner voice, as well as possible “higher guidance” will be something that will preoccupy a lot more people.

Jupiter – Neptune also refers to an inner moral compass, that intuitively and clearly senses what is wrong and what is right, and then acts upon it.

So, after a couple years, with constant outside dictating voices, that have tried to micro manage lives in the smallest detail, it will during 2022 become time to listen more to yourself.

There are different roads to taking your intuition, your inner voice and your inner moral compass more seriously.

It could be a confirmation of something you sensed, that might have seemed quite unlikely at the time or went complete against the stream, but then turned out to be right or it could be some alarm bells or other sensations, that you ignored, and then later learn, that you really shouldn’t have done that. Listening to your inner voice might also be completely foreign to you, but because of outer deceit, you will feel a need to start turning inwards and train your “intuitive muscle”.

It is thus likely, that some not so nice things, will be a factor in kickstarting a broader spiritual awakening. Such as bursting illusions, reveal of monumental deception, something or someone you relied on turning out not to be what you thought, at all. As well as the possibility of a lot of souls leaving this world and/or a lot of outer anchors simply dissolving.

In one way or another, a feeling might very well occur, during 2022, that there is no other way to turn than inwards and/ or upwards towards higher powers, because outer earthly previous fixpoints will have visibly and undeniably failed.

Alternatively, a “wave” of cosmic energy could also “flood” us and heighten the collective consciousness and level of spirituality. Mystical and magical happenings cannot be excluded with this combination.

If you are already spiritually minded, this is obviously a fantastic opportunity to further develop yourself and your consciousness, reaching new peaks and clearer contact with higher dimensions.


In May Jupiter then enters Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac – and depending on what has gone just before, there can either be an overwhelming sense of a brand new beginning, exciting new possibilities, flourishing optimism, spirit and gait or there could be a lot of anger – even rage, that could possibly become violent.

Of course, both could also happen at the same time, in different segments of the public.


And then we will basically see repeat performances and epilogues for the rest of 2022.

Saturn and Uranus will square each other again from the Summer and will come quite close in orb, without being exact, in late Summer/early Fall. The aspect will then slowly decrease, but still be active for the rest of the year, and then be completely over.

Jupiter will return to Pisces in Fall and also come near Neptune again, but the conjunction won’t be exact again either, since it’s a one time hit in the Spring.

We also get another Eclipse season in Fall, with the same Taurus/Scorpio topics as in Spring. And then Jupiter returns to Aries again in December.

So, Spring is definitely the most powerful peak of the year, and also when there is biggest momentum for change and new developments, which certainly is needed!

It is advisable already now, in the prelude period, beginning with the new year, to start thinking about how you can make the best use of the energies of the Spring and then simply start doing it.

It is already an opportune time to start to listen more to yourself and let many outer voices fade out. Likewise, to show more compassion.

It’s also beneficial to really activate your imagination and creativity and use that to pave the way for you ending up among those that will experience optimism and a strong sense of a new exciting beginning in the Spring.

Happy New Year

Freedom Love Truth Light Peace and Love Tina

December 2021



How we got here


“2000 zero zero, party over, oops out of time” Prince sang back in the day, inspired by Nostradamous’ famous predictions of the world coming to an end, by the turn of the Millenium, after the total Solar Eclipse involving a dramatic planetary Grand Cross in August 1999.

Solar Eclipses have effect for years after they take place, whenever the eclipse degree is triggered, especially by Mars.

This particular one lasted for more than 5 years, bringing us to the middle of the following decade.

To some, the party might not have truly ended until 2020, but things certainly did begin taking  very drastic turns shortly after the new Millennium had started.

Propelled not only by that Eclipse, but by some of the biggies among the aspects between the major planets.

(The biggies being conjunctions, squares and oppositions between the outer planets; Uranus, Neptune & Pluto and/or "the dweller of the threshold"; Saturn.)


These major aspects on one hand seems to have manifested in very dark ways, obviously also having been used and abused to that end.


On the other hand, they have also offered huge eyeopening potential.

The bigger the lies and deceit and the more outrageous and evil the acts, seem to be synonymous with similar larger awakening potential.


The first biggie was a Saturn – Pluto opposition in 2001- 2002.

Placed right across USA’s Ascendant- Descendant axis, in Sagittarius – Gemini respectively, in the US Sibley chart, on that fatal September day in 2001, that killed thousands of people, kicked off an endless series of wars and thus brought even more death and destruction, as well as the infringement on the people’s freedoms & rights.

The 1999 Solar Eclipse was also further activated by Mars, the classic Eclipse trigger, at precisely that day in September 2001.


Many cite these event as a major awakening trigger for them, that during the first decade of the new Millennium, opened their eyes to the fact, that things were not, and hardly ever are, as they are presented to us by official channels.


Then as Pluto entered Capricorn, (where it’s still residing) came the financial crisis.


That - and especially the bank bailouts - were another major eye opener for many towards the end of that decade.


Pluto reveals the depth of darkness, in both our inner and outer world.  Rip our blinders off and show us what is truly hidden beneath the surface.


Especially when it comes to how far people are willing to go, to corrupt themselves for power, control and hoarding of resources.


Uranus is known as the Great Awakener.


The planet represents energy, that enters in often shocking and sudden fashion and shakes everything upside down, paving the way for something new and alternative to come in.

Giving you an opportunity to perceive yourself, as well as your surroundings, in a whole new way, that you will always take with you, even as things quiet down a bit again, once Uranus has moved on.


Uranuas also reveals patterns and gives the ability to spot and interpret these patterns.


Starting a new cycle in 2010/11, when it entered the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries, for the first time in 84 years, Uranus opened the door for a whole new level of awakening and awareness collectively.


Even for those individuals, who already for decades – perhaps their entire lives – had been aware that something was seriously off about this world, and perhaps already had dived deep into the rabbit hole when it comes to exactly in what way, how and why, even more pieces of the puzzle now became available, for those willing to see, with this new Uranus cycle.


This along with the Solstice Sun’s exact alignment with the Galactic center, the end of the Mayan calendar, was what the whole “2012 thing” really was about. A major shift in awareness and consciousness on both an individual and collective level.


It wasn’t just about the infamous Solstice date in 2012 (or the alternative October 2011 date), though. It was a process, a long one, indicated by the long running dramatic and turbulent Uranus – Pluto square, that began in 2008, really kicked in after Uranus had entered Aries in 2010/11 and lasted until 2019.


During those years, Neptune also entered its own sign, Pisces (where it’s still residing) opening us collectively more up to the idea of otherworldly dimensions, what might reside there and how it influences us, for good and bad.


During the 7 direct hits of the Uranus – Pluto square, everyone and everything was shaken up. Extremely powerful energies were bombarding us, to wake us up and smell the coffee.


If you think back, you might discover that important changes and turns happened in your life, coinciding with these astrological happenings.


Where were you in your life in 2001 and the following years? – how did you evolve during the rest of that decade?


What happened in your life and with your perception of life?


Likewise, what happened during the past decade?


Especially after Uranus had entered Aries in 2010/11 and during those 7 very powerful direct hits of the revealing and awakening energy, during 2012 – 2015.


As soon as the Uranus – Pluto square ebbed out in 2019, another heavy aspect set in.


All of this has led us to where we are now in the 2020’s and  has shaped our individual reaction to current world events, depending on how we were able to anchor those previous powerful energies coming at us.


As another decade was coming to an end, and we were gearing up for the 2020’s, Saturn and Pluto had traveled half of their mutual cycle, since the start of the Millennium, now conjuncting each other and starting another new cycle.


And what a start that was in early 2020!!!


The 2020-21 crisis has taken deception and dark agendas to new unheard levels, but once again, also brought with it even further potential for awakening – as well as for truly taking on your own power and authority – or the complete opposite.


As you can see, we have been prepared energetically, especially by the Uranus- Pluto energies, we were bombarded with right up until then - the question is whether we as a collective were up to the task.


Some definitely seem better equipped than others, as well as some certainly seem more willing than others.


Individually, those of us with many strong outer planet placements and aspects in their personal chart, will be among those best equipped for this. (Uranus, Neptune or Pluto either connected to personal “planets” like the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars and Mercury or to an angle ASC/DC or MC/IC).


As these powerful energies, represented by the outer planets, will always have been much more present in our lives, than in the life of the average person – forever knocking on the door and from time to time blasting the door in, if not opened voluntarily.

If you are one of them, your life probably hasn’t been easy, especially not when you were young, but you do have an advantage, when it comes to anchoring higher frequencies as well as “getting them”


This means, that us OPPs (Outer Planet People) have a special role to play in paving the way, for the tide to turn.


For a time when all of humanity will be able to make the best use of that whole new potential for a new golden age, that began at the Great Conjunction, on the Winter Solstice in December 2020.


Could very well be the whole reason, why we are here at all.


Slowly – definitely much to slowly for our taste!!! –  we are here to bring us all towards that tipping point, where it will finally be a collective human experience…


So far, the dark spell hasn’t been broken for enough people, yet though.


So, while this update was about how we got here energetically and astrologically, since the turn of the Millenium, the big question remains; when, oh when will we get there?


Freedom Truth Light Peace & Love Tina

July 2021



The Saturn – Uranus square, 2. direct hit


On June 1st, the second exact phase of the Saturn- Uranus square begins.

This 2nd direct hit last for almost 4 weeks, till June 26th, peaking in exactitude on June 14th and is thus overlapping with the current Eclipse season.

This is 2021’s primary collective aspect, that mainly concerns the split and separation, that society and the people have experienced since 2020, which has only escalated since the first direct hit in February, this year. The aspect has been tight all throughout spring, but now enters another decisive phase.


The separation starts from above  - the top of the pyramid if you will - with various separating initiatives, actions and statements and then drip downwards and out in almost every situation and relationship, we find ourselves in.


Both sides are pushed and manipulated from both official AND unofficial sources to see “the other” side as not only standing in the way of their preferred way of life, but also dangerous to their health and possibly even survival – and both sides are nudged to become more and more indifferent to what happens to the other side, as “they have made that choice themselves, and they could just have chosen otherwise, like me”.


This de-sensitizing, if successful, will obviously be very handy, if the agenda is allowed to roll further down the line, to the point where really unfortunate things start happening to parts of the population…


Neither Saturn nor Uranus are known for their empathy, but rather for a certain coldness and distance.


During the planet pair’s second meeting, Saturn is, however, retrograde, offering us an opportunity to go back and review and reevaluate whether this truly is the path, we as a society and individuals, wish to walk further along on.


The possibility of things suddenly being turned upside down, with a switch between who will then be “in or out of the cold”, is not entirely unlikely, but that would still mean, that the dark forces got what they wanted - leaving us, generally speaking, equally far.


Fear – and each side fears different things, that is being played heavily on right now, from different angles. mainstream and socalled alternative – Splitting, Divide and Conquer is all old well-tried methods, but only efficient, if we fall for it, play along and let them work!


As a counterpoint, we have Jupiter in Pisces right now, inviting us to be more compassionate, understanding and united - even if from afar – (in other words, this is not necessarily about socializing, but more about how and IF you react when fellow humans are being wronged or are otherwise in need.)  This will also become a major theme next year.


The problem is that next year, it might be too late…


So, we need a change in direction right now, if it’s to be at all!


This change in direction could very well be manifested during this 2nd direct hit of the Saturn- Uranus square, if we want it.


Uranus is placed in Taurus, Saturn in Aquarius, both Saturn and Uranus rules Aquarius.


Some of the other topics that the 2nd direct hit of their square will accentuate are:


Freedom versus restrictions, especially in social life.


Technology and the use of it, pitfalls and advantages.


The internet, social media – free speech versus censorship.


The sky, heavenly bodies, space, UFO’s, E.T,’s, disclosure


Freethinking and alternative solutions


Financial changes, interventions, crisis or introduction of new financial system.






Self -sufficiency in cultivation, scarcity of food, invention of alternatives to things lacking.


Climate agendas.


Combined with the current Eclipse season, the coming weeks will be rather heavy and wild energetically – and most likely also in terms of events.


So, buckle up, keep your head cool and your heart warm.


Freedom Truth Light Peace & Love



Late May ´21


Jupiter in Pisces

On the 13th/14th of May, depending on your time zone, we have the only change of signs, by a major planet, this year, when Jupiter leaves Aquarius and enters Pisces.

For several years now, we’ve had Jupiter transiting a certain sign for about a year. But here in 2021, a phase, where Jupiter moves back and forth between signs, begins.

Jupiter has raced through the sign of Aquarius since December, here in mid May – the end of July, Jupiter will visit the early degrees of the sign of Pisces and then returns to Aquarius for the rest of the year, finally entering Pisces at the end of December and will then transits through the whole sign in 2022, alternating with a stay in Aries as well.

Jupiter strengthens and enhances everything it touches. As the old ruler of Pisces, it will be even more able to do so here, for both good and bad…

We will now get a taste of some of the topics awaiting us in 2022, where Jupiter next year also conjuncts Neptune, meaning both rulers of Pisces will be entwined IN Pisces – it doesn’t get more “fishy” than that.

And let’s get the more tedious part out the way up front – yes, Pisces & Neptune are the sign and the planet representing viruses and vaccines.

I doubt most will enjoy more of that saga, but it seems that we will have to, in one way or another…

Side effects of the latter also belongs to the Piscean/Neptunian domain and will likely become a big issue, especially next year.

The medicine industry will definitely come more into focus, as well.

On a positive note, Jupiter could bring a huge morality check to Big Pharma, concerning their ethics – or lack of them – as well as their actions and agendas. THAT could certainly be interesting….

Jupiter here, can both shed light on and reveal deceit as well as strengthen deceit...


Otherwise, Jupiter in Pisces is a super creative combination and places its spotlight on art and artist, especially those in music and film.

It will be interesting to see whether more artists will now join the protest movements. Jupiter transiting both Aquarius and Pisces this year could certainly bring more focus on protest singers and other artists.

In earlier times, it was kind of a given that artists were in the frontline of protests. But with a few exceptions, that has hardly been the case this time around.

So now, it’s rather a case of jumping on a wagon already moving. But some might feel motivated to do so now.

Here in my country established musicians have just learned the hard way, that their deafening silence and frankly embarrassing submission didn’t really save their summer festival gigs anyway…

And in the film industry, The Oscars reached and all time low in viewing numbers, in spite of the public supposedly being practically starved of entertainment experiences. But too many are now aware of what these award shows etc. are really all about and are apparently done with them.

So, artists and their artforms, as well as their self celebrations, will have to reinvent themselves, if they are to have any relevancy in the future.

Jupiter in Pisces could very well be used for that reinvention, for those artists who are up to the challenge,

The few artists who have already dared to go against the stream might experience more exposure or even some kind of luck falling into their lap.

The criteria for successful art, during Jupiter (and Neptune) in Pisces, will be something that speaks to the heart, uplifts the soul and can take the listener/viewer out of this world.

The urge for escapism will in general become huge.

And of course, it will be extremely important to take the route of the more constructive forms of escapism and not be tempted to let yourself be completely swallowed by something, that creates a lasting addiction or even worse…

A heightened focus on addiction issues – some of them probably created and strengthened by the 2020’s crisis, is very likely.

We have to become more aware of what kind of world and society we are creating, so it’s not necessary to constantly numb yourself to be able to be in it.

The urge for escaping a harsh, hard, heavy and depressing world, can for some unfortunately become so pressing that they choose the ultimate way out.

A rise in suicides could very well become a tragic outcome of Jupiter in Pisces, if we don’t make some serious changes VERY soon, because the alluring siren call from seemingly more paradisiac, bright and gentle worlds, could then become too tempting to resist for a lot of sensitive people, of all ages.

A change in direction is much needed – or this will become a huge problem, especially next year.


Constructively used, this placement could also help to bring more beauty and justice into world, increasing the will to be, stay and live here.


It’s a very idealistic and spiritual placement.

All creative and spiritual endeavors will thus receive a boost from it – and any activity that brings you more in contact with your inner world, other worlds or a higher power is beneficial.

The longing for a saviour will be enormous – and possibly someone or something appearing to be a saviour of a kind could present itself. But be aware of not letting yourself be blinded by illusions – and lull yourself into the fantasy, that someone else will be doing all the saving for you.

Be aware of anything that pacifies you and remove your own responsibility and action taking, since that is most likely to be something deceitful.

Outside help – even from higher powers – are not out of the question, not at all, but if true, it will also require something from you.

Pacifying is a classic Pisces/Neptune – trap.

You might also be asked to sacrifice something – but make sure to discern wisely, whether this is a sacrifice, that you really want to be making.

This is in many ways a rather sneaky and paradoxical placement, full of smoke and mirrors, but also potential deep spiritual truths, and it will take alertness and a strong intuition to navigate in it.


This year has been full of separation and estrangement, synchronously with the Saturn- Uranus square, that we are far from done with yet.

However, in the best scenario, Jupiter in Pisces the next months and next year could soften some of the harshness and separation and bring a sense of unity among mankind back.

We are all connected – even if we have chosen very different paths and highly disagree– and that feeling of unity, can, if we want it, become more prevalent now and again in 2022.


Unity, charity and compassion is one of the highest potentials for this placement.


If you have important placements between 0 – 2° Pisces in your personal chart, they will receive a visit from Jupiter the next couple of months, referring to growth opportunities and in some cases maybe even luck 😊

The same goes for the area of life symbolized by the house containing 0 - 2° Pisces.


Let’s use this placement to bring more creativity, empathy, compassion, soul and spirit back into this world again.


Freedom Truth Light Peace and Love Tina

© Astrologer Tina Reinhardt Hansen

May 2021


Previous still active Solar Eclipses


Right now, we are in the middle of an Eclipse season, with a Super Blood Moon behind us and an Annullar Solar Eclipse coming up.


However, Eclipses do not only influence us during an actual Eclipse season, but also whenever they are triggered thereafter.


Mars has the honor of being the primary Eclipse trigger, that activates the themes and topics of previous still active Eclipses, whenever he conjuncts or opposes the Eclipse degree, often for several years after the Eclipse took place.


A Solar Eclipse is generally active for as many years, as the Eclipse lasts in hours. (1 hour = a year, every 5 minutes = a month).


Unless it is, on rare occasions, brought to an end, by a conjunction or opposition by Saturn, before that.


So, while Mars activates and move things further along, Saturn on the other hand halts, concludes and ends.


At this moment in time, we have sensitive former Solar Eclipse degrees in several signs on both the Virgo/Pisces, Leo/Aquarius, Cancer/Capricorn and now also Gemini/Sagittarius axis, which is 8 out of the 12 signs of the Zodiac.


