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The Month of Virgo

 August 23rd  - September 23rd  2019


Element: Earth/ Physical level

Modality/Season: Mutable/Late Summer turning into Fall.

Ruled by: Mercury. Spiritual ruler: the Moon


Friday the Sun leaves Leo and enters Virgo. During the month of Virgo, which is the last month of the year, where the Light has the upper hand, late Summer gradually transforms into Fall.

Nature now offers a treasure trove of healthy late summer fruit and berries among other things, ready for harvest and conserving, before the winter half year kicks in.

So, now is also the time to soak up the last late Summer Sunshine, before the Dark takes over.

During the month of Virgo, we put the more loose, fun and pleasure filled Summer period behind us, and begin our everyday life again. There’s lots on the practical to do list and we need to kick our braincells and analytical skills into high gear again.

Our health becomes a priority, often in terms of healthier eating and exercise habits, as our body and mind need to be finetuned to function optimally in the busy and dark period waiting ahead.

A couple of years ago we had a series of Eclipses on the Virgo/Pisces axis. Some of the Solar Eclipses are still active and is triggered by Mars, during this month of Virgo, in the days surrounding the New Moon in Virgo on August 30th and the Harvest Full Moon in Pisces on September 14th. (See more below, when the time is near.)

This means that Virgo/Pisces themes, such as: health, medicine, diet, the weak and ill and their conditions, water, earth, animals, animal rights, labour market, privacy, women’s rights and conditions, goddess energy, spirituality, music/musicians, narcotics, something/someone having to be sacrificed or already have been, smokescreens put out/revealed, illusions bursting & the end of an era…can become especially important and relevant the coming month.

So, keep an eye out for that and also have a great late summer month of Virgo 😊

© Astrologer Tina Reinhardt Hansen





New Moon in Virgo August 30th

Just before noon on Friday 30th, the Moon reaches the Suns position 6°46 Virgo, while the Moon is also closest to us, in its orbit around Earth, making it a Super New Moon, that starts the new Moon cycle.

The New Moon in Virgo is the absolute best New Moon/time of the year for kickstarting new healthier habits.

Anything improving your mental and physical health, such as your eating– exercise- and resting/sleeping habits and patterns is thus beneficial.

Other beneficial initiatives during the Virgo New Moon are:

- Cleaning out and cleansing the unimportant, not useful and unhealthy from your life

- Anything concerning your job situation; improvement of existing work conditions, more effective ways of working, jobhunting, changing jobs etc.

- Anything improving and streamlining your everyday life, making it run as smoothly as possible

- Anything protecting your privacy and showing discernment in terms of what information others have access to about you.

- Anything, creating more time and space for withdrawing and spending time alone.

- Anything concerning the animals in your life.

- Anything that grounds you.

- Meditation where anchoring feminine/goddess energy is in focus.



Mars joins the Sun and Moon in Virgo and also adds the possibility of anchoring divine masculine energy, as well as a call to action.

As the classic Eclipse trigger, Mars adds additional fuel to the New Moon, by triggering 2 previous Solar Eclipses in Pisces and in Virgo, in the days surrounding the New Moon, from August 29th – September 4th to be exact.

So, there’s power behind this Super New Moon, which is precise Friday at 11.37 (BST – adjust to your local time), and you can beneficially work with the energies thereafter.

Happy New Moon in Virgo 😊        

© Astrologer Tina Reinhardt Hansen



Full Moon in Aquarius August 15th

Thursday afternoon, the Moon reaches 22°24 Aquarius, exactly opposite the Sun (and Venus) in Leo and the Full Moon of August takes place.

While the Leo Sun is focused on the individual and the Self; on expressing itself; of staging itself, of taking on a central, leading and exalted position, the Moon in Aquarius reminds us of the importance of considering the welfare of others, of thinking of the group, the community, preventing it from becoming a giant ego – and power trip.

Aquarius considers everyone equal and often fights for freedom and equal rights for all – however, often from the position of an outsider.

So, the common trait for these two opposite signs are that neither of them consider themselves part of the giant masses.

Leo encourages to follow your heart, but Leo also loves bathing in the glow of admiration from others and thus find it tempting to act in accordance with what receives most applause, and in doing so can be led astray from the true voice of the heart.

The Full Moon in Aquarius encourage you to care less about what others might think, to follow your own path, and to also follow your heart, when you can’t expect standing ovations from your surroundings - both when it’s something that is right for you to do, personally or when it’s something needed from a greater community, that you need to step up and do.

Aquarius’ and thus also the ruler of this Full Moon; Uranus, goes retrograde a couple of days before the Full Moon, making it wise for us to also go back, look back and reflect, before we can move forward.