The still active and sensitive Eclipse degrees are:


Gemini/Sagittarius: 23°08. Cancer/Capricorn: 0° 21, 4 °06 & 10 °38. Leo/Aquarius: 18° 42, 27 °08 & 28° 53 & Virgo/Pisces: 8 °12 & 9°21


More specifically:



0° 21

Solar Eclipse from June 21st 2020 (the Solar Solstice Eclipse), active until Spring 2026


10° 38

From July 2nd 2019, active until Summer 2024



18° 42


From August 11th 2018 (in the same degree as the big Nostradamous 1999 one, 19 years earlier), active until early 2022


28° 53

From August 21st 2017 (“The great American Eclipse”) – active until the end of 2022


Virgo:  9° 21

From September 1st 2016, (the oldest Eclipse still active), active until Spring 2022



23° 08

From December 14th 2020, active until Spring 2026


Capricorn: 4° 06


From December 25/26th 2019, (the Christmas Eclipse), active until Summer 2025



27° 08


From February 15th 2018, active until the year changes from 2021 - 2022



 8° 21


From February 26th 2017, active until Summer 2022




Mars is right now transiting through the latter part of Cancer, and will thus during the Summer reactivate the Eclipse degrees in Leo/Aquarius and Virgo/Pisces, when it transits though Leo and then Virgo.


So, look out for the topics of these Eclipses in these 4 signs being activated and come to the fore and develop further, during July and August.


These topics include:


Leo: Head of states, royalty, stars, the elite; their ascend to the top or their fall from grace, removal, abdication or death. Fire. Heat. Drought. The Sun. Gold.


Aquarius: The alternative, free thinkers, truthers, freedom fighters/ lovers, rebels, protests, uprising, social unrest, unions, strikes, big changes, technology, heaven, space, airplanes, crafts, E.T’s, UFO’s.


Virgo: Earth, soil, harvest, crops, food supply, diet, health. Pets, animal rights.  Private life; protection of/invasion of. Job market. Women’s rights. Goddess energy.


Pisces: Big Pharma, viruses, vaccines, medicine, drugs, alcohol. Hospitals, institutions/ homes for the ill, people with special needs or addiction. People who work there as well. Prisons. Water, the ocean, ships, sailors. Rain, flooding. Drinking water. Charity. Spirituality. The end of an era/end times scenarios.


As of right now, we are of course, in the midst of dealing with Sagittarius/Gemini topics (see previous Eclipse season update).


That Eclipse degree; 19°47 Gemini, will of course also become a sensitive degree as well, for the next close to 5 years.


Once this Eclipse Season ebbs out, it won’t be long until Mars start triggering the abovementioned previous Eclipses, so we are very much influenced by the power of Eclipses now, and for the next upcoming months, which translates to big changes, developments and possible remarkable events.


Freedom, Truth, Light Peace & Love Tina

June 2021


Eclipse Season May – June 2021

Eclipse Season is about to kick in.

The upcoming weekend, we enter the weird state of altered reality, that an eclipse season often offers – which set in about 10 days before the first eclipse takes place.

While the beginning of the 2020’s have not exactly offered much normalcy in general, the energies will nonetheless be ramping up again now.

Eclipses are extremely powerful energy portals, that pinpoints focus topics of high relevance for the present and the immediate future, sometimes for years ahead.

During an eclipse season, it can feel like time is acting strangely, either seemingly speeding up or sometimes even dissolving, as things can suddenly develop/change very quickly and topics can weave events and threads, over a long period of time mysteriously together, through eclipses decades ago - and way into the future.


This eclipse season offers two eclipses; a Lunar Eclipse in May and a Solar Eclipse in June.

This is the 4th and 5th in a series of eclipses on the Gemini/Sagittarius sign axis, that started last June and ends with a 6th in December this year.


The 4th, which is the first in this season, is a Super Blood Moon – a total Lunar Eclipse, that also happens to be a Super Moon at the same time, since the Moon is the closest to Earth in its orbit around us, while in its full phase.

The total Lunar Eclipse takes place on May 26th and the 14 minute long Blood Moon phase of totality can be seen from all places, with a clear sky, where the Moon is above the horizon at 11.11.UTC – (adjust to your local time.)

Those of us living in places where this is daytime, will have to make do with the sight of another beautiful Super Moon rising later that same evening.

On an energetic level, there’s no stronger Full Moon than a Super Blood Moon, so expect this one to be noticeable, no matter where you are in the world.

The 5th eclipse in the series and the 2nd and last in this season is an annular Solar Eclipse.

It’s only parts of Canada, Greenland and Russia that will get the full experience of a ring of fire Solar Eclipse, where the Sun’s corona creates a burning ring around the Moon disc.

Northern America, Northern Europe and Northern Asia will, however, experience partiality somewhere between 8.12 -13. 11UTC –  again adjust to your local time.

Remember to ALWAYS wear eclipse glasses while looking at the sun !!!

Energetically, the eclipse will of course make itself felt all over the globe, as this is another powerful eclipse.

Eclipses on the Gemini/Sagittarius axis typically highlights:

Information, news, communication, sharing, knowledge, truth and meaning.

Our perception of the world and what is going on it. How are these perceptions created? How are they shaped and steered? To what extent are we subjected to mind control and if so, why?

Media, journalists and opinionmakers and their relation to the truth and their communication of it to the public – how is that going?

Never has what is communicated by the media had such a huge importance on the individual’s options to lead their lives, as they wish, as in this and last year.

So, obviously, it is not a coincidence that these eclipses highlight this as an extremely important topic, that we all need to relate to and get wiser about.

At a certain point, some consequences will obviously also set in - whether now or later, when these eclipses are triggered in the future. When lies and deception become the rule rather than the exception, in the media and elsewhere, something will have to give, at some point or another.

Then there’s the individual’s own responsibility to remain open, yet critical and not just passively swallow anything served, by being curious and exploring and researching further from different sources.

Consequences for neglecting to do that, might also become an important theme, either now or later, when the eclipses are triggered.


Gemini represents the curious, openminded search of different and sometimes complete opposite sources. Sagittarius represents dot-connecting, the search for truth and higher meaning.


Gemini/Sagittarius is also called the axis of movement, since both signs are constantly on the move, and they represent traffic, travel, short and long distances, national and abroad – as well as the transportation, travel & tourist industry.

Obviously, these very areas have been majorly challenged in 2020 and 2021. New developments on these fronts are likely to happen.

Whether the freedom loving Gemini/Sagittarius spirit will get a chance to roam about, from place to place, as they please again, remains to be seen, however…


Sagittarius is also the sign of law, which has been a big issue in 2020 and this year as well, as a willingness to bypass constitutional rights and freedoms, with new very questionable laws, have been unacceptably high, most places in the world.  Hopefully, consequences will also set in concerning that – and right some of the wrongs.

Eclipses here accentuate both the lawmakers as well as those practicing law.


A big international initiative fronted by attorneys, among others, to stop the current crimes against humanity, might receive some tailwind with their court cases, thanks to these 2021 eclipses. Let’s hope so!!!

Eclipses in Sagittarius have sometimes also highlighted religious conflicts, attacks or even war. It has already started rumbling with mysterious explosions in the Middle East, during the April trigger (see post below), and we are now hearing of repeated attacks in the area.

Apart from that, the April trigger along with other ongoing aspects also manifested in soaring prices, scarcity, empty shelves, delivery issues and wait.

Further development in that situation is very likely, as Gemini also represents trade – and its ruler, Mercury, likewise the planet of trade, is conjunct the Solar Eclipse in June.


Both eclipses have predecessors on the same dates and same zodiac degrees (5° Sagittarius & 19° Gemini ) back in May – June 2002 and an echo from back then, both on a collective and individual level, will now have to be met, from a more mature, and hopefully wiser and more enlightened perspective in life.


As always, you can receive important messages and guidance about your further development and direction, during the eclipse season, which is only highlighted by Mercury’s involvement, since the planet is also known as “the messenger of the gods”, so keep your mind, heart, soul, eyes and ears open for that.


As mentioned, things can change and develop quite quickly, during an eclipse season, if you, like me, feel a change is MUCH needed, then the eclipse energy can also be helpful in creating those changes.


But use the energy wisely.


Let’s use it for:


Freedom, Truth, Light, Peace and Love

May 2021


Spooky synchronicities following Jupiter Saturn conjunctions


If the past is anything to go by, the years 2021 -2025/26, could be quite eventful, when it comes to one or more highprofile head of state...


During 2020 – end of February 2021, peaking at the Winter Solstice in December 2020, we had a Jupiter – Saturn conjunction.


While the conjunction is technically over now, this particular aspect is known for having ramification for several years after, (in keeping with Saturn’s link to delays, things that take time to manifest and results that show up late), and in rather eerie ways too.


Making it something to look out for, in the near future, as well as the coming years.


Recently, the president of Tanzania, John Magufuli died.

He became known around the world last year, when he revealed, that he had instructed his people to test, among several other things, a papaya, that all tested positive with the PCR tests...make of that what you will...probably just a coincidence – or maybe not!


His passing also plays into this rather spooky link, that exists between various head of states and the Jupiter – Saturn conjunctions, taking place approximately every 20 year.


It almost seems that presidents, prime ministers and other heads of states in office during these conjunctions are entering a lottery – or perhaps more appropriately a Russian roulette - where the chances of leaving their office alive, seem considerably lower than at other times...


For a really long period, the American Presidency took the lead in this and had a stretch, where a Jupiter – Saturn conjunction ALWAYS - sooner or later – equaled the death of the president, while still in office, going back to at least Lincoln.


But then in 1981 – which also happened to be the first time, the conjunction took place in the Air element, instead of the previous Earth element, that changed - at least when it came to American presidents.


See for yourself:


(The months mentioned are when the Jupiter- Saturn conjunctions peaked, the mentioned element, is the element the conjunction took place in, followed by the “official story”)


October 1861: Earth


Lincoln, inaugurated in March 1861, assassinated in office in 1865.


April 1881: Earth


Garfield inaugurated the month before, in March 1881 – assassinated in office in September, the same year.


November 1901: Earth


McKinley assassinated in office, in September 1901, while the Jupiter – Saturn aspect had begun, and was tight, but hadn’t peaked yet, ( he had been in office since 1897).


September 1921: Earth


Harding inaugurated in March 1921, “died naturally” in office in 1923.


August 1940, October 1940 & February 1941: Earth


Roosevelt inaugurated in 1933, and still in office when the conjunction peaked 3 times in 1940/41 and still in office, when he “died naturally” in 1945.


February 1961: Earth


Kennedy had just been inaugurated in January 1961, a month before the conjunction peaked, and was assassinated in office in November 1963.


December ‘80/January ‘81, March 1981 and July 1981 (Air – the first conjunction in the Air element)


Reagan inaugurated in January ’81, survived assassination attempt in March 1981, during the 2nd peak of the conjunction.




The change of element seemed to put an end to the longstanding “tradition”, when it came to the American presidency – or at least put it on pause…


However, following  the 1981 conjunction, there certainly were other high profile head of states dying in office, in other countries, including the “other superpower” at the time, as well as several dramatic assassinations & “accidents” elsewhere.


Obviously, the longer time in office, the higher probability of someone dying, while still in there, but as you can see it’s a varied mix of long term, medium and short term head of states this happened to.


Among them:


Singapore’s Henry Sheares died in May 1981, (in office since 1971)


Soviet Union’s Brezhnev died in November 1982, (in office since 1964)


Egypt’s Sadat was assassinated in October 1981, (in office since 1970)


India’s Indira Ghandi was assassinated in 1984, (she was in office since 1980)


Other assassinations included:


Bangladesh’s Rahman, assassinated in May 1981, (in office since 1977) & Iraq’s President Ali Rajai & Prime minister Bahonar both assassinated in office in August 1981, (had both been in office since 1980).


Then there was the “accidental deaths by plane crash”:


Portugal’s Carneiro died in office, in December 1980, just before the first peak of the conjunction, Ecuador’s Aquilera in May 1981, (he was in office since 1979), Panama’s Torrijos in July 1981, (in office since 1968) & Mozambique’s Machel in October 1986, (in office since 1971.)


The next conjunction was the last in the element of Earth and took place in:


May 2000: Earth


and brought casualties like:


Japan’s Obuchi: in office since 1998, had a stroke while in office in April & died in May 2000, the month of the peak of the conjunction - he was, however, replaced before his passing.


Syria’s Azad died in office in June 2000, (in office since 1971)


Scotland’s Dewar died in office in October 2000 , (in office since 1999)


Palestine’s Arafat in 2004,  (in office since 1994) - cause of death is highly disputed, ranging from illness to assassination.


Austria’s Klestil died in 2004, (in office since 1998)


Macedonia’s Trajkovski died - in a plane crash - in 2004, (in office since 1999).



Going back the past 100 years, we can also see, that aside from the American president, there were also several other head of states around the world, who died in office following the conjunctions in 1921, 1940/41 & 1961.


Among them were:


1921 Conjunction:


(Aside from Harding in 1923)


Japan’s Takashi assassinated in November 1921, (in office since 1918)


Soviet Russia/Soviet Union’s Lenin:  died in January 1924, (in office since 1917).


Germany’s Ebert died in February 2025, (in office since 1919)


China’s Sun Yet Sen died in March 1925, (In office since 1919)


New Zealand’s Ferguson Massey died in May 1925, (in office since 1912).




1940/41 Conjunction:


(Aside from Roosevelt in 1945)


Greece’s Koryzys (in office in 1941) & Hungary’s Teleki  (in office since 1939) both “committed suicide” in April 1941


China’s Lin Sen died in 1943, (in office since 1931)


Germany’s Hitler "committed suicide" in April 1945, (in office since 1933)


Italy’s Mussolini: executed in April 1945, (in office from 1922/1943).


Prime ministers of Poland, Denmark and Sweden, were also among those in office during the 1941 conjunction, who also died  while in office during the first half of the 40s.






(Aside from Kennedy in 1963):


South Vietnam’s Diem assassinated in 1963,  (in office since 1955)


Israel’s: Ben- Zwi died in April 1963, (in office since 1952)


East Germany’s Grotewohl died in 1964, (in office since 1949)


India’s Nehru died in 1964, (in office since 1947)


South Africa’s Verwoerd assassinated in 1966, (in office since 1958).



As you can see, after each and every one of these conjunctions, at least one very high profile name, of the kind that was and is known around the world, by everyone – and sometimes several of them – died  one way or another, while in office.


So, jumping to the present, we had the latest Jupiter – Saturn conjunction peak in:


December 2020 (Air – the 2nd conjunction in Air, truly kicking off the Air era)



Will we see others, who were in office in the last part of 2020 and early 2021 and remains so, joining this list in 2021 and the coming years?


Will someone really “high -profile, known by everyone, all over the world join the list as well? As has been the case after each  Jupiter - Saturn conjunction, previously.


Looking at the synchronicity between this aspect and these historical happening, it certainly begs the question:


Coincidence, fate or ritual?

May 2021




The Powerful April trigger

Back in December, during the whirlpool of astrological events leading up to the Great Conjunction at the Winter Solstice, it was “shown” to me, that it would somehow be significant when Saturn reached and stayed around 12 ° Aquarius.

After I checked my ephemeris, I could see that this happened in April, right after Easter, meaning this week. (If we include the usual +- 1 degree, it already started  right before Easter).

Furthermore, Saturn turns retrograde 13 ° Aquarius in May and will for that reason spend several months around those 13-12-11 degrees of the sign, that were supposed to be significant, in some way or another.

These months also offers several important astrological events, such as an Eclipse season in May – June, Jupiter entering Pisces in May and the 2nd exact phase of Saturn’s square to Uranus in June, this aspect is however tight and thus activated the entire Spring.

And lastly, but certainly not least, in April we have a very powerful eclipse trigger, that is definitely worth looking out for – also when it comes to potential “world events” -  whether we are talking further developments in the current world situation or new events…

Among the more notorious eclipses in the past decade was the “1999 – Grand cross- Nostradamous – Eclipse” and then there was the eclipse at the Summer Solstice in 2001.

Eclipses at Solstices and Equinoxes are very rare and also very, very powerful, because of their placement 0° the cardinal signs, which is where the Sun super potently kickstarts a new season – on top of that eclipses are in and of themselves the most powerful lunations we have, so this combination whips up extremely powerful energies.

19 years after the Summer Solstice eclipse in 2001, we last year had an eclipse following the Solstice in the same spot 0° Cancer -  0°21 to be exact.

In comparison there were no 0° eclipses at any Solstice or Equinox the entire previous century.

The 2001 Solstice eclipse is not known for anything, that happened during or the days surrounding the eclipse, but for what happened when Mars, who is known as the classic eclipse trigger, triggered the eclipse the first time.

That trigger took place during September 8th – 13th 2001, and as we all know a certain date among those particular days, are etched into our minds for all eternity!!!

As an echo of sorts from back then, we now once again get to experience a very powerful Solstice Solar Eclipse being triggered by Mars, for the first time, here in April 2021: during the 22nd – 26th of April.

Possibly the days surrounding these days could also be ”sensitive” and it is worth keeping in mind, that these dates just happens to fall exactly in a period, a certain season, that has, shall we say “tradition for already being quite eventful”…

And this also takes place while Saturn is still in that 12th degree of Aquarius AND in an ongoing square to Uranus. A simultaneously activated big collective aspect obviously enhance the chances for significant events and/or developments.

(For further details on the meaning of Saturn in Aquarius, Uranus in Taurus and their square, see previous posts on these below, as the topics these placements and the aspect symbolize might also play an important role in the April trigger).

Like last year, the Solstice Eclipse in 2001 took place during an eclipse season that offered eclipses on both the Cancer/Capricorn axis as well as the Gemini/Sagittarius one.

The Summer Solstice is also when the Sun leaves Gemini and enters Cancer. If we include constellations; the SIGN Cancer overlaps with the CONSTELLATION of Gemini.

In the September events and the implications thereof, we saw a mix of this. The Gemini symbolism was represented in the Twin Towers, as well as in the trade area. We saw new laws passed, as well as changes in travel (both represented by Sagittarius), restrictions implemented by state and authorities (Capricorn), that now focused on national security and took new radical means in use, with the proclaimed intent to protect the people and the home land (all of which is represented by Cancer).

Some of the typical topics, that Solar Eclipses in Cancer – and the triggering of them  - might bring into focus are:

- National security issues

- Initiatives claiming to protect and/or care for

- Food and/or food supply

- Water -  ( in all its forms; oceans, seas, shipping, too much water; flooding, heavy rainfalls or lack of water; drought - or drinking water issues).

- Public mood – changes therein

- Workers in the care and nurture fields

- History - (both past, as in new understanding/perception of the past, but also that the present could be historical; a time of great influence on the future)

- Roots, race, ancestors, affiliation, home country

- The Moon

- Feminine/ Motherly/Goddess energy

- Housing market

- Silver

When it comes to the latter, there has been rumbling in the underground, concerning silver, lately, not for the first time, but with this powerful trigger in the sign, representing silver, it could actually turn out to have a more significant impact this time around.

On a personal level Cancer eclipses concerns home, family, roommates, your foundation and your need to withdraw from the outer world, reflect and reload your batteries.

Never have so many spent SO much time in their homes and with those they live with, since this series of eclipses in Cancer, of which the Solstice 2020 one was the last.  While other family members have sadly experienced being separated and kept apart, because of restrictions or division because of different opinions and perceptions.

I think just about everyone has developed a whole new relationship with their home, the people they live with, their family, as well and their country, both good and bad.

Whatever your personal experience, you will most likely have learned something valuable, that you can take with you and if needed change your life accordingly.

When the eclipse, that is now being triggered, took place last year, I encouraged people to:

“use this powerful energy portal to direct the unavoidable changes, both the ongoing and other new coming our way, in a positive direction, that gives us all a hopeful future to look forward to.

Both the fact that the eclipse takes place 0 degree in a cardinal sign, as well as it’s a North Node eclipse, that points us forward to a new era and guides us to the places where growth and new possibilities awaits us, makes the days surrounding this Solstice and eclipse a special window of opportunity for creation of the future. So, time to put your co-creating skills to use”

In the upcoming days of April, where Mars will trigger this eclipse for the first time, this window of opportunity opens again, and could take us even further.

Whether or not we will see new dramatic turns, world events, flags of the not so true-kind waving in the wind or hopefully new positive developments, this opportunity will be there on the energetic level.

So, mark your calendar, keep an eye out and make sure to put these powerful energies to constructive and positive use.

Freedom Truth Light Peace and Love Tina

April 6th 2021

© Astrologer Tina Reinhardt Hansen

  March 2021

Update: Looking back on the April trigger

Thankfully, the April trigger, of last year's Summer Solstice Eclipse in Cancer, didn’t produce any solitary major shocking, destructive event.


There were minor threats of terror, stabbings and shootings, though.

And there were happenings in the Middle East, such as explosions in a weapon factory, bombings and missiles going off, that apparently were to be kept hush hush and out of the mainstream media.

Whether these mysterious events will have any importance in the future, remains to be seen, but is certainly something to look out for.


But overall, it seems that positive forces were actually able to get the upper hand and use the powerful energies of the trigger for mainly good.

As some potentially highly explosive situations were defused, rather than lit. Like in Minneapolis – one of the TWIN cities.

The Russia – Ukraine – NATO/US conflict also seemed to take a notch down – at least for now – during the trigger.

And in London,  there was an enormously beautiful freedom and love manifestation in the streets, bringing hope to all of us freedom loving people around the world, that some kind of tipping point is near.

We also seem to be getting more and more hints and official confirmation, pointing in the direction, that either some kind of disclosure or faked event concerning UFOs and the existence of intelligent extraterrestrials is on its way – perhaps during the second hit of the Saturn – Uranus square in June? Would kinda fit the bill...

As many of us know, a fake “dangerous alien invasion” has been in the cards for a long time, if certain forces got backed into a corner.


Otherwise, classic Cancer topics were, as expected and predicted, accentuated.

The submarine accident on the ocean obviously corresponds with the whole Water sign symbology.

It was also reported that water shortage and drought is a major concerning issue, in many places in the world, only getting bigger and bigger.

Food prices are on the rise as well – and several people are reporting empty shelves in their local stores, I’ve personally experienced it myself, here where I live.

Both water and food - or the lack of it - are classic Cancerian topics.

Increasing rumors of lack of silver as well, is also making the rounds,  – and the Silver squeeze campaign was finalized, getting ready for action, as we enter May.

Silver is of course the metal belonging to Cancer and it's ruler, the Moon.

Here in Denmark, nurses –  one of the classic nurturing, caring profession – making use of the Cancerian female, motherly energy – has threatened conflict and strike in May, if their salary raise demands are not met.


So, as you can see a triggered eclipse always brings several of the topics of the sign, it took place in, to the fore.

Eclipses are thus very much worth keeping an eye out for, both when they happen and when they are triggered.

In a couple of weeks, we will enter another Eclipse season in mid-May, with two eclipses taking place on the Gemini/Sagittarius axis.


Freedom Truth Light Peace & Love Tina




Counter Culture: Stellium in Aquarius and the first phase of the Saturn – Uranus square


At this moment in time, we have the Sun and 4 planets (Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn) placed in the sign of Aquarius, waiting for the Moon to join them as well, next week, making it at total of 6 classic heavenly bodies assembled in the sign.

This stellium invites us to rise above our preprogramming to identify with one or the other side, like for instance blue or red – and likewise above our ego and emotional attachment to our side/team, as well the need to be right in our perception of what is going on.

And then simply just try to view things from up there and see if that angle might reveal some connections and patterns, we couldn't grasp earlier.

If the invitation and offer of a more openminded holistic helicopter view is declined – the paths will divide completely from here on after.

There won’t be any larger community of humanity, in this new era, but rather several smaller communities and networks among likeminded, which there’s obviously nothing wrong with at all, except that it might very well turn out in such a manner, that people don’t have anything to do at all with “those in the other networks/those on the other side” – and that families and friends will be divided and torn apart because of it.


The two rulers of Aquarius, Saturn and Uranus, are squaring each other, and from Saturday enters the first exact phase of that square.


This aspect speaks of (even) further division. The split between the old and the new world, the split between different paths and directions, and the division between people of different opinions and perceptions.


And now we also have initiatives from up high, dividing people into A and B teams, (oh, WHAT a surprise that ANOTHER “conspiracy theory” turned into reality) and decides who gets to do what, in a couple of months.


 The last time we had a large group of placements in Aquarius, was in 1962 (back then it was 7 planets) – and the years that followed, was like the present time, another pivotal period in the very long transition into the Age of Aquarius.


In the 1960’s a counter culture arose as we all know, and even though, it was far from all that ended up participating in it, it is what that decade is primarily remembered for, even today.


Some form of counter culture will inevitable also rise now, since things have gotten so grotesque and far out, that even people who previously haven’t seen themselves as particularly contrary or revolutionary might feel urged to become so.


A counter culture consisting on those of us, of ALL ages, who refuse to submit ourselves to madness – and don’t fall for the obvious pressure and “voluntary” coercion.


There also happens to be a lot of creative people among those, so the pressure of being excluded from future cultural events might not be as threatening, as those in power plan on it to be.


Because we could just make our own alternative events – which we already have done (and legally so!) here in Copenhagen, Denmark several times in the past months, although of course  largely  ignored by the media-


If a couple of thousand people, can get together and only in a few days donate, have a stage and a large screen erected, as well as portable toilets and stalls with free warm drinks.  If a crowd with an age span from children to a couple in their 90’s and mostly everything in between, can enjoy musicians and comedians perform, in between protest speeches, in the middle of the Scandinavian Winter (!), the threat of being left out of established cultural events is certainly less frightening , (now that the v- passport, that of course was planned all along, has been formally introduced).

Because imagine what we then can get together and arrange in the Summer and with longer planning time…

 Will there be huge international artist – perhaps not – but never say never, some might find it cool, someday, especially since the resistance against the jab is much bigger in some countries, so it might also become a financial necessity for them one day – and then there’s also the question of what kind of audience it’s most enjoyable and fun to perform for.

Should this counter culture become too big, however – we should of course expect infiltration, engineering as well as attempts to pacify.

Once again as an echo from the sixties.


Next year, there’s even an aspect coming up that could be used  for something similar as back then, as in passing out free drugs to hook and pacify. So those who might feel tempted by the offer of new “consciousness altering methods or drugs”, should probably be extra aware of that pitfall...


We are now entering a phase, where we have to start creating something new and different, that will be some of what the 20’s will be remembered for, in decades to come.


One last trip in that helicopter to see if we all can find some common ground, is available now - but otherwise it’s time to move on from here.


 The exact phase of the Saturn – Uranus square lasts from February 6th until the beginning of March, peaking at February 17th and during that month we will all get a clearer picture of our future direction and with whom.


Freedom Truth Light Peace & Love Tina

February 2021




Year 2021


Compared to the energetic BOMBARDEMENT we have been exposed to for many years now; (remember the 7 direct hits of the highly dramatic and turbulent Uranus – Pluto square in 10’s?) culminating with the heavy, heavy year 2020, with several distinct conjunctions going on at the same time, there’s actually a remarkable decrease in planetary activity in 2021.

Not that the year is without challenges (and who would seriously think that, looking at the world right now!).

But there are only 2 mutual aspects among the larger and slower moving planets this year, and those two can be combined into one: Jupiter & Saturn square Uranus, where Jupiter just moves on rather quickly at the beginning of the year, leaving us only Saturn – Uranus to deal with, for the rest of the year.

There is also a decrease in intensity, in terms of what planets are involved in these aspects, since the most intense of them all; Pluto, after 12 years of constant activation one way or another, soon gives us a break from its transforming, all or nothing, total crash/breakdown, before rebuilding, death & rebirth- energy

So compared to the last many years, it aaaaaalmost seems that much of 2021 could turn out more “calm”  - like I said, not without its challenges…we are on new territory after all…but also with many new exciting possibilities.

The great conjunction peaking at the Winter Solstice is still active and the very first upstart phase of the new era is ongoing until the end of February. The new incoming energies need time to anchor fully…

Both Jupiter and Saturn started their square to Uranus in December. Jupiter and Uranus’ square reaches exactitude in mid January and ebbs out in February.

In combination with the Great conjunction, Jupiter and Uranus has a lot to do with level of consciousness and awakening… With the peak in January we are reaching a distinct point in their mutual cycle and the possibility for a collective leap in consciousness will have to be met and find place within the first months of the year, if it’s to be, this time around.

Individually, the opportunity will always be there, of course.

Bizarre and shocking events is more than possible with this planet combination. Jupiter enlarges and strengthens Uranus; The Awakener; who often brings insights in a dramatic fashion, like a flash of lightning.

A humorous and entertaining touch might also be involved, that those with a more quirky sense of humor might appreciate.

Jupiter expands the horizons and with its stay in Aquarius and aspect to Uranus, we might reach new heights when it comes to consciousness, but perhaps also literally both gain access and/or contact with both higher dimensions, as well as other planets, galaxies and universes.

Brilliant ideas might come to those who are already predisposed to thinking outside the box, in the beginning of the year.

New exciting and quite wild possibilities will also reveal themselves to those who dare to grab them and run with them.

If a collective consciousness leap doesn’t happen in January/February, that brings everyone aboard, we will split up in different tracks and roads, very different, for different people.

The longerlasting part of the primary aspect of 2021: the Saturn – Uranus square – with 3 direct hits in February, June and December and an epilogue in 2022 – concerns this split.

With a common collective experience this is about the split between the old world and the new one, about the different degrees of attachment to the time before the old world “went beserk”. About coming to terms with something irrevocably being over, where it’s just dawned on some people, whereas others have been aware and more than ready for that, for a long time. We cannot go back, but we can bring some things from the old world with us, in new form, so the split might also be about different opinions on what exactly we’re to bring us, what to leave behind and how the new era should take shape, benefitting the whole and all of us.

If we are going in different directions this aspect concerns the split between the new possibilities, the new era brings, those we are served and those some chose to create. The division between people, including family members, lovers and spouses, co-workers and friends choosing different paths. A split  and division between freedom and security, freedom and restrictions, between belief in authority and free thinking and system critique. Possibly the split between those who will gain access to certain benefits and those who won’t. The split between technology/AI, transhumanism and nature, the organic and humanity.

All important subjects that we will have to deal with and make choices on, in 2021.


With Jupiter & Saturn’s transit through Aquarius, technology will, as previously mentioned, be a huge theme, we need to relate to, and we will have to decide whether we are the ones in control of technology or whether technology should be allowed to control us – and to what degree we wish to merge with it or not.

Uranus has transited Taurus for a couple of years now and the themes and subject of this transit will be further activated, when first Jupiter and then Saturn, from their new home in Aquarius, that Uranus also happens to rule over, triggers the planet.

Both Aquarius and Uranus represent alternatives.

So many new alternatives will be presented/invented during 2021. Some will be served as an offer, some will be searched out or created from scratch, because some will feel super inspired to do so, others because they cannot picture themselves, in the “new normal” of society in general.

Quite a few new experiments will happen and initiatives that earlier would have seemed utopian can actually become reality now.

This also concerns initiatives from high above, when It comes to financial issues and systems, belonging to Taurus’ domain – for instance debt jubilees and/or basic income.

Everything, however, depends on what terms it will happen on.

In one option, we are talking resources that have been provable wrongfully grabbed at the expense of others, in the past era, now being redistributed, to the benefit of everyone – who each get to freely administer their part, no strings what so ever attached – this option would obviously bring more freedom with it, since access to money and resources – and how many hours of the day has been spent earning and accessing them – has been an enormous controlling factor, in life, in the era of materialism, that we have just left behind us, at the Great Conjunction at the Winter Solstice.


The other option is something similar, but under terms, that in reality enslaves even further and steal even more time and energy from people – and only those who accept these terms gets access to “the benefits”.

So, an apparently similar new financial strategy can both free and enslave – depending on who’s behind it and on what terms – which, we obviously need to be acutely discerning about, before gladly accepting such a potential “gift”.

If it’s the last option, we will also see another division; between those who say yes and those who say no thank you to such terms.

A previously predicted return to more self sufficiency and home cultivation of food supply, while Uranus passes through Taurus in the years 2018/19- 26, will with Saturn’s triggering of Uranus become even more relevant, but can also spring from two different reasons.

It can spring from a real growing respect for nature and the soil we cultivate on and extract from, a shift in values, where we, in this new era, chooses to act differently and bring us more in harmony with nature and Mother Earth.

However, it can also spring from necessity, caused by scarcity, real or orchestrated...

Or it could become particularly relevant for those, who have declined offers, where access to certain kinds of food is part of the benefits.

One thing is sure, nature, distribution of resources and food supply will be important topics in 2021.

If some of us are shut out, because we decline offers, where the price is too high, we actually don’t have to worry so much about it, because with the new prevailing energies, there is far more tailwind and room for creating alternatives instead…2021 is WITH the alternative and freethinking people – and alternative ways of life and methods will abound.

So, what it really comes down to is whether this is to be a shared experience for all, where we mutually create an alternative to the old world or whether an alternative is served, that not all of us can accept and thus decide to create our own.

No matter what, alternative solutions and initiatives will be abundant – and those who are already able to think in those terms will have a clear advantage in this new era.

Networks among likeminded will also be crucial and play a much larger role from here on forward.

So, what is essential to understand now, is that we under no circumstances, can return to a pre- 2020 state, but that new options and opportunities will present themselves and we must have the courage to grab them and make something out of them.

The eclipse series in Gemini/Sagittarius continues in 2021, so we will still have to deal with and learn more about our perception of reality, truth, news, exchange of information, propaganda and mind control, as well as the law and the consequences of bypassing important constitutional principles, at the years two eclipse seasons in May- June & November – December. In the last season, we also have one single eclipse that introduces new eclipse themes, among them distribution of resources, with an eclipse on the Taurus/Scorpio axis.

Jupiter races through Aquarius in the first 4-5 months of the year and will also get to spend some time in Pisces, which Jupiter co-rules, before returning to Aquarius again. This is the only larger planet sign shift in 2021.

Jupiter the planet of hope, optimism, growth and expanding of the horizon feels a LOT better at home in both of these signs - and these qualities thus have way more opportunity to come through to us and uplift us in 2021, than in the past heavy and sinister year, where Jupiter was in strange territory and weakened.

Finally, I would like to take the opportunity to sincerely thank all clients, who have chosen me to read their chart this year, I would also like to thank all readers and supporters of my updates, in this truly bizarre year – and last but not least, I thank all of those, who in different ways, have been standing up for truth and freedom and have contributed to the fact, that while dark forces might have gotten way too far, they didn’t take completely over.

See you in 2021, where a new alternative world will be created and the Light will break more and more through, for those who dare to go against the current and accept it and anchor it.

Happy new year

May 2021 bring Freedom, Truth, Light, Peace & Love

© Astrologer Tina Reinhardt Hansen



The great Jupiter – Saturn Conjunction 2020


From this day and the next months forward, all 5 of 2020s big aspects will be active at the same time, since the Jupiter – Saturn conjunction is also gearing up now, further intensifying the energies.

A big part of the reason 2020 is as remarkable and crazy as it is, is the 3 conjunctions of the year.

A conjunction is when two (or more) planets meet, end their mutual cycle and start a new one.

In 2020 we have 4 big cycles ending and beginning at once.

We have a 12 year long, a 20 year long, a 34 year long – and most spectacularly an approximately 240 year long one.

The Jupiter – Saturn conjunction is responsible for both the 20 year cycle and the 240 year cycle.

As Jupiter and Saturn always meet in 20 year interims, we are at the end of a cycle that began around the new millennium.

But this Jupiter – Saturn meeting is SO much bigger than that – since the planets are also making a sign oriented elemental shift from Earth to Air - from the physical level, “the era of materialism” to the mental level; the world of ideas and ideals.

The special thing about this planet pair’s cycle is that they conjoin in the same element, (each element consists of 3 signs), for several hundred years.

We have been in a transition phase since the beginning of the 1980’s, when we had the first conjunction in an Air sign, however we weren’t quite finished with the Earth element yet, since a last Jupiter – Saturn conjunction took place in Earth at the new Millenium.

But by the end of 2020, we say our final goodbyes to the Earth era and hello and welcome to the era of Air.

Jupiter and Saturn together are known to preside over time periods and eras, as well as societal ideals.

The planet pair symbolizes a regent, a leader of state, a structure of society, a regime, a superpower, an ideology, a belief system, that either has to give up the reigns, resign, abdicate, are removed, dies, is over, come to an end, and then after a period of chaos, someone or something new takes over.

When we are talking a cycle, lasting longer than the human age span, in the very last phase, in a year where we also have a powerful Saturn – Pluto conjunction, it’s no wonder that so much is breaking down right now. Nor that it feels like the end of the world, because in many ways it IS; the end of the world as we know it. That part of it was and is inevitable – and during this Fall season we will see even more decay.

The longing back to the time before…is understandable, but needs to be let go off, since that boat has sailed a long time ago.

What’s extremely important now, is to focus on what kind of new era we wish, chose and allow to kickstart, at the end of the year, in other words, what the new world, society and our lives will look like going forward.

If it is to be a place that is worth living in, we all need to get on board and make use of our co-creating abilities NOW.

As there are dark forces, that have planned ahead and have had their version of this shift planned for a long time, and the kind of world they wish for, while obviously beneficial to them, are absolutely not beneficial to the rest of us!

The Air element centers around our social life and our ideals.

The December conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn takes place in the air sign Aquarius.

Aquarius is the sign of freedom, free thinking, equal rights, community and networking across place of affiliation, based on being kindred spirits above all. It’s also the sign of technology.

And it’s quite obvious that these exact areas are either under heavy attack or are being abused right now.

Dark forces are trying very hard to steal our freedom and rights, there are either strong censorship  - or ridicule of – critical voices, able to think outside the box, division is created and community is undermined, our social life are controlled and steered into “social distancing and bubbles” – and in the end towards a “social life”, primarily taking place digitally, physically separated and always surveilled.

Technology is used against us, to hurt us, enslave us, dumb us down, instead of helping us, healing us and freeing up time to do more important and more enjoyable things in life.

In distant times, it was said that a regent/leader would either die or retire, when Jupiter and Saturn met, and then a new big regent/leader would follow.

Under the influence of Aquarius, there is huge potential for humanity reaching a level of contact with their own inner regent, to the point, where there is no longer need for higher earthly leaders or at least not to the extent it has previously been.

In other words, the new regent in the new era could very well be each one of us.

Combined with the theme of the Saturn – Pluto conjunction, that each of us has to take on our inner authority, the message becomes very clear; it’s time to take our power back, fully, use it constructively, benefitting both ourselves, our individual freedom and rights, as well as the whole of the community.

Our realization of that potential is the biggest fear of the dark forces, since we are then no longer controllable or willing to play our roles as slaves in the fascistic regime they have planned.

This is why they are now going all in, hoping to repress, distort and destroy the huge potential, this new era brings us.

So, it’s crucial to not fall for their tricks and fear mongering and to not participate in any submission rituals of any kind.

The Jupiter – Saturn aspect peaks on December 21st, at the Winter Solstice, the day of the “Return of the Light”.

This is a beautiful symbol of the potential, for the Light to truly return to Earth, earthlings and our lives, at the beginning of the new great era, but in order for that to happen, we have to courageously and fearlessly pave the way, from now on.

The aspect will ebb out at the end of February 2021.

Another thing, that sets this conjunction apart from the other conjunctions of the year, is the added bonus, that both planets are visible to the naked eye.

Jupiter and Saturn have been visible on the evening and early night sky, near each other, all Summer, and will now get closer and closer on the evening sky, during Fall, before almost melting together in the early evening at the Winter Solstice.

Often conjunctions appear visibly to be just two planets very close to each other in the sky, but this one is also significant, since it will actually appear as two planets are becoming one, on December 21st, which is very rare. We are once again talking centuries, since that last happened.

So, this a very special event in our lifetime and a Great conjunction, indeed.

You can easily spot the two planets, after Sunset in southern direction, Jupiter is the big bright “star”, Saturn the smaller one, to the left of Jupiter.

And while you are enjoying the beautiful sight of them nearing each other, all through Fall, remember to send out your intentions and manifest what kind of free, golden and fantastic, new era you wish to see start in December 😊

17. september 2020

© Astrologer Tina Reinhardt Hansen



Early and mid Summer 2020

The upcoming weeks are filled with remarkable astrological events and accompanying powerful energies.

As mentioned  in the update below it’s now Eclipse season, (consisting of 3 upcoming Eclipses; a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius on June 5th, a powerful annular Solar Eclipse right after the Summer Solstice in Cancer on June 21st and a 2nd Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on July 5th.)

And BAM!!! What happened exactly as the Eclipse season set in - 10 days before the first eclipse - in late May ; the protests and the riots after the “Minneapolis- event” set in and spread quickly.

Sagittarius is a FIRE sign and now headlines such as “American cities on fire” suddenly dominate the news.

This forthcoming Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius triggers the Ascendant in the US Sibley Chart, just as the later eclipse in Capricorn in July will oppose the Sun of the US. So, America is in many  ways strongly in focus this Eclipse season – and will act as an epicenter for events, that spread to and/or influences other places in the world…or as a minimum will dominate the newsfeed all over.

Eclipses on the Sagittarius/Gemini axis concerns exactly the spread of information, our perception of reality, news, media, disinformation and truth.

EVERYTHING has for the past months been about one thing – and one thing only; the virus – and woops, suddenly a new major crisis set in, rotating in the news, with reporters from all over the world on site, with constant live updates  - none of which seems coincidental…

It didn’t take long for the protests to spread outside of the US either.

But it also didn’t take long for truth-minded researchers to find proof that the “Minneapolis story” had major holes in it, and that nothing is as presented. “The main characters” are not necessarily who or what they are supposed to be and the riots with looting and vandalism is clearly instigated by planted elements.

That kind of staging is of course not only a disgrace to those swallowing the news raw, but especially also to those who actually suffer problems with discrimination and police brutality.

But a big part of the theme and the lesson of this Eclipse series, we will have in 2020 -2021, in the Gemini/Sagittarius polarity, beginning with the June 5th one, is exactly about becoming (even more) conscious of how much of “reality” is actually “staged” and the medias role in it – and why…


Mid- June also brings the second exact peak of the Pluto – Eris square, the aspect is already very tight now, and its themes are clearly recognizable in this staging; we have the outsiders, (those that feel like) 2ndrate citizens, we see division, discord and warlike conditions, and there’s the planned part; an “apple of strife” manipulatively rolled onto the field, well knowing that precisely THAT will inevitably cause even more division, conflict and destabilization of society.

Not surprisingly, the most used solution to both of 2020 biggest problems – so far – has been more police/military in the streets and various implementations that limits people’s freedom. If there’s not social restrictions, (such as the newly implemented curfews in the US), because of one thing, then it’s because of the other. And just as one situation appears to be calming down, the other takes over…And of course all perfectly timed to astrological aspects and eclipses…


On June 18th, the second exact phase of the Jupiter - Pluto conjunction begin, when the two reaches the critical one degree apart stage, reaching exactitude on the 30th and lasting until July 10th.

Pluto is in a category of its own, when it comes to accompanying drama and surrealistic happenings, and Jupiter strengthens and expands everything it touches, so don’t expect their second meeting to go down quietly.

The conjunction in Capricorn focus on changes and restructuring of jobs, labor market and conditions, on leadership and management style, as well as changes concerning relations to foreign countries and travel, on financial turbulence, possible redistribution of riches and resources, changes in power of state, government and authorities, suspect law, abuse of power, manipulation, escalation of dark agendas, but also greater potential for revealing them, bringing us a special momentum for truth-time finally arriving in 2020.

This time both planets are retrograde, meaning that we must look back, face the past, both long term, but also when it comes to what really went on during the first phase of this aspect.

This aspect began in February this year, and the first exact phase took place in March/April.  Few will ever forget what went on in precisely those months, during their time on Earth – this combination is known for taking things to the extremes, and not without reason…

Add a still ongoing Saturn – Pluto conjunction to the mix as well, and then we have world history in the making….

This was a period where dark agendas took a giant leap forward, towards their finish line, but also where many more was awakened, giving forces of Light more support.

The aspect culminated on April 5th, and in honor of that several mass meditations were arranged to stop the virus and accompanying dark agendas, with an enormous amount of participants from all over the world, and it is worth noticing that the infamous curve started going down immediately after. Here in Denmark, several health experts have later said, that they don’t quite understand what happened at the beginning of April and why the peak they had forecast after Easter never took place.

So, when many chose to meditate at the same time at the culmination of an important astrological aspect, with a common positive intent it DOES indeed have effect on events on Earth.

But it is certainly also high time for strong counteraction to all the dark ritual abuse of astrological aspects, that has been going on for such a long time, for selfish gain of an elite of very few, with  negative consequences for all the rest of us.

Now is the time to bring that to an end, so astrological aspects in the future instead can be used as constructive guidepost, counseling and benefitting the whole and all of us here on Earth.

I encourage you to participate in another meditation on June 30th, when the aspect is exact at 6.46 (BST – adjust to your local time), so mark the day in your calendar.

Inspirations points for meditation and positive use of the Jupiter – Pluto combo:

-The creation of a brighter future

- Abundance of riches and resources, distributed to the gain of all of us

- Light on everything that has been hidden and going on in the Dark

- The hour of truth is here

- Time for true justice

- Disposal of all suspect, unjust and unnecessary laws and rules

- A new way of organizing work, labor conditions and free time.

- The freedom to live your life as you wish, since the earning of money/accounting for benefits received will no longer be a primary issue.

- Basic needs are met, with no strings attached and no control

- More time to enjoy, explore, develop, using your abilities and talents, fulfilling your higher life purpose and helping others.


 ”We Love Mass Meditation” has a guided meditation made for the event, that you can use, if it resonates with you.

Or you can simply “freestyle” -  or as me do both; first participate in the mass meditation and then do your own thing right after.

The most important thing is to do something – to make use of the great potential this aspect has.

Jupiter allows us to think, dream and manifest BIG and Pluto makes sure that remarkable change is possible

The energy is definitely strongest right around 6.46 A.M., but if it’s not possible for you to participate then, then it’s better doing it later in the day, than doing nothing.



Two days after the culmination of the conjunction, Saturn reenters Capricorn on July 2nd, shortly after midnight. Saturn is on its home turf here and very powerful.

This also means that the still ongoing Saturn – Pluto conjunction, that culminated in January becomes an in-sign conjunction again and thus more concentrated.

 This gives us 5,5 months, where we again have both Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto transiting trough the last part of Capricorn.

Pluto has been in Capricorn since the beginning of the financial crisis in 2007/8. Saturn came along at the end of 2017, and Jupiter at the end of 2019, and when the 3 of them started to make exact conjunctions, things really became unglued.

 Which powers state and authorities will have in the future, which laws, rules and regulations, we will have to live under, which rights the citizens will have in the future, the labor market,  future job possibilities and conditions for both those in and out of employment – are all subjects we need to deal with, in the period before Jupiter and Saturn leaves Capricorn and enters Aquarius in December.

Saturn already took a detour into Aquarius right after the Spring Equinox.

Here we got a taste of what life with Saturn in Aquarius could look like and luckily, the Universe has been  foresighted and gracious enough to offer us two chances, as unfortunately it wasn’t exactly the most beneficial side, we allowed this placement to show itself from, the first time around!

When Saturn first entered Aquarius on March 22nd, it was at a time when most was completely paralyzed with shock– and that won’t do the next time, when it really counts, as we in December also have the great elemental shifting conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn – shaping the future several centuries ahead.

So how we use and allow – and especially do not allow - this energy to be used, has far, far reaching consequences, and a huge responsibility thus lie on our shoulders.

So, it’s wise to now reflect a bit on how the first half of 2020 has been on a societal and social level, and if that  - or something similar – is not something you wish to become a permanent fixture in the future, we need to think of other ways to respond and react. 

We are now more experienced – and luckily many more have answered this giant wake up call, because of some of the more grotesque things ,that has played out along the way – and we are thus also more prepared to say a firmly, no, thanks, we do not consent, to negative Saturn in Aquarius agendas, such as artificial satellite trains polluting and destroying the starry night sky, rollout of 5g with no regard whatsoever for possible health issues, extreme amounts of surveillance, major interventions in our rights and freedom, and social distancing as a “new norm”

Saturn in Aquarius could optimally also mean manifestation of more freedom and community, a golden age, with positive technology, as well as physical contact with our star brothers and sisters from other planets and galaxies.

The choice is ours – and it is all about what we are willing to put up with. So, we need to be more courageous from now on.

And here Mars, very neatly, enters the picture very soon…


Quite unusually, for a faster moving planet, Mars will spend more than 6 months, meaning the rest of the year, strongly placed, in its own sign, Aries.

This placement obviously brings potential for even more strife and conflict for the rest of 2020, but I also see it as a gift, exactly at the right time, from the Universe, that helps us access the  needed courage, spirit, and the willingness to stand up and fight for what we believe in.  The likelihood of us being rolled over once again by more bizarre and dark agendas is thus a lot smaller.  Most of us will simply be to fired up to allow that to happen.

If you feel nervous, anxious or unable to act, because of all that is going on, this is a perfect energy to tap into.  This fiery and feisty energy will be accessible to all of us, from Sunday June 28th until the beginning of 2021.



Once the current Eclipse season ebbs out , in the week following the last eclipse on July 5th, and the exact phase of the Jupiter – Pluto conjunction ends at the end of that same week as well, we will  shortly after have a second exact phase – or perhaps better phrased; the second wave (!) - of this years’  Jupiter – Neptune sextile from July 18th – August 7th, reaching exactitude on July 27th.

This apparently harmless and “harmonious aspect” between two compatible planets, might however end up giving further tailwind and push to the whole virus saga, since Neptune happens to be the planet of viruses and other things spreading like rings in water.  Jupiter strengthens and expands everything it touches, and with the sextile the energy flow is unhindered, with no resistance…So tales of more spreading, increase in numbers, more focus on pharmaceutical companies, health organizations, tests, cures, vaccines and other "solutions” could be the result. Typical Neptune companions, such as smokescreens, illusions, confusion and deceit should of course be expected as well.

Optimally, this could also be a time for revealing the deceit and breaking the illusion – and bringing more clarity, but perhaps full clarity won’t be truly possible until the last and 3rd phase of this aspect in October, but this Summer is definitely a good place to start.

Water, will also somehow be a major theme (which is also highlighted by the Solar Eclipse in the Water sign Cancer, and the fact that there will be two New Moons in Cancer this year), this could mean heavy rain falls, flooding etc. or conversely lack of rain, issues with drinking water or the oceans etc.

While the aspect might be abused and distorted in the outer world, on an inner level it is VERY beneficial.

Inner life, spirituality, intuitive knowing, inspiration and creativity gets a huge boost from this aspect.  New levels, both higher and deeper, will be accessible for those who dive in. So, make sure to make use of that.

While the Summer no doubt will be quite challenging this year, there is also a huge potential for influencing things in a positive way, both collectively and individually. So, now is the time to really take on your co-creating and manifestation abilities and do your part to make certain that these times of extreme change, will be changes to the positive in the end.

With that I wish you a different, but great Summer  -  let’s create a brighter future for us all <3

Summer 2020

© Astrologer Tina Reinhardt Hansen


Eclipse season: Late May – mid July 2020


Another Eclipse season is upon us, offering 3 eclipses in June and July - and since the energies kick in about 10 days before the first Eclipse, we already now enter the somewhat weird “altered reality” that an Eclipse season is.

Not that things have been particular normal here in 2020 so far!!! But nevertheless, the energies are ramping up again now…

Eclipses are extremely powerful energy portals, that pinpoints important, current focus points that have a range well into the future, sometimes several years ahead.

This Eclipse season consists of 2 Penumbral Lunar Eclipses and an Annular Solar Eclipse and of two set of sign - polarities: Gemini/Sagittarius and Cancer/Capricorn.

The first is a


This is the first in a series of 6 eclipses on the Gemini/Sagittarius axis, that will take place in the next 1,5 years ending in December 2021.

Which pinpoint new important themes, that we need to be aware of, that guaranteed will be (even more) relevant now and the following years.

These themes mainly are: our perception of the world and of what is going on and the formation of our opinions. Where do these opinions and perceptions come from? How are they steered? To what extent are we subjected to “mind control” and for what purpose?

And what about the truth? Now focus is placed on media, journalists and opinion influencers and their relation to the truth and their dissemination of it to the public – of whether or not they have been their job worthy? (yes, you are allowed to laugh here 😉 ).

Then, there’s the individual responsibility to “free your mind”, by being both open and critical, not just passively swallowing anything served, but instead seeking out and exploring several different, independent and alternative sources.

Sagittarius represents dot-connecting and the search for higher meaning and truth, which is highlighted by this Eclipse.

Gemini and Sagittarius also represent movement, traffic and travel, short and far, inside your own country and abroad. It’s already clear now that something has changed – and that the entire travel industry is in the crosshairs.

In the coming period it will begin to appear how future travel abilities will take shape.

Sagittarius is also the sign of law, and in the past months many questionable laws have been introduced  - and old almost sacred laws and constitutions bypassed – this will become an even more hot topic, than it has already been – and rightfully so.

Furthermore Sagittarius’ ruler Jupiter is now gearing up for the second direct hit of its conjunction with Pluto, during this Eclipse Season – an aspect also focusing on travel as well as suspect, covertly law and rules and of abuse of power, bringing potential for escalation of dark agendas, but also huge potential for uncovering and revealing them – so there seems to be a lot that has to be dealt with this Summer!

Let’s put it this way, there will be a lot to explain for those in power, whether their reasoning will be accepted or not, remains to be seen….

The 2nd eclipse is an:

ANNULAR SOLAR ECLIPSE AT THE NEW MOON 0°21 CANCER ON JUNE 21ST AT 7.41 (BST- adjust to your local time)

An Annular Eclipse is where the Sun’s Corona (!), a “ring of fire”, is visible at the peak of the eclipse. This is definitely the strongest and most distinct of the three eclipses this season.

It takes place at a highly potent time, just hours after the Summer Solstice. Two events that separately each are very powerful, are now taking place with only 6 hours between Solstice and the beginning of the Eclipse, which can only be spectacular, energetically.

The Sun is at its peak of Light at the Summer Solstice , which symbolically  represents the utmost victory of the Light and with the powerful portal opening of the Eclipse, this a powerful time for serious lightwork. However, expect there to be attempts of Dark abuse and attacks as well.

The fact that the Eclipse takes place in the 0. Degree of a Cardinal sign, which means that it will be kickstarting a new era and it being a North node eclipse, that points to the future and new growth opportunities, makes the days surrounding the Solstice and Eclipse a very special window of opportunity for creation of the future. So, make sure to put your co-creating skills to use.

Several eclipses take place at the same degree as eclipses 19 years before and has a natural thematic correspondence with those.  This is applicable for both this and the 3rd eclipse, this season.

Solar Eclipses at Solstices (and Equinoxes) are very rare, but there was a total eclipse at the Summer Solstice 19 years ago in 2001. And this, asides from the 1999 ”Nostradamus eclipse” is one of the more notorious eclipses in recent time.

Not so much because of what happened, when the eclipse took place, but because of what happened, when Mars a few months later, in its role of classic eclipse trigger, triggered the eclipse degree, for the first time in the days between September 8 – 13th 2001(!)

This is not the only thing 2020 has in common astrologically with 2001. Both years have a major Saturn- Pluto aspect and then this Solstice-Solar Eclipse, and both years have eclipses in both the Cancer/Capricorn and the Gemini/Sagittarius sign polarity. Both years have – so far – brought historical events, as well as huge controversy concerning the validity of the official narrative.

We are not even halfway into 2020 yet and the Solar Eclipse on top of this 19 year old “9.11 eclipse” indicates that we are nowhere near the end of world events of the transforming kind.

Eclipses in Cancer focus on history, both past, but also history in the making.

Asides from that, it also focuses on the public mood, national security, protection and care.

Here, we can see how the sign – polarities eclipsed this year (as well as in 2001) work together. Out of so-called national security concerns various interventions are initiated, claimed to be there to protect and care, but however restricts the freedom of movement of the people considerably. Implemented new laws are highly questionable, explanations don’t make sense and the search for truth is thus heightened.

And when it comes to the media, many feel, that it was around 9.11 and the following endless “war on terror” that the critical mainstream press died. Now 19 years later, it’s absolutely last call for a resurrection or time to put it finally in the grave…

When it comes to “security measures”, remember that those initiated after 9.11 created lasting changes in air travel; (when it comes to what you can bring with you on a plane, and how much time you have to spend in an airport before boarding), that are still applicable almost two decades later. So, we are not necessarily talking about temporary measures attempted implemented in 2020 either…

On a personal level Cancer eclipses highlights our home and family, and rarely if ever has so many people spend so much time at home, as this Spring.  Some have literally spend the time making home improvements, some have strengthened their family relations, while others have discovered serious cracks in their foundation, some might even have concluded that there was no mutual foundation there after all. Whatever each of us has individually experienced and concluded, can now be utilized in manifestation of how you wish your home and private life to unfold from now on, as this North node Solar Eclipse, brings with it not only change, but also huge new possibilities for manifestation.

Other Cancer focus points are water, (heavy rainfalls, flooding, or lack of water/drought, issues with drinking water etc.), food and food supply and possibly silver.

The 3rd eclipse  is a:


This is the last in the series of eclipses on the Cancer/Capricorn axis, in the years 2018 – 2020.

Asides from eclipses in the sign Capricorn, we also have two major conjunctions in the sign this year; Saturn – Pluto and Jupiter – Pluto, which certainly have brought focus on and changes in things under the domain of Capricorn such as; extreme heightened powers of the state, huge societal changes, breakdown, lockdown and job and labor market turbulence.

Many jobs and life’s work have been lost, while others have had to perform their job under very different and in some circumstances rather bizarre conditions.

Something has changed markedly – and this eclipse will highlight both the negative consequences as well as the possibilities, that have shown themselves during all of this, in terms of how some things might be executed more efficiently, constructively, healthy and beneficially in the future. Not everything that a lot of time has been spend on previously are actually necessary or needed as it turns out.

Full Moon is release time, and with the added power of an Eclipse this is a major opportunity for you to release and let go of things that no longer serve you, when it comes to your individual job situation and the area as a whole, on a collective level.

It is worth noticing that this eclipse triggers the Sun of the US – and what happen in USA has a way of having a ripple effect on the rest of the world. (The June 5th eclipse also triggers the ASC/DC axis in the US Sibley Chart).

The loss of jobs is monumental over there and the economical – as well as other – consequences can be far reaching widely across the world, in spite of how each country otherwise is doing.

So, this Eclipse season we are entering now, both take place in current historical times, but also brings with it echoes from previous historical times – it can only be interesting, to say the least!

During an Eclipse season and the days surrounding an eclipse, the doorways to other dimensions are always more open, and you can typically receive sign and messages of what lies ahead, that guide you further along. It can also feel like time is dissolving/speeding up/acting differently and things can thus quickly develop or change. So, stay alert.

Take care and get well through this Eclipse season

Late May 2020

©Astrologer Tina Reinhardt Hansen


The Truth is out there

Saturn enters Aquarius


The exact phase of the Jupiter – Pluto conjunction


Since March 10th Saturn has resided in the last degree of the sign Capricorn. The 29th degree of a sign can be quite a wildcard, where a lot of strange things can happen and on top of that, Saturn has extra punch here, at the end of its own sign. A lot of strange things certainly has happened, when it comes to restrictions and borders (!), while the planet of precisely restrictions, borders and limits, is placed at the BORDER between Capricorn & Aquarius.

On March 22nd Saturn enters Aquarius and will stay there for a couple of months, but we’re not done with the Saturn in Capricorn themes yet, as it will return there in the Summer, before finally entering and transiting through Aquarius from December until Spring 2023.

Understandable fear of illness, death and loss of loved ones, now make many accept and even condone control mechanisms and limitations on freedom and rights they would NEVER otherwise have stood for…of course also from the perception, that this is a necessary evil, in a temporary crisis situation, that will pass again.

But with the current energies and planet placements, there’s a real danger that some of these measures will turn out to be not so temporary at all…Saturn is a planet, concerned with things of a longer duration, and this was initiated in a cardinal sign, where new eras begin, followed by a stay in Aquarius, one of the fixed and maintaining signs.

So it’s extremely important during this time, where people are rallying enthusiastically around their various leaders, that it’s still ok and allowed to also ask critical questions concerning the extent of these extreme measures now taken, such as whether this virus truly is the cause or rather an excuse for these measures?

Astrologically, a lot is unfortunately pointing to the last option…

A longing to return to a world and our everyday life as we knew it will be huge for many and only grow as more days of this passes by.

But this has happened during a Saturn & Pluto and a Jupiter & Pluto conjunction – and as anyone, who has ever experienced having Pluto conjunct one of their personal planets or points in their chart know, life never returns to the same again…At some point, of course, some new way of life will take shape, but something will have changed irrevocably and will never be the same again.

So, despite how hard it might be, it’s actually a complete waste of time and energy only focusing on being able to return to the old normal, because that ship has sailed…Instead your energy can beneficially be focused on how you, now that you know that things HAVE to change, wish the new world and your new life to look like, on the other side of this – otherwise the decision will be made for you, and you probably won’t end up liking that result, once the worst shock over current events has subsided.

I have written of an inevitable breakdown of society and economic crisis/collapse for quite some time now – and also of how there in the ruins of the fallen would be a huge potential for building a new more fair, just and more equal shared world – just as I have written about how the end result depends on what we are willing to put up with.

A simplistic breakdown of Saturn in Aquarius could either be: long lasting restrictions on freedoms, rights and community or manifestation of freedom, equal rights and community. Therein lie our choice – and while the last option is challenged big time right now, it’s still doable, if we are able to think outside the box.



Anything residing in the sky, in heaven and in space fall under the domain of Aquarius. With Saturn here space exploration, space technology, visible manifestation of intelligent life in space and/or unknown heavenly bodies might very well become a relevant theme.

The last time Saturn transited Aquarius was in the early 90’s.

I, myself had an exciting UFO experience, when Saturn was 0° Aquarius the last time. Others here in the local area also experienced mysterious thing in the sky in the following months.

This was also the years when the iconic show, “The X files” was created and hit the tv-screens for the first time.

Here an entire Saturn round later, perhaps we have reached the point, where it will dawn on the majority, that the X files “mythology” of a secret syndicate, across national borders, controlling and running the world and events, of aliens and other mysterious beings existence and influence on our lives was not just science fiction…Who knows, we shall see…

However, ”The X files” also contained plots on fake aliens and staged events – which is wise to remember, if we suddenly see magical things happen in the sky or hear official announcements of something out there, that it could both be real or staged – or be half truths (which of course is also highly relevant concerning current events on the ground!)

A project of insanity is already ongoing, where a rich guy is now shooting an extreme amount of satellite’s up into orbit, and despite international protests, has no intention of stopping…Not only will space be filled with junk, but the visibility of the starry night sky will forever be changed and tarnished if this madness isn’t stopped now. That anyone is allowed to do something so destructive and intrusive as this, simply because they can afford it, is a mystery. But hey, that’s apparently the world we live in.

And it’s not the only thing initiated now ,under the guise of “faster internet connections”…Back on earth, 5g roll out is also speeding ahead, with no concern for what the frequencies that will now come into use  will do to insects, animal life, nature and human health.

Right now the world is at a standstill never seen before, presumably to protect the weak against a virus, but at the same time the authorities are willing to let 5g roll out without being anywhere near to having researched what this actually does to living beings…Where is the protection and caution here? Something doesn’t add up…

Or perhaps it more than adds up… as it is rumored that while the rest of the country is shut down and people are sent home from work, the erection of 5g masts continues.

How strange, that this is a job belonging in the critical function category?!? How could that be, it makes you wonder - but as mentioned in the update below, from March 11th, there is certainly a LOT to go hmmm about right now in the world…

It is not exaggerated at all to say that the future of humanity is at stake here in 2020.

Mankind is not perfect. It can be strong, beautiful and creative, but also weak and full of mistakes. A distorted use of the Aquarian energy could give some an urge to tweak, perfect and optimize the human so much, that ooops, suddenly it wasn’t human anymore…and that scenario could very well play out these next years, when Saturn resides in Aquarius, if we don’t make it stop,  by saying; we do NOT consent!

As I wrote about Saturn in Aquarius, in the 2020 update, just before the New Year:

“technology becomes a major theme and a topic we will all have to face and take responsibility for.

What is possible technologically at this place in time, will become more visible and tangible and we will have to take responsibility for what we do with the possibilities as well as the pitfalls and dangers that comes with it.”

What we will have to decide on in 2020 is whether we use technology or whether technology should take over and use us.

There can be new technology that improves life and free us to do other more important and/or more enjoyable things, and then there’s the kind of technology that limits us, surveil us, dumb us down, make us expendable, make us ill and in the end turn us into machines…”




Asides from Saturn’s change of signs (which is most noticeable, while Saturn is at 29° Capricorn and 0° Aquarius, from March 10th – April 6th), we also have the Jupiter – Pluto conjunction in Capricorn.

This combination speaks of extreme laws and intrusions and interventions in peoples everyday life and rights, financial turbulence and changes, job and labor market transformation, escalation of misdirection and dark agendas, but also higher visibility and spotlight on them and higher possibility for seeing through and revealing them, and thus huge potential for the truth to come out.

After this conjunction began in February things and events have escalated wildly, both nationally and globally, as Jupiter expand and strengthens an already extreme and transforming planet; Pluto – and obviously it won’t be less extreme when we from March 27th – April 15th enters the precise phase, the 1st hit, reaching exactitude on April 5th. After mid-April, the conjunction will still be powerful, as it already is and has been for a while (and then the 2nd direct hit follows in second half of June/beginning of July).

So, hoping that this is short temporary situation, that will be over right before Easter and then back to normal, is utopia, sorry…but it just is.

Returning to the “The X files”, one of the members of “the Syndicate” once confided in Scully on their maneuvering and string pulling behind the stage and ended with the words “the best way to predict the future is to invent it”

If the future are to have any chance of going in the right direction, it’s extremely important, that we, that those who pull the strings try to control and manipulate, also take on our creator abilities and put them to use and start inventing and creating NOW.

It is heavy, difficult times of adversity, we are living in, with a lot of separation – and that kind of inventiveness and creation needs sparks of inspiration, fighting spirit and courage. Luckily, it’s Spring Equinox on Friday and New Moon in Aries just a few days after, where these exact qualities will be energetically available to anyone, who chooses to tune in and receive them.

Until then, take good care of yourself, your loved ones, your fellow human beings AND of your & our freedom and rights <3 Tina

March 16th 2020

© Astrologer Tina Reinhardt Hansen






Spring Equinox and the Summer half year is now only 9 days ahead of us.

That the Winter quarter would be unforgettable was a given, with the remarkable aspects taking place, but exactly how dark, bizarre and unforgettable it turned out to be – wow!

Let’s take an astrological look back on a Winter, that, (here in my part of the world, at least), wasn’t Winter at all, when it came to the weather, but on the other hand was filled with events and lots of “things that make you go…hmmm” – and then some!

First however, let’s rewind time 15 months back.

In December 2018, I wrote the following on the upcoming Saturn – Pluto conjunction, whose influence started at the beginning of 2019, peaked in the beginning of 2020 and will last for the rest of the year.

“This combination doesn’t have a good rep.

Among other things because it was active both during the beginning of the 1st and 2nd World War, (that also happened right after a Uranus – Pluto square and Uranus having left Aries for Taurus, in the 1930s), as well as 9.11 and the beginning of the endless “War on Terror”…

…It’s important to be aware of the many similarities with time periods, where really violent world events have taken place, and on the fact that this energy CAN be (ab)used this way, if those who push the buttons, wants to and are allowed to do so.

If anyone in position of power should wish to introduce a total police/military state, then this combination in Saturn’s own sign, Capricorn, could also be (ab)used to take further steps in that direction or for that matter, going all the way…

Extreme measures of censorship, surveillance and social behavior regulation, and a very tiny individual latitude, can easily be the result, if we’re not careful…

… even the most orthodox person might be very unpleasantly surprised of the world they “suddenly” find themselves in, at the beginning of the next decade”


Then we fast-forward to late summer 2019, at the doorstep of the Winter half year, that is now nearing its end.

“October 2019” kept popping up in my head; and then finally, I had a vision of the words “October 2019 has been written and planned for a very, very long time” written in large letters on a cupboard. I also used those words as headline for one of my Solar/Lunar astro updates at the time.

Astrologically, the planets also emphasized that October would be a heavy and remarkable month, with potential for distinct and farreaching events. Saturn and Pluto were then both going direct and beginning to close in on each other and their common meeting place in January.

At the same time Saturn, for several weeks, triggered and ended a former Solar Eclipse, and since this Solar Eclipse was in its own sign, Capricorn, Saturn also had extra power behind it.


October came and went and offered more Brexit drama and another postponement, but we were all kind of used to that, by that point, the prelude to the later American impeachment trial also began – but drama and chaos in American politics was not exactly unusual then either…

Finally, there were rumors and warnings in the alternative underground of a possible planned, but averted, “simultaneous attack” on several European countries at the very end of the month.

But other than that, true to the spirit of Saturn; (the planet corresponds with delays, postponements and results and things that doesn’t show up until later), we had to reach quite far into January 2020, before it became clear, that October 2019 actually had been much more eventful and relevant to future, than what first seemed to be the case,


Because it turned out, that in October, an “event” took place on the American east coast, with a huge simulation for relevant personal, concerning the spread of a corona virus, first from animals to people, in a local area and then an entire country and then, because of international travelers to the entire globe.

During the exercise the participants took various measures, such a strong censorship against critical voices, huge interventions into people’s everyday life and rights and finally implemented “something like martial law,” in an attempt to control the spread of the virus, but the outcome was – unfortunately - still that millions of people died and a complete crash of the world economy…hmmm

The hosts of this event were a threesome consisting of those, that now daily update us with how many ill, cured and dead there are worldwide, and a certain fond, who just happens to have a patent on this virus and is now “working on a cure” as well as a so called worldwide economical forum…hmmm

Mysteriously enough, on the very same day in October, as this simulation took place, a military event, with participants from all over the world, took place in exactly THAT Chinese city, that would later become  known worldwide. as the place where the “real outbreak” started…hmmm

A city, where many of the inhabitants, by the way, are said to suffer from respiratory problems, because of heavy pollution and where there also just happens to be a bio-lab, right next to the food market, pointed out as the origin of the virus outbreak.

By the way, curiously, enough the very same biolab, that is part of an old crime novel, written by a well-known author, with a plot of a virus - a biological weapon - escaping that lab …. Hmmm

In December during the predictive “Holy nights”, I dreamt of curfews and divided zones, as well as a huge crash.

When it came to the latter, a breakdown of society and an economical crash had been “written in the stars” for a long time, so that was easy understandable for me, but what was several doctors doing in the “crash dream?” Hmmm…At first, I didn’t understand, but it was soon to become clear in the new year…

The virus outbreak was reported to WHO on December 31st, EXACTLY the same day as the Saturn - Pluto conjunction reached the critical one degree apart stage, kicking off the exact phase of the conjunction….hmmm

During this exact phase, there was, apart from the worlds increasing knowledge of the virus outbreak, also historical forest fires as well as other nature disasters, the war drums were banging; the killing of a general, the shooting down of a plane, British royals leaving court, as well as the American impeachment circus, but while all of that apparently fizzled out again…the virus saga didn’t…



After Saturn and Pluto had started a new cycle in January, a Jupiter – Neptune aspect also set in (both planets rule Pisces – and Jupiter now strengthened and expanded Neptune’s power in Pisces)

Both heavy rainfalls, flooding and spreading of the virus (which all belong under Neptune’s/Pisces’ domain) followed…and things started to become truly “fishy”…

At the same time Jupiter got close to Pluto, which opened up possibilities of extreme escalation of dark agendas, but also more transparency of the very same.

The knowledge of the events of October now began to spread among people seeking their news from alternative outlets, instead of mainstream media.

Then on the last day of January, an anonymous financial insider, who claimed to have acquaintances in huge health organizations, warned other investors on a message board, that the virus would cause the stock market and the world economy to crash in March. According to the insider, this was well known by high profile investors, that as discreetly as possible had already started selling out, a while ago…hmmm

But MOST incredible of all, was the fact, that the same insider, also just happened to mention, that the first western country, where international health authorities planned to “try out” implementing drastic measures and methods a la China would be…Italy…HMMM!!!

I think that’s worth repeating one more time: end of January!

Meaning 3 weeks BEFORE the outbreak escalated wildly, during a weekend, in Northern Italy ( while Mars was triggering and activating a previous Solar Eclipse in Capricorn) and 5 weeks before the entire country was under lockdown and quarantine!!!

What was it again, that text on that cupboard said?

Oh yes; ”written and planned for a very, very long time”…hmmm

Here in Denmark, the first Corona case and the first people quarantined just coincidentally happened to be media personalities, who could then report from their homes and inform the public on what it’s like to be quarantined at home…You could even follow patient zero being mouth swabbed BEFORE the diagnosis was given…hmmm…well I guess you could call that public service.

Speaking of established media, none of them has curiously enough dived into or informed of the strange coincidence between the abovementioned simulation and a real outbreak of the same illness and scenario, just weeks apart…Not even considering the entire simulation was filmed and is publicly available…hmmm

As I wrote about back in December, when Jupiter entered Capricorn, this Winter has had a total overweight of feminine  placements, when it comes to the big new-classical planets, and the danger of that imbalance would be, that it could easily be abused and distorted. By playing on “feminine qualities and virtues” and guilt, people could easily be led astray and react in ways not very constructive.

On top of that imbalance, we last week also had a reactivation of a former Solar Eclipse in Cancer, the sign of care, protection and motherly energy.

I would be one of the first to say, that we have to look after and care for the weakest and the vulnerable in society…and I have, as a matter of fact, spent thousands upon thousands of hours of my life quite literally doing just that...But that also means, that I KNOW firsthand how very low standards politicians and leaders, from both sides of the spectrum, have had no anguish what so ever offering many of them, for the last many years now, which is why I found it just SLIGHTLY hard to reconcile the sudden willingness to go to unheard measures “for their sake ”, “to protect them”… Yeah right, hmmm…

You can certainly say that this Winter half year has given us a lot to “wonder about.”

Spring and the Summer half year are just in front of us, and there’s still plenty of planetary and energetic activity going on.

Next week, we will look closer at Saturn’s change of sign, when it enters Aquarius on the 22nd, two days after Spring Equinox, and then there’s also the Jupiter – Pluto conjunction, starting the exact phase on March 27th, culminating on April 5th and ending on April 15th.

And with the advent of Spring, I think it’s high time for the Truth and the Light to break through <3 Tina

March 11th 2020

©Astrologer Tina Reinhardt Hansen



Jupiter – Pluto Conjunction 2020

We’re in a time period, where we are deeply challenged in our access to light. Partly because of the seasons short daylength and so very few days with clear skies this Winter, but mainly also because of the prevailing collective energies, world events and news constantly filled with darkness, manipulation and fear.

Since the beginning of the year, we have been bombarded with various efforts of trying to implement dark agendas taken straight out the Saturn – Pluto worst case scenario script. Dark times, indeed.


And as Jupiter will now also begin closing in on Pluto, we can only expect things to get even more extreme, as Jupiter enhances and enlarges everything it touches – and Pluto is certainly quite extreme in and of itself!

The Jupiter – Pluto conjunction will reach exactitude 3 times, in April, June and November and will be active for all the rest of 2020.

With this conjunction also taking place in the sign of Capricorn it will still be:

Authorities, state, government, lawmakers, politicians, faith and belief systems, religious figures, labor market conditions, business world, finances, top of society and the elite, coming even more into focus – and most likely in quite unfortunate and unflattering ways, as they will now be further tested and exposed in terms of Jupiter’s demands of ethics, morality, justice and generosity.

Implementation of laws and interventions, that interfere with people’s everyday life and rights could also further accelerate, when Jupiter closes in on Pluto (and Saturn).

All kinds of dark agendas will be notched up, but thus also becoming more visible and more easily revealed and exposed.

Where it all will bring us, highly depends on what we buy into and put up with.


For many a huge theme will be their job, labor conditions and also conditions surrounding unemployment.

Many will feel and encounter almost dead energy or much resistance or blocks surrounding their job/field, whether it’s rigid systems blocking or hindering you in doing your core assignments, leaving out the meaningfulness factor or bad management stealing your joy in doing your job.


Many will feel tired, bored and doubt the future, whether there’s a noticeable reason for it or not.

Some will feel that their job steal way too much energy from other important endeavors in their life.

Some will even get sick from their job or the system they are trapped in.

Other might feel passionately about their assignments and their mission, but are somehow blocked or delayed in doing them and will be frustrated with the lack of results.

All this is only further emphasized by there being two distinct conjunctions in the sign Capricorn active at the same time.

Conjunctions are when a cycle ends and a new one begins.

The dead energy and road blocks surrounding the areas of labor and job, is because these areas are now facing a larger transformation, the old is decaying and dying and it is or will be obvious, but the new still hasn’t turned up on the horizon yet.

The new is something, we will have to create.

In that creation, it’s important to ask ourselves questions such as:

If money and the earning of them wasn’t an issue, what would you be doing? And how many hours a week?

If there was less control, bureaucracy, unimportant assignments and dictates stealing your time or blocking you from (insert….) what would you be able to accomplish?


The feeling of being blocked and the lack of results and rewards, is also because the prevailing energies demand hard work here and now, a long haul, where rewards will have to wait until later. So, for those that feel certain they’re on the right track, but blocked, it’s important to not give up.

Huge changes are unfolding and, no it won’t be more stable for the foreseeable future, with the present aspects, something WILL change irrevocably, something WILL collapse, things WILL NOT go on as previously.

The Plutonian energy simply doesn’t allow it – and 2020 will be the year, where we say final goodbye to a lot of the old well known ways of work and of life, that are way past their sell date.

See more below.

February 7th, 2020

© Astrologer Tina Reinhardt Hansen




Not only a new calendar year, but a new decade is just around the corner, and it’s time to look closer at the astrological tendencies and energies for 2020 – which definitely don’t look boring!

The year and decade come off to a significant start, when the heavy and transforming Saturn – Pluto conjunction reaches the critical one degree stage on the day of New Year’s Eve, before reaching exactitude on January 12th. We’re also in the midst of an Eclipse season, so the energies are more than ramped up, and we are at the point, where almost anything can happen, at any time, when we leave the 10’s behind us and enters the 20’s.

The new year ends just as significantly, with a HUGE opportunity for a new beginning, in terms of how we lead our lives and the way we arrange society and the world, when Saturn and Jupiter conjunct at 0°Aquarius, at the Winter Solstice, December 2020.

So, while the beginning of the year is about decay, breakdown and collapse, which unfortunately is necessary to clear out and remove a lot of rot, the end of the year is when a new world – in the ruins of the old – in earnest can start forming, carrying traces with it for several centuries ahead. It doesn’t get much bigger that - so, the fact that we’re living in crucial times cannot be emphasized enough!

Let’s break it down.

By now, we have both Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto transiting Capricorn, which leads to several conjunctions. In fact, 2020 is the year of distinct conjunctions.

The Saturn – Pluto conjunction, that has influenced us all the past year, ends a 38 year long cycle and begins a new 34 year long one on January 12th, where the big conjunction also include the Sun, Mercury and Ceres. After the exact phase of the conjunction ends on January 24th, the conjunction will continue to influence us the rest of 2020.

At the same time Jupiter and Pluto will conjunct in Capricorn three times during 2020 – and the months where that happens, April, June and November, will only further magnify the themes of management of power, economy, finances and common resources as well as law, that doesn’t hold up to scrutiny.

Pluto will also square the almost still standing Eris again, which means that 2020 will once again bring a/some outsider(s) into the field creating discord and strife among the insiders and elite and turn things upside down. And we will all be forced to make choices based on our individual value systems.

Uranus will turn direct on January 11th, the day before the Saturn – Pluto conjunction reaches exactitude, and will move forward in Taurus, meaning the themes of that placement will then plunder ahead.

The first months of the year will be quite one-sidedly influenced by the feminine elements; the Water and especially the Earth element, but when Spring comes, a shift happens, when

Saturn enters Aquarius.

Saturn is especially highlighted in the new year, as it has the honor of being part of two major and important conjunctions and also changes sign and both rules the sign it’s leaving and co-rules the sign it’s entering.

Before the big conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, at the Winter Solstice in December, we get a 3 month trial period, right after the Spring Equinox until the beginning of July, to get ready for that particular energy, when Saturn enters the masculine Air sign Aquarius, before reentering Capricorn and then finally inhabiting Aquarius for good in December.

With this placement technology becomes a major theme and a topic we will all have to face and take responsibility for.

What is possible technologically at this place in time, will become more visible and tangible and we will have to take responsibility for what we do with the possibilities as well as the pitfalls and dangers that comes with it.

AI, 5G and the smart grid is of course all a big part of it, and hopefully will NOT be rolled out to the extent that certain someone’s have planned!

Then there’s other technology, that might already exist, but has been kept hidden and now will be presented, as well as real new technological inventions.

What we will have to decide on in 2020 is whether we use technology or whether technology should take over and use us.

There can be new technology that improves life and free us to do other more important and/or more enjoyable things, and then there’s the kind of technology that limits us, surveil us, dumb us down, make us expendable, make us ill and in the end turn us into machines…

All signs have positive and negative traits, and we’re at a crossroads, where we need to do our utmost to bring out the positive elements of Aquarius.

Dealing with and accommodating human feelings is not the strength of neither Aquarius nor Saturn , making it even more important to bring heart and soul into every decision made in the new year, since it otherwise very easily could become too distant, too cold and robotic - and in the end might destroy the human being, if we’re not careful.

Another way this placement will make itself felt, is by us leaving the known limits and going far out, into space.

Space exploration, space technology and manifestation of life in space, can all be important parts of what will happen, as well as “new” knowledge, disclosure and reveals coming out of what and who is truly out there.

Back on Earth, this placement (combined with Uranus in Taurus) might also potentially bring about a redistribution of resources and benefits – a more equal distribution, since both Aquarius and Uranus is the sign and planet of equality and brother & sisterhood.

Finally, anything alternative might become more accepted, more mainstream and maybe even “proved”.


We will get these three months to get ready for the era kickstarted at the end of 2020, and then there will be no going back. So, what we decide on, what we initiate, what we accept or don’t accept will have extreme long-term effects, in fact so long term that it’s hard to even fathom.

Jupiter - Saturn Conjunction in Aquarius

As mentioned, the year ends spectacularly with a Winter Solstice, where Jupiter meet up with Saturn at 0°Aquarius.

Jupiter and Saturn get together about every 20 years and this planetary couple is known as the ruler of ages and eras…

But their 2020 meeting is SO much bigger and remarkable than just the end of a 20 year cycle and the beginning of a new, even if it’s also that.

Jupiter – Saturn conjunctions, with a few exceptions, take place in the same element for more than 200 years. When the conjunctions finally change element, as they do at the end of 2020, from Earth to Air, it’s thus a several hundred years  long elemental cycle coming to an end and a new one beginning – usually coinciding with distinct changes in world history.

So, this is a giant cycle, far beyond the human life span, that comes to an end and begin a new cycle, on another level.

That it takes place at the Winter Solstice only makes it more spectacular, as it can be interpreted as an extraordinary opportunity for a groundbreaking “Return of the Light” here on Earth - if we play our cards right.

Both Jupiter and Saturn are visible to the naked eye, so this is also a beautiful visual experience, where we throughout Fall will be able to witness the planets nearing each other, low on the early evening sky, and at last merging completely at the doorway to Winter and the new era.

Jupiter – Saturn together are all about ideas, inspiration, possibilities and potential manifested and translated to the concrete physical world, as well as the development of new societal and social structures.

What should be discarded from the old age, that through the conjunctions in the Earth element for 240 years, mainly has been the era of materialism? What should we bring with us into the new era? What news things will be thought out, invented and implemented? Since it’s now the mental level, the world of ideas and ideals that primarily will take over.

“The age of Aquarius” doesn’t have a fixed starting point, but is a long sliding process, but this is no doubt an important part of the transition phase from the age of Pisces to the age of Aquarius. So, this is huge!

Many of you, who will read this, will be here because of this time and age, where so many cycles; short, medium, long and really long come to an end and begin at the same time. Because you have a special role to fulfill, in bringing about this new era and making sure it goes in the right direction, to the best benefit of mankind, other beings, the Earth and Universe.

Because, sadly there are dark forces that have prepared for a long time for this very moment, who will try to distort and twist the collective energies to their benefit, which certainly won’t be in the interest of the rest us, and it simply must not get to that.

During the decade we leave behind us, as well as the last years of the previous decade, we have been bombarded with wild, turbulent, but awakening energies, preparing us for the time that is now. We are needed. YOU are needed. To do your part. Maybe you need to courageously continue what you’re already doing, maybe you need to add new things and skills to it or maybe you need to make an important change now.

For all us, it’s important to focus our energy, cut down on distraction and trivialities and try as much as possible to not let the adversity, that 2020 no doubt will bring, get us down. It’s time to up prioritize that which is truly important in your life; what you’re here for.

It will be hard work and there will probably be deprivation, but this is a unique possibility not to be squandered.

The 2020s can derail us completely – with consequences for several hundred years ahead – or they can be quite fantastic, all depending on what we individually and collectively choose to co-create, and what we allow and do not allow to be introduced.

So, let us, each of us, on our own and together do our part in bringing a beautiful new era into this world, at the end of next year, that will benefit both the collective and the individual – and not just the few.

Apart from the Eclipse season we are currently in, 2020 offers two more Eclipse seasons, the first with three Eclipses in June and July, where we continue the series of Eclipses on the Cancer/Capricorn axis (including a Solar Eclipse at the Summer Solstice - note, that we have some very distinct Solstices in 2020!), but also welcome one on the Gemini/Sagittarius axis, highlighting themes of information, news and perception of reality. The year ends with a 3rd and last Eclipse season in November- December, with two Eclipses, once again in Gemini/Sagittarius.

2020’s first update from me will be on the upcoming Lunar Eclipse in Cancer on January 10th.

See you later in the 20’s 😊

Let’s grab this extraordinary opportunity that the beginning of the new decade brings for letting the Light truly return to Earth. We can do it!

Happy New Year 😊 <3 Tina

© Astrologer Tina Reinhardt Hansen

December 29th 2019



Jupiter from Sagittarius to Capricorn


Today, December 2nd, Jupiter leaves Sagittarius and enters Capricorn.

As expected and predicted the period Jupiter spend in its own sign, Sagittarius brought a heightened focus on judicial matters.

Both when it came to consequences of some of the revelations of fraud, abuse of power and assault, that came to light while Jupiter transited Scorpio, that now where to be tried in court, but also the justice system itself and its errors and lacks.

Here in Denmark, we had a very hyped case and trial with a woman who was accused of many years of embezzlement, resulting in many, many millions allegedly landing in her own pockets, through her job in the Social Department overseeing projects for the disadvantaged, no less.

And in Denmark we also experienced a huge uproar, when it was revealed, that many people had been both convicted and acquitted of crimes, based on possible incorrect tele data. This so called “tele data scandal” in many ways brought the justice system to a halt for much of the year.

And I’m sure every country has their own version of “Jupiter in Sagittarius – justice system tales” as well.

In Europe certain banks and bankers were now held accountable both judicially and financially for fraud and miscounselling.

Internationally, it was of course the Epstein case, that was the biggest symbol case of them all. An extreme representative of the kind of dark, perverted abusive behavior Jupiter in Scorpio had previously shed its light on. With Jupiter in Sagittarius an earlier sweetheart deal made with the American justice system came to the fore again, now for everyone to see and be shocked over.

A spectacular arrest was followed by official tales of a suicide in an unguarded cell, that very few believed. This case thus also brought a huge landslide in the public’s belief or rather disbelief in official announcements – and belief and perception of course also happen to be a Jupiter/Sagittarian matter.

Several had to resign or lost their job because of this case…and as Jupiter was nearing the end of Sagittarius (a so called royal planet, at the end of one of the royal signs) it even had consequences in royal circles, (interestingly enough exactly when Jupiter was in alignment with the Galactic Center), when a prince, while not judicially held responsible, was felled by public condemnation.

There are so many more layers to this case, that we obviously haven’t heard the last from.

And finally, the last days Jupiter spend in Sagittarius brought the issue of too early parole releases up for debate, because of “events” in London.



As Jupiter moves on into Capricorn, it will now turn the magnifying glass on those that set the parameters for, among other things, the justice system; the law makers, the politicians and governments.

There will also be extra focus on all kinds of leaders, people in power and the top of the society. Especially big corporations and top people from there.

State, societal institutions and systems will also be very much in focus.

Jupiter will now magnify all these areas and people, to be reviewed for sustainability, responsibility, efficiency, ethical and moral behavior – or perhaps rather a lack of it…

As it, at the same time, has become obvious that status, titles, money and power doesn’t necessarily protect you in the same way as before, several top people might be rather nervous right now - and for good reason.

As Jupiter won’t be alone in Capricorn, but comes in and thematically strengthens the ongoing conjunction between the planetary heavyweights Saturn and Pluto, further ahead in Capricorn, that already are pointing towards big societal changes, change in power, endings, consequences, payback & time to face karma, for everyone from top to bottom, but ESPECIALLY for those at the top.

So, we have now entered the phase where anything can happen, when it comes to the Saturn Pluto themes, here just about 6 weeks before the conjunction is precise.


Jupiter doesn’t really feel at home in Capricorn. Its larger than life attitude is hamstrung. Its inherent optimism can’t easily be expressed. It’s the planet of growth visiting the sign of limitations and scarcity.

Capricorn represents Winter, the season where most stops growing.

Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto joined here points to lack, scarcity, down cuts, declining growth, recession, crisis and possible depression.

As Jupiter enters Capricorn, it trines Uranus in Taurus, this momentarily frees Jupiter to be more beneficial and give a push to those able of thinking outside the box, being creative and inventive.

But because of Uranus’ placement in Taurus this aspect might actually only further emphasize financial instability and heighten the chances of some kind of collapse…

So, be prepared for just about anything from now on!

Generally, it will be a time, where a lot can and will break down, there will be huge bills to pay and consequences to face and the necessity of taking responsibility will permeate almost everything.

With hard work it will be possible to create something that pays of further down the road, but the results won’t show until later. So, we’re talking about possible rewards later, for a huge effort now and not - as Jupiter would prefer – that luck just suddenly lands in your lap as an offering with no effort.

From now on and until right after the Spring Equinox we are in the special situation, that 4 out of 5 of the “new classical” big planets are placed in Earth signs – 3 in Capricorn & 1 in Taurus – and 5 out of 5 in feminine signs, with Neptune is still in Pisces.

This is a very concentrated allocations – making almost everything about the Earth, its condition, its resources, the distribution and management of them.

And then there’s the strong overweight of feminine energy, which on one hand could be good to get an influx and anchoring of.

But on the other hand, it’s an extreme imbalance, which could easily lead us to go to extremes.

With these signs in question, the imbalance and extreme will probably be about a feeling of doom and gloom concerning the condition of the Earth – and a terrible bad conscience of it having come to this.

Bad conscience and shame can torture and paralyze or lead to actions that are not constructive.

And both can be abused and distorted to the advance of the few. Money and other benefits can be made of everything – and make no mistake, some have been planning, for quite some time, to gain from this - not to save the earth or the climate, as claimed, but for their own gain.

So don’t just buy into any solution, that offers some kind of atonement  - do your own research first and then only do as your heart, your clear conscience and values tell you – and don’t fall into complete bleakness either, even if things for a while might very well seam really bleak.

As for responsibility, take responsibility for your own actions, previous and current, change habits if it’s necessary and truly makes a difference.

Jupiter is the planet of surplus, so if you have surplus energy and feel like taking something on, that wasn’t of your previous doing, but because you feel something simply has to be done about it, fine – go for it.

But don’t take on something that’s neither your responsibility nor something that you possess the resources to change, instead place the responsibility on, and send the bill to, those truly responsible (which very well could be the very same that are now trying to guilt you into something for their benefit).

The period from now until the Spring Equinox can be quite extreme, with even more decay, big breakdowns and collapses, when it comes to the previous known structure and framework of society.

But in the ruins of the fallen, there will also be a possibility to rebuild a more just and ethical society, which is what Jupiter in Capricorn, at its best, represents.

On an individual level, Jupiter in Capricorn urges to keep going, keep working on creating and manifesting your wishes and goals, even when it’s looking bleak and almost impossible; the results and the reward will show later. This is a period where you need to be in it for the long haul and must not give up because of resistance.


The house(s) in your natal chart, that contains Capricorn will be the life area(s), where you will meet challenges, but also opportunity for growth the coming year, and where you later can harvest what you choose to sow from now on. Some might also be “lucky” to harvest results now, from previous great efforts in this/these particular areas.


Finally, it’s good to remember that everything is a phase, a part of a larger process, the planets always move on, so does the zeitgeist and the conditions on Earth. Likewise, the seasons always change, and even as we’re now both literally and figuratively entering a long and dark Winter, it will someday be Spring again, and in this lies the wisdom, that’s so important to keep in mind, when it gets the most dark and bleak; this too shall pass.

© Astrologer Tina Reinhardt Hansen



Saturn – Pluto Conjunction

The end of a long cycle and the beginning of a new


Fall is here, and in more ways than one, there are indeed dark times ahead.

As Saturn and Pluto are now both going direct, moving forward towards their final meeting point, at 22°46 Capricorn, in January 2020, it is worth refreshing and elaborating on the meaning of the Saturn – Pluto conjunction, that has been noticeable for all of 2019, and will be for all of 2020 as well.

This combination and sign placement symbolize huge societal changes, a lot of the former structure and known framework will be blown apart or break down and several things will not continue as previously.

The organization and structure of labor and working is one of the things facing huge changes, because of the strong focus on Saturn and Capricorn. The same goes for management, leadership and business.

Some of the power of state, government, authorities- as well as other societal institutions and pillars – will change distinctly as well, and this can both go in the direction of more or less power.

Citizens’ rights – or lack of them – can also go in both directions.

Distrust between citizens and authorities can easily reach new highs.

Authorities might respond by coming down hard on any kind of criticism and resistance. Extreme measures of censorship, surveillance and social behavior regulations could be the result, if not stopped in time.

At the same time, this is also a period where both powerful individuals, powerful dynasties (known, as well as hidden) and societal pillars perceived as ”too big to fail” actually could fail, crash and lose their grip on power.

No one from top to bottom can feel safe in their seats in these times, as Pluto’s lesson is; nothing last forever, everything has its time, everything ends, and then something new can be born.

This is why so much now seems to be decaying and no longer works, why we’re constantly told stories of authorities and other societal institutions, obviously no longer taking care of the assignments, they were originally created to do, that’s why we constantly hear of scandals, fraud, failures, lack of resources, bad management and why we see former rulers, in spite of trying to cling to their former power, ending up with not particular graceful exits.

Expect all of this to further intensify this Fall and throughout the Winter.

However, this conjunction isn’t just about 2019 -2020/21, where Saturn and Pluto will be within reach of each other. This combination is also about the long term, both going back and forward.

We’re now at the end of a larger cycle, that started in 1982, when these two planets were last in conjunction, and which reached its dramatic midpoint at the opposition, in 2001. (I’m sure, there’s no need to remind you, what happened that year, with global implications!)

Decisions and actions from those in power then, both the visible and the hidden agendas, the policies, the economical and societal decisions made, the declarations of wars, in those years, as well as the publics’ reaction – or lack of reaction – is all something we’re facing the consequences of now. We’re reaping as was sown those years. And if things don’t feel particular viable right now, it’s probably because the seeds sown was not particular healthy nor put in the ground with best intentions!

There are things that can come to a natural end and graciously make way for something else/others, and then there’s that which is rotten to the core, but still hanging on and needs to be removed now.

Anything no longer viable, anything from the past, with no future could unmercifully end up being destroyed within the near future.

For we are about to reach the last death rattle - the very last phase, before it’s finally over, after which a huge rehabilitation work, where something new can begin to take form, awaits.

How this new will be, is what all of us incarnated on this planet, at this special time, has co- influence on and not least co- RESPONSIBILITY for.

Looking ahead, this also means that decisions made and actions taken, here at the beginning of the new cycle starting in January 2020, will have consequences several decades ahead, which is why it’s important to tread cautiously and wisely, whether it’s you or your descendants that will have to live with the consequences in the future.

We need to be way more awake and vigilant at this cycles’ beginning, in the early 20s, than we/they were at the beginning of the 80s and the beginning of this millennium, in terms of what we allow those in power to initiate, as well as what we initiate ourselves.

On a personal level the big theme and question is how much authority and power you are willing to take on yourself or reject and let others handle?

How do you handle the power you have over others? How do you relate to those who have power over you?

How much are you willing to put up with, from say a boss? Or from some other authority figure? Especially if they’re not doing their true job or acting fair?

To what degree are you willing to take control and set the framework for your own life?

How much are you willing to sacrifice for the promises of security and comfort – even if the promises are never kept?

In those instances where Saturn – Pluto = more power and control to the authority, then the choice is yours, whether it’s you taking on your inner authority and thus gaining more power and control over your life or whether it’s outer authorities taking over even more, with a very little individual scope as a result.

In the instances where Saturn-Pluto = the breakdown of the system and the well known structure, the choice is yours, what you will put in its stead.

If you have personal planets/important placements near 22° Capricorn/Cancer/Aries/Libra, you are/will be especially impacted by this on a personal level and/or you’re one of those playing an important part in all of this.

The same can also apply for important planets & placements near 22° Taurus/Virgo and Scorpio/Pisces.

On a higher level this planet combination and the end of the cycle is about karma; the settling of karmic debt and karmic relations. It’s about reaping as you have truly sown yourself, but also about becoming wiser of dark parasitic forces and their interference, hidden agendas and abuse of power, that might have resulted in you battling with and paying for something, that never really should have been on your shoulders in the first place.

Insight and knowledge of this can blow up the entire karma and (re)incarnation system and the previous tales and perceptions of it, and bring way more spiritual maturity, as well as more options and freedom -  also beyond this life.

So yeah, huge things are definitely brewing at this moment in time!

Saturn and Pluto are a serious and heavy combination, and we have previously seen really dark and violent world events, when these two have met. The conjunction is further “burdened” by the sign placement in Saturn’s own sign; Capricorn, so there’s no need to sugar coat or pretend that this will be an easy process, because an important part of the process is actually about being (or becoming) mature enough to face the dark, harsh realities.

But as we know, it’s also darkest before dawn, and just as light and Spring always follows Fall and Winter, this is also a rare opportunity to get rid of a lot of rot, a lot that no longer works or serve us, and in its place put something new, better and more constructive and fair.

We’re at a cross road, and the choices made now and in the immediate future will have long term effects and consequences, both collectively and individually, and on an earthly as well as spiritual level, so it’s a rather unique and also very responsible time to be alive. So, use the energy wisely, with eyes wide open.

Special stops on the way to the exact conjunction, at which the process is further intensified, are:

- Saturn triggers and ends a previous Solar Eclipse in Capricorn from January 2019, from October 13 – November 13. This is kickstarted by a Full Moon squaring Pluto on the 13th as well.

- Saturn and Pluto get within 3 degrees of each other + Jupiter enters Capricorn in early December.

- Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on December 26th.

- Saturn and Pluto get within 1 degree of each other, and the precise phase of the conjunction begins on December 31st.

The conjunction is exact on January 12th 2020.

Let’s use this challenging last phase of this cycle, and the prelude to the next, to light up the dark and create a breeding ground for a better and brighter future for us all.

October 2019

© Astrologer Tina Reinhardt Hansen





Uranus in Taurus March 2019

March is here and next week one of the powerful outer planets changes signs, when Uranus, Wednesday March 6, leaves Aries for good and enters Taurus, where it will spend approximately the next 7 years.

New era, new times, as Uranus truly enters its 2nd phase – in its 84 year long cycle consisting of 12 phases – bringing with it new themes, that you can read much more about here

Outer planet shifts echoes on several levels, so the next week, as well as the entire month of March, could be quite interesting and distinct, when it comes to world events.

Keep your eyes, ears, heart and mind open to what goes on around you, both on the world scene, and in your outer personal life, as well as your inner life, since messages and signs can give you clues to happenings of the next 7 years.

The period Uranus spent in Aries was accompanied by Uranus’ square to Pluto, the square will now enter its absolute final phase, as an out of sign square, with both planets now residing in Earth signs. It will end for good, 3 weeks after Uranus’ ingress in Taurus, after 11 years turbulent mayhem. So, March will also be influenced by a likely dramatic end to the influence of the square.

Crucial times, indeed – huge endings and new beginnings.

Through the placements of the larger planets, there will from now on be an enormous focus on Earth signs.

Both Saturn, Uranus and Pluto will be placed in Earth signs now. Jupiter will also enter an Earth sign as well, in December.

Which is quite fitting, since we have now entered a phase, where we literally will have to face and deal with Earth changes, in climate, in nature, in the way we treat Mother Earth and how we use and share her resources from now on and into the future.

The last outer planet, Neptune is placed in the Water sign, Pisces. This places all the larger planets in introverted, feminine signs at the end of this decade, and the beginning of the next. A huge focus on Goddess energy, if you will.

Let’s use this energy to turn the future of the Earth in a positive, lush, green, sustainable direction, that benefits the whole and not just the few.

©Astrologer Tina Reinhardt Hansen

March 1st 2019





A new calendar year awaits us, the last of this decade.

Since we’ve been living with wild and turbulent collective energies for more than 10 years now, no one can be blamed for wishing for just a little peace, quiet and stability.

However, that’s not on the agenda quite yet.

Even though 2019 is the year, where we say our final goodbyes to dramatic planet placements, such as Uranus in Aries and Uranus’ long-lasting square to Pluto, the next distinct and heavy aspect, in the shape of an applying Saturn – Pluto conjunction, literally takes over right away…

So collectively, we still have huge assignments to finish, before we can hopefully relax and simply enjoy life.


Let’s take a look at the energies, we’re parting with, in the first months of the year, and then at the new ones coming in.


In November, Uranus reentered Aries (2010/11 – 2018/19) and, right on cue, the rebellious protest spirit, that has been with us since the beginning of the decade, came back in full force (strikes, “yellow vests”, as well as other protests etc.).


Then, on the first day of the new year, the Uranus – Pluto square (2008-2019: financial & debt crisis – leadership crisis – the fall/ removal/abdication of people in power- changes in power balances – reveal of corruption, abuse of power and other sinister agendas- focus on injustice, inequality and suppression – protests – uprising – riots – escalation of terror/false flags- visible climate change- extreme weather events – distinct individual life changes – a strong need for individual freedom – growth potential – awakening) is activated once again, for the very last time.


In March we say finally goodbye to both, when Uranus enters Taurus for good and the Uranus – Pluto square then ebbs completely out shortly after.

At that point we will be able to do a status rapport on the gigantic global process of change, the square symbolized, and how far we got.


We already had a taste of some of the themes, that comes with Uranus in Taurus, in the 6 months Uranus peeked into the sign, this past year. From Spring 2019, we will go in depth with these themes, for the next 7 years.


While this Uranus placement is calmer than the previous, it’s no less revolting or invasive.

Even though it takes a lot longer to excite and enrage Taurus than Aries, there is of course the infamous red cloth, and Uranus will no doubt find that cloth and wave it provocatively in front of us, during these 7 upcoming years.


The combination will likely bring:


Financial experiments/reset/changes, that can be felt in the individual wallets – changes concerning property and ownership – focus on & changes concerning food, eating habits, nature and sustainability – potential blooming green wave;  more growing their own food, ecology, biodynamics, perma culture and perhaps even invention of new green methods versus sabotage of green, sustainable living and healthy food – climate change/ earth changes/ weather conditions/manipulation that changes the outcome of crops, prices and availability – possible scarceness and rationing of resources and food – invention of alternatives to something lacking or no longer available – changes in values – individual growing need for living your life according to your true values and standing firm on them.


On top of all this, we say hello and welcome to a Saturn – Pluto conjunction in Capricorn.


These two will meet in early 2020, will reach the critical one degree in late 2019, but will already get so close, in January 2019, that the influence will be felt from then on and the entire year.


This combination doesn’t have a good rep.

Among other things because it was active both during the beginning of the 1st (in reality before Pluto was officially discovered) and 2nd World War, (that also happened right after a Uranus – Pluto square and Uranus having left Aries for Taurus, in the 1930s), as well as 9.11 and the beginning of the endless “War on Terror” (where we had a series of Eclipses, where many are in the same spots as those we have these years surrounding Saturn and Pluto’s 2020 meeting).


It’s important to emphasize that Saturn and Pluto has also been in contact several other times without such a drastic outcome, but it’s also important to be aware of the many similarities with time periods, where really violent world events have taken place, and on the fact that this energy CAN be (ab)used this way, if those who push the buttons, wants to and are allowed to do so.


If anyone in position of power should wish to introduce a total police/military state, then this combination in Saturn’s own sign, Capricorn, could also be (ab)used to take further steps in that direction or for that matter, going all the way…


So no, the bad reputation is not completely unjustified, but as always; the outcome will depend on what people are willing to put up with – and then it’s about finding more constructive ways of using the energy.


With Saturn – Pluto big societal changes are inevitable.

The current structure will in many ways blow up, and many things won’t continue as before…which can be both good and bad.


The state’s, the government’s, the authorities’, as well other societal institutions powers will change distinctly – and this can both go in the direction of a lot more or a lot less power.

The citizens’ rights or lack of them can also go in either direction.


The distrust of outer authorities, including both governmental and private institutions, that are considered pillars of society, will reach its absolute highest.

A lot has already suffered serious, serious blows in credibility the past years (such as media, the political system, banking system, taxation system etc. etc.), some will claim that they are already totally bankrupt creditability wise, and in its current form, it certainly won’t get any better, the next couple of years.


One societal pillar that will be especially in the spotlight, during 2019, is, due to Jupiter’s transit through Sagittarius, the justice system.

This will both concern people put on trial for deep corruption and various other sinister crimes, but also the justice system itself will be tested whether its viable, in its current form, in the future.


The organization and structure surrounding the work life and work force will also be subject to huge changes, with Pluto touching Saturn in Capricorn.


The distrust will also go the other way, from authorities towards the people, so there will be a tendency to come down hard on those who “step out of line”. Whether it’s done in a real attempt to uphold law, order and security or whether it’s to cling on to power and control over a population, that will have had enough…


Extreme measures of censorship, surveillance and social behavior regulation, and a very tiny individual latitude, can easily be the result, if we’re not careful.

If the steering wheel is left to others, even the most orthodox person might be very unpleasantly surprised of the world they “suddenly” find themselves in, at the beginning of the next decade.


However, both powerful individuals, powerful dynasties, well known as well as hidden, and societal institutions considered “too big to fail”, might actually crumble, during this influence.

As no one from top to bottom will be safe in their seats, in this period.

Pluto’ s lesson to all of us is; nothing last forever, everything has its time, everything comes to an end, and then something new can be born.


How the new will be, is what all us present on the planet in this particular time period, is co-responsible for.


So, Pluto, is the common thread in the distinct aspects influencing us in this powerful transition period.


Pluto also squares the almost still standing Eris the upcoming year, which tells us that one or more outsider(s) could suddenly enter the field and create discord and splitting among the upper echelons of society (or those who consider themselves to be so) and turn everything upside down.

Likewise, this also tells us that we will all be confronted with important choices, that needs to be made in accordance with our individual value system...which brings us back to the Uranus in Taurus theme of the importance of living our lives from our true inner values and not from something dictated to us, from the outside.


Your values and what you’re willing and not willing to put up with, will thus be a major theme for 2019.


Within the framework of what the prevalent energies offers us, the possibilities of constructive use are:


Taking on more control and responsibility for your own life, taking on your inner authority instead of leaving it to outer authorities to set the structure for your life.


In other words, in the instances where Saturn-Pluto means more power and control to the authorities, the choice is yours, whether it’s you that takes on your authority and thus gain more power and control over your life or whether you will let outer authorities take over even more.


In the instances where Saturn – Pluto means the crash of the well-known structure of society and previous way of life, it’s your choice what you will put in its place.


Depending on perception, taking on more responsibility might feel as a heavy burden or as very liberating.


For sure, this energy places high demands on people. It’s not a time where things are served on a platter for you, there are likely privileges you will have to forego, but other things can be gained, if you’re willing to do an effort.


Neptune in Pisces reminds us not to leave behind those not capable of taking care of themselves, and since Neptune will be in a harmonious angle to Saturn (and Pluto), its actually doable; to bring everyone along, and to do something that benefits all, instead of just a few.


Jupiter in Sagittarius is in many ways the light in the dark, the uplifting energy among the more dark and heavy influences.

From here, we can rise above the current darkness, look ahead towards brighter times and find inspiration to how we will get to a better and more ethical world.


However, a Jupiter – Neptune square warns us to not be led astray by dreams and illusions, especially of the kind that promises a Messiah, aliens, angels or others to come and save us from it all.

This doesn’t exclude “outside” help, not at all, it’s just, that the prevalent energies very clearly tell us, that the responsibility is mainly ours …yours and mine.


Another warning concern believing that one’s perception of the truth is the only one viable and becoming fanatic or extreme.


If those pit falls can be avoided, then Jupiter in Sagittarius’ optimism and future orientation along with Neptune in Pisces’ compassion, spirituality and sense of unity, can be very useful tools in getting us out of this mess we’re in and in creating a better future for us all. Jupiter remains in Sagittarius until December.


2019 brings us five Eclipses, spread over two entire Eclipse seasons and the beginning of a third.


We end the series of Eclipses on the Leo/Aquarius axis, with another Blood Moon, on January 20-21st. Aside from that powerful total Lunar Eclipse, the Eclipses will be on the Cancer/Capricorn axis and the themes, that were kickstarted last Summer, will dominate the year.



Since the first Eclipse season begins at the very beginning of the new year, with a partial Solar Eclipse, at the New Moon in Capricorn. on January 6th, you will be able to read much more about the meaning of this, in the first days of 2019, here.


So no, with a Uranus- Pluto square activated again on January 1st, the beginning of an Eclipse season, in the very first week of January, and Saturn and Pluto getting noticeably close in mid-January, the new year doesn’t exactly start out quietly!


It can be frightening when much of the well-known world and societal structures (no matter how you feel about them) crashes, burns and comes to an end.

But it’s also an exciting and very unique time to be alive, with a special opportunity for being part of creating a new era, a new way of life.


This is a time of big earth changes that has been prophesized about for centuries, and it’s not a coincidence that you’re here on Planet Earth now.

If you’re here, it’s because you have something to offer, a special assignment that is an important piece of the big puzzle of getting us through this major transition.


Let’s take on our individual assignments and together use the energies wisely to end this wild decade constructively and create a foundation for some fantastic 20’s for us all.


Happy New Year 😊


©Astrologer Tina Reinhardt Hansen

December 29th 2018








We are now ending the 13 month long period, where Jupiter has been transiting through Scorpio, casting its light on the darkness and thus revealed many of the things done in hiding there.


A few days before Jupiter entered Scorpio, last October, the Weinstein reveals began, a few days after Jupiter had entered the sign the #metoo – campaign began (reopened from an earlier movement from 2006, where Jupiter, interestingly enough, also was in Scorpio!) and then things began to roll quickly, all around the world.


You can choose to see this a clear organically occurring example of the synchronicity between the planets movements and events here on Earth; as above, so below…You could also choose to see this as events orchestrated, by those who hide at the very back of the dark, who have deep knowledge of the energies and this synchronicity, and who knew that the darkness was about to be lit up, and then used their power and ability to stage, well ahead, counting on sleazy sex scandals and abuse among the rich and famous to distract the people from things even worse, done by their own hand…

Either way, the sign change and following events ran totally like a script.


Since then we have seen an enormous amount of revelations around the world concerning plutonian subjects, such as abuse of power, corruptness, financial embezzlement, sexual abuse, pedophilia – and if you went further beneath the surface into the darkness; also of ritual sacrifices, literal vampirism and cannibalism…


No, it’s certainly not pretty and nice when the dark is lit up – but necessary!


Now Jupiter is getting ready to leave Scorpio and will enter Sagittarius shortly and new themes will begin to emerge.


So, what will the next chapter of the script consist of?


Some of the revelations of various forms of abuse and corruption will no doubt have legal consequences and since legal matters are both under Jupiter and Sagittarius’ domain, this can become quite a prevalent theme the coming year.


There will generally be a lot of focus on laws, on convictions, on judicial matters and the court system itself.


Jupiter is strong in Sagittarius, since it rules the sign - both planet and sign has tendency to overdo, enlarge, and strengthen, so we will likely get both the best and the worst of the energy.


It will be a time with strong focus on the truth; the search for truth/ the disclosure of truth.


The downside is, that people’s perception of the truth and the rightness of their conviction can be so strong, that it can lead to fanatism and extremism.  This concerns both religious, political and other kinds of convictions, beliefs and life philosophies…


To not enter the extreme, but to seek temperance will be wise and very important!


It’s hard to remember a time when immigrants and fugitives where not a hot topic, but it certainly won’t become any less so, the coming year, since Jupiter and Sagittarius represent foreign countries and cultures and the people from there.


We’re getting close to the end of a decade and Sagittarius is a very future oriented sign, so we will be quite occupied with how we would like the 20’s – and the time thereafter – to turn out and how to create a better future.


There will be focus on growth, development and the higher meaning of it all.


The educations systems might also undergo a change, gearing it more towards new times.


The house(s) where you have Sagittarius as well as any planets or points you might have in the sign, will thus be visited by Jupiter the coming the year.


The combination of it all will show, where you have the highest growth potential, during the period.


Perhaps also where you will experience downright luck, as Jupiter is also known as the bringer of luck, but mainly Jupiter is about growth.


Generally, it will be a time, where we’re still not out of the dark yet, but where we look forward to - and try to create - brighter times.


This is Sagittarius absolute finest quality, the ability, in middle of the darkest of dark, to be able to hold the light at the end of the tunnel in sight and rejoice in it.


Certainly, an optimistic view of the future will be much needed in the crucial times ahead.


November 3rd 2018

© Astrologer Tina Reinhardt Hansen




Uranus; from Aries to Taurus 2018/19



It’s always significant when an outer planet changes sign. This month we’re facing a distinct change of signs, when the outer planet Uranus, enters Taurus for about 6 months.

In November Uranus will return to Aries for one last period, before finally entering Taurus in spring 2019, staying there until 2026.


Let’s first do a recap on Uranus’ transit through Aries, before we look ahead to the upcoming 7-8 years, with Uranus in Taurus.


In 2010 Uranus likewise began dancing back and forth between Pisces and Aries, before finally entering Aries in spring 2011.

However, this wasn’t just a change of signs, as Uranus does every 7 years.

With Pisces being the last sign of the Zodiac, and Aries the first, this was also the end, as well as the beginning of a new, 84year long cycle. In other words, a major event.

The final ingress into Aries was also accordingly dramatic, as it took place synchronously with the tsunami in Fukushima, Japan in 2011.

On the day Uranus was at the very, very end of Pisces (water), the tsunami took place and was livestreamed (Uranus = technology) and the whole world was for the first time able to witness a catastrophe in real-time, from their living rooms. The tsunami then developed from a nature – to a nuclear disaster, the following day, when Uranus entered Aries (fire)…


As above, so below…whether organically or orchestrated…


In the true spirit of Uranus, the first entrance into Aries in 2010 was accompanied by waves of protests, uprisings, riots and revolutions suddenly igniting around the globe. Even starting in parts of the world, where it up until then would have been totally out of the question.

But the combination of Uranus’ rebellious, revolutionary, freedom loving energy and its vision of equal rights for all, and Aries’ fiery temper, willingness to fight for its cause, and a “Nobody is gonna keep ME down” -attitude, quickly made everything reach the boiling point; the lid was blown off.


Whether the many, many protests around the globe spontaneously erupted, simply because people had had enough, or whether some of them were orchestrated by a smaller group, who knows how to use the prevailing energies in accordance with their own agendas and were able to manipulate large groups of people to go along with things, that wasn’t necessarily what they thought they were; “the protest spirit” has been a prevailing theme these past years.

(“The Arab Spring, “The Occupy” Movements, large protests in Southern Europe, turbulent riots in London, Stockholm, Egypt, Turkey, Thailand and Brazil among many other places, “Black Lives Matter” in the US, as well as recent anti-Trump protests are just a tiny fraction of some of what’s been going on around the globe in the past 7 years).


There’s also been quite a lot of sable rattling among nations and the general level of conflict and threats has risen (Aries= the sign of the warrior).


The turbulence and generally heated atmosphere, in the years Uranus has transited Aries, of course also must be seen in context of Uranus’ infamous square to Pluto, which, with only a few breaks along the way, has been active all these years as well.

Since Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008 and Uranus Aries in 2010, it has, as predicted, been a very distinct time in our global history, and the world – and the people in it – has changed A LOT.


On a personal level, the parts that can be attributed to Uranus, has very much been about a growing need for individual freedom; the freedom to do what you want, the freedom to go after what you desire, without unnecessary restrictions and intrusions from others.


While Uranus’ shift from Aries to Taurus might not be quite as powerful, as when Uranus, started a completely new 84 year cycle 7 years ago, one only has to think of  the current parallels to the second half of the 1930s(!), where Uranus had also left Aries and entered Taurus, where an Uranus – Pluto square was also laid to rest, and an important Saturn – Pluto aspect was also upcoming, to understand that we’re still living in distinct times and that the coming years will be crucial.


Let’s now look ahead to Uranus’ transit through Taurus, from 2018/19 till 2026.


We have now entered a time where the themes and collective trends that will influence us the next 7-8 years will start to make themselves felt.

Especially the period up until the end of 2024 is on the drawing board now, as the 3 outer planets, (who combined describes the collective trends and zeitgeist), will be in the signs they’re also in from May -November ‘18: Uranus in Taurus, Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn.

So, the end of this decade and the first half of the next are in the making right now – and the bright observer of both outer events and inner sensations, will now be getting strong hints of where we’re heading on both a collective and individual level.


If you’re someone who’s typically ahead of your time, you have probably already felt this for quite some time now.


With Uranus’ shift from Aries to Taurus comes a clear energy shift and new themes will rise to the surface.


While Uranus and Aries could easily agree on having had enough, seeing red, rioting and demanding change and better conditions NOW! Taurus is much more calm and reluctant to change; would preferably keep the status quo if it could.

But that’s not an option, when partnering up with Uranus.

Changes are inevitable and whether we willingly go along with them or we have to be dragged through them, they will now primarily happen on Taurus’ domain; finance, values, ownership, resources, food and nature.


In the underground there has long been talk of an upcoming financial crash or reset.

So, will it be during Uranus’ transit through Taurus that the fiat/debt-based economy finally reaches its end?

Well, we will most certainly begin to value differently, and Taurus undeniably stands for more concrete and physical values than “out of thin air”.

But whether we will see a fairer redistribution of resources, or whether the 1 % will just find new ways of getting richer, while the rest of us get poorer, Uranus in Taurus doesn’t necessarily say. The only thing that’s certain, is that things won’t continue as before.


There IS potential for new economical experiments, that could benefit us all, as well as potential for protests against perceived economical injustices.


In the end, exactly which way the financial winds will blow, depends on what people are willing to put up with, and what YOU choose to earn your money on, as well as spend them on, from now on…


If there’s one thing that can provoke the usually serene Bull, be the red rag, so to speak, it is to threaten it on its possessions.

Taurus has a very strong sense of ownership and is quite possessive of everything and everyone it holds dear.

And Uranus will of course challenge this…


Ownership and possessions will thus be a hot topic.

This might come about as a discussion on whether you can truly own anything here on earth or whether its only yours temporarily, a loan, something you can rent.

A rebellion might simmer, if the perception is that some can own things, while others cannot.

And if it gets to a point of having to struggle and/or fight to keep what people feel are rightfully theirs, that is when the inner Bull might very well feel the need to butt it horns quite fiercely…


Another huge theme will be food and nature.


Optimally, Uranus in Taurus could be this giant green wave, with ecology, biodynamics and permaculture boosting and blooming like never before, and might also introduce new inventive ways of showing even more respect for Mother Earth, nature and its creatures.


However, there’s also a possibility that things could go in another direction.

The ability to grow, buy and eat healthy and nurturing food might somehow be threatened.

The last time Uranus was in Taurus, we had a lack of - and rationing of - food, and those who did best were those who had the opportunity to grow for themselves.

It was a time when it was needed to think out of the box to get food to last longer and to invent alternatives to things that were scarce or no longer available at all.


Whether we do it out of our own free will, because we truly feel an inner urge to take care of our Earth and its resources or we are forced to it, from outside circumstances, out of our control, the way we treat and relate to nature and what we eat is bound to change.

If we’re to imagine some kind of uprising in this area, it might very well be about resources and access to (healthy) food.


If you’re callously making (a lot of) money on pillaging mother Earth of its resources, filling people with poison, making them sick and dependent on synthetic medicine, a giant green wave is, of course, not in your interest.


The notion that those (truly) in power were only counseled by astrology to rule in an ancient, ancient past, couldn’t be more off. “The hidden hand” is extremely well aware of what planetary energies are prevailing and of how to use them in their own interest.

So, unless a shift of power takes place (and with Pluto in Capricorn no one can feel safe, whether we’re talking puppets or puppeteers, hence the last years growing desperation…), that is unfortunately unlikely to be in the interest of the many.

As the world is ruled and run right now, it seems we have to take matters in to our own hands and do our best to create “the positive version” of Uranus in Taurus.


So now, that you as well are aware of the upcoming prevailing energies, what will you do?


On a personal level a huge theme will be; values.

It will feel increasingly important and urgent to be able to live your life in accordance with your true values.

In contexts where others set the parameters, it will become increasingly intolerable, if they don’t represent your values  – to the point where the consequences will be that you will either have to rebel and try to change things or to remove yourself completely from them, and instead start setting the agenda yourself.


Uranus enters Taurus on May 15th and the sign shift is already felt; we’re creating the future right now.


If you wish to live on a green and lush Earth, filled with people living in peaceful coexistence, aligned with nature and with deep respect for all other living creatures, where you can freely choose what nurturing sustenance you put into your mouth, and where you naturally have the freedom and the right to live your life in accordance with your true values, then the time is now, to do your part to manifest it in reality. Let’s do it!


May 2018 – © Astrologer Tina Reinhardt Hansen


Chiron’s new cycle

Today one of the slower moving heavenly bodies, the asteroid Chiron, begins a new cycle through the Zodiac, since it has just left Pisces and has now entered Aries.

Chiron spends around 50 years travelling through the Zodiac. But since it’s only 41 years ago that Chiron was discovered, this is the first time, since we became conscious of Chiron’s existence in 1977, that it enters the first sign of the Zodiac and thus begin a brand new cycle.

This opens up the opportunity for a lift in consciousness.

With a new cycle and a new round trip comes 2 possibilities, we could do a repeat performance, literally just going round and round in a circle or we could do a new round trip on a new and higher level, viewing the circle as part of an upwards spiral.

Chiron represents the archetype of the “Wounded healer”. Its energy is mainly about turning crisis, trauma and wounds, whether physical or on the soul into wisdom, into something that gives you special affinity for helping, teaching and healing others.

But the original tale of Chiron, the wounded healer, who gave so much to others, also includes a tragic element, as Chiron could never heal his own debilitating wound and became more and more agonized, in the end losing the will to live.

If we were to imagine a rewrite of that story, for the new cycle, for the next 50 years, concerning our own inner wounded healer, then perhaps the wounds that most of us have, no longer needs to be open festering wounds. Perhaps a scab could now cover them, and along the way turn them into just small scars.

That, which you’re not able to heal in yourself, you might be able to find others who can, and now is time to go out and look for them.

Most importantly, we’re living in a time, with lots of incoming Light, love and healing energy, and if you can navigate through the darks twistedness and attempts of blocking the Light, you can open up and receive it, like never before.

So, the potential for a new deep and comprehensive healing, individually and collectively, for all of Mother Earth and all of us living here, is definitely there, in a whole new way.

On top of that Chiron’s new cycle also brings the potential for lifting learning, teaching and the sharing of information to a new higher level, where it truly becomes about reaching and passing on enlightenment and wisdom.

We can at least try. Let’s take this to a higher level!

© Astrologer Tina Reinhardt Hansen

Spring 2018







In 2018 we have a 10 year anniversary coming up, of the Uranus – Pluto square and the gigantic process of change it symbolizes (financial & debt crisis – leadership crisis – the fall/ the removal/ the abdications of people in power – the change in power balances – reveals of corruption, abuse of power and other sinister motives – focus on inequality, injustice and suppression – anti elite movements – protests -uprising – riots – escalation of terror/false flag events – climate change – extreme weather events – distinct changes in personal lives – a strong need for individual freedom – potential for growth – the whole 2012/awakening/ascension process).


The square is still active on and off, until Spring 2019, but has entered its last chapter. Since neither Uranus, nor Pluto represents energies, that just discreetly leave the stage, after a performance, it’s to be expected, that the abovementioned themes will still be highly relevant throughout 2018.


Particularly in April/May and November/December, when Uranus is in the last critical degree of Aries, the urge for rebellion against all kinds of suppression and the urge to fight for individual freedom, will be felt very strongly.


New themes will, however, start to add to the saga, when Uranus peeks inside Taurus from May – November, giving us a significant preview to some of the prevailing themes of 2019 – 2026, when Uranus finally enters and transits through Taurus.


This will set in motion further economic changes, of the kind, that will be felt in individual finances and personal wallets.


Will we see a crash or a financial reset? Will the fiat/debt based economy reach its end? Will we see a fairer redistribution of values or will the small rich percent find new inventive ways to become richer, while the rest of the people become poorer? If so, will we see a rebellion against this? Or will there be a rebellion against income taxes? Will we see financial experiments and new ways of thinking, such as for example implementing basic income?


Well, all the above is actually quite possible during this transit. The only thing certain is that things won’t continue as previously. Exactly which way it will go, depends a lot on what people are willing to put up with, going forward.


Property and ownership will be another hot topic. Whether it will be as in having to fight for your belongings. Or in a debate about whether you can truly own something on this earth, or whether it’s simply temporarily leased to you. Rebellion might simmer, if there’s a perception, that some are allowed ownership, while others are not…


A 3rd and extremely important focus point will be food and nature.


This can also go two ways. With Uranus in Taurus we might see further growth in ecology and biodynamic farming and gardening, as well as the development of new methods, that respect nature and its creations even more. One can only hope. It’s certainly a possibility, during this transit.


But, unfortunately, the right to grow, produce, buy and eat healthy, nurturing food cannot be taken for granted. As there are strong forces that wishes otherwise and have a giant machine behind them. So, the fight for freedom and rebellion might also very well concern food, and access to healthy food or perhaps just access to food in general…


The last time Uranus transited Taurus was a time of lack of food and rationing. Those who did best, were those who were able to grow their own food. It was also a time when alternatives had to be invented to all the things no longer available or in short supply. This could once again be relevant; that we will have to think out of the box, to make meals last longer or to create substitutes for things no longer accessible.


Right before the Winter Solstice of 2017, Saturn entered Capricorn.


In a continuation of the theme of food and nature, Saturn’s’ transit through Capricorn, also signals further focus on sustainability, and the need of only consuming what is truly needed.


Saturn is at home and strongly placed in its own sign, Capricorn, whether this will be felt as a positive, depends on your level of maturity.


It’s definitely not a time to lean back and expect things to just land in your lap.

2018, and the rest of this decade, as well as the beginning of the next, is rather a time, where it will be highly necessary to take responsibility for yourself and your own life, be willing to work hard, for what you consider important, realize that you reap, as you sow, and then act in accordance with this realization.


If that doesn’t come naturally, Saturn might very well be felt as heaviness, resistance and obstruction.

But if you’re willing to put in the work, and take the long haul, you will be rewarded accordingly and later be able to harvest the fruits of your labor.


This is also very much about being willing to be the authority of your own life, of taking and keeping the control of it, responsibly, so that others won’t have to do it for you.


With Saturn in Capricorn, there will be a special focus on state, government and various authorities. And during this transit, their power might increase to the point of running completely off track, if allowed - if we give up our natural individual authority. This might end up with so many regulations, restrictions, prohibitions, and so much control and surveillance, that the system will become so stiff and suffocating, that there’s no breathing room left. So, take on and keep your own authority!


Pluto is, as we know, also positioned in Capricorn, and while we, during the next 15 months, will have to wrap up the Uranus – Pluto square, we now also begin gearing up to the next big astrological event, which takes place when Saturn reaches Pluto, at the beginning of 2020. That conjunction signals an important cycle ending and a new one beginning.


There are (eerily) many astrological similarities, between present time and the last half of the 1930s(!), where we also said goodbye to a Uranus – Pluto square, where Uranus also left Aries and entered Taurus, followed by a Saturn – Pluto aspect…


There are obviously forces, who are using the energetic similarities to try and manipulate us and the world in the same direction as back then, as well as forces working against it,  doing everything in their power to prevent it.


Through the placements of Pluto, Saturn and Uranus, the next couple of years, showcases a strong emphasis on Earth signs and the Earth element. This is no coincidence, as we’re literally determining the future of our planet, Mother Earth, nature and all of us inhabiting the Earth.

2018 and the following years are crucial in that respect!


While the individual, during the previous years of the Uranus – Pluto square might have felt somewhat powerless up against the prevailing turbulent, transformative, and in many ways destructive energies, we are now entering a new phase, where individual responsibility and action are not only possible, but also demanded.

How the new cycle, beginning in 2020, will manifest, is what we are co creating and must take responsibility for, now!


On a spiritual level, Saturn in Capricorn, is about knowing/finding your higher life purpose and then start taking action and simply doing it. It’s about connecting with the Light, and then going back out in the world, and spreading Light around you, in a way, that only you can. Real and true Lightwork, with emphasis on work – and the more people who do that, the more positive a new cycle, we can create, starting in 2020.


Jupiter will continue to spend most of the year in Scorpio, so, in 2018, we will see further revelations of what has been going on, hidden in the dark, more “open secrets” being confirmed, and most of it will concern abuse of power, sex, abuse of the sexual energy and death...Some revelations might be so sinister and macabre, that many will feel the urge to turn away from it. But Saturn in Capricorn also has a say in this regard; it’s demanded of us, that we are/become mature enough to face the harsh realities, about how this world is truly run, if things are to change.


Jupiter in Scorpio also places focus on soul connections. So, 2018 is a year, where you might meet another/other kindred spirits and soulmates, that you share a higher life purpose with. Precisely, because this is a such an important and determining time we live in, more souls that share a purpose will get together. This way we can help each other make important and necessary changes, as well as creating more Light, spreading it like rings in water, and work together towards creating a new positive cycle, at the beginning of the next decade.


At the end of 2018, Jupiter enters its own sign, Sagittarius, giving us a much needed sense of hope and optimism, and inner  certainty that there IS light at the end of the dark tunnel. Which is rather a nice way to end the year, as well as this analysis 😊


Happy New Year <3


© Astrologer Tina Reinhardt Hansen - December 29th 2017


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