(Notice by the way, that last weeks quite explosive events and news, happened while Uranus was standing still, before changing direction)

Full Moon is release time – and at this Full Moon it’s beneficial to look back on and release whatever has blocked your freedom, what has been standing in the way of you following your heart, what has dimmed your Light; fear of lack of acceptance and applause, fear of standing out, fear of what others might say and think etc. This Full Moon is also beneficial for releasing blocks of the heart chakra.

Issues with friendships – and because of Venus’ involvement – also issues concerning love life, romantic relationships and values can be looked back on, reflected upon, and then released.

The Full Moon is precise Thursday afternoon at 13.29 BST (adjust to your local time).

The night between Monday and Tuesday brings the peak of the annual meteor shower, the Perseids. Find Cassiopeia, easily recognized on the night sky, in its shape of a W. Right below it, you will find the constellation Perseus, from where the shooting stars emerge.

Mars will the entire week trigger “The Great American Eclipse” from 2017 – and the themes of this total Solar Eclipse in Leo.

Eclipses on the Leo/Aquarius axis typically focus on royalty, heads of state – and church, the stars, celebrities; the elite, the publics’ reaction to what’s happening in/with the elite. It also focuses on freedom fighters, free thinkers, truthers; those who oppose and go up against the elite and those in power. Strikes, protest, uprising, riots and rebellion. Fire. Drought. Technology. Heaven, space and crafts and beings out there.

So, this is definitely worth looking out for.

During the month of Leo, we are typically made more aware that life is a stage, and the series of eclipses on the Leo/Aquarius axis has made it even more obvious how much is literally staged. While the focus is primarily on those playing the leading roles; the figureheads, the biggest question that needs to be answered is, who is writing the script? Seems to be someone with deep knowledge of the meaning of planetary placements and the energies…

So, a week with a Full Moon on this axis, an outer planet (that just happens to rule this Full Moon as well), that changes directions and a triggered powerful previous total Solar Eclipse, can only be “interesting”, look out!

Enjoy the Perseids meteor shower and have a happy Full Moon in Aquarius 😊❤

© Astrologer Tina Reinhardt Hansen





New and Full Moon in General


In the course of a year, we traditionally have a few times where we stop, reflect and say goodbye to what lie behind us, before we begin a new chapter, with hopes, wishes and goals for what lies ahead. Usually this is when we enter a new calendar year in January and at our birthday. Both New Year and birthdays are based on the Suns return to a particular point in its cycle through the Zodiac.

There's another cycle, though, based on both the Moon and the Sun, and if you are conscious of that cycle, you get far more opportunities during a year, to start over, begin a new chapter and to let go of the old that no longer works for you, and to do this in alignment with the prevailing energies, at the New - and Full Moon.


New Moon

At New Moon the Sun and Moon, are in the exact same spot, in the same Zodiac sign. When both Luminaries are in the same sign, it creates an enormous power and focus on that particular signs qualities and energy, which we all, no matter our individual "star sign", can access, if we open up and tune in at the right moment. That would be as close as possible to the moment where the New Moon is precise.

During this phase the Moon is invisible, it has just finished a cycle and begins a new one, while still in hiding. This is why there's a strong "new beginning - energy" around the New Moon, where it's very beneficial to start over, take new initiatives, set new goals and make wishes and plans for the future.  There simply is no better time to start something new.

During a year the Sun and Moon makes these joint stops through each sign in the Zodiac and through all or most "houses" /life areas of your individual natal chart.

Intentions, initiatives and goals that are aligned with the particular signs qualities and energy will be the most powerful and effective, but in theory you can wish for anything, as long as it's in within "the highest good for all involved".

As close as possible to the time after the New Moon is precise, it's beneficial to open up, tune in, meditate, visualize, do vision boards, manifest, write down goals and intentions etc.

(The exception is when the Moon is "Void of course" (makes no more aspects to other planets while it's in that sign ), then it's better to wait until the Moon has moved into the next sign. This is a technical thing, that you won't have to worry about, as I will always mention in my New Moon reports, if the exact New Moon moment isn't the best time to work with the New Moon energy and when it will be instead).

 One beneficial thing you can do is to write up to 10 goals and wishes on a list. Whenever one is fulfilled, make a new list with the remaining goals. Update the list and add new things if you like at every New Moon. It's always a good idea to have a mix of short and long term goals, as well as a mix of smaller and bigger wishes.

At both the New and Full Moon the door to other dimensions is wide open around the precise time. Deep insights and important messages can reach you, as you will be much more receptive.


Full Moon

At Full Moon the Sun and Moon are 180 degrees apart, in opposite signs of the Zodiac and the focus is on both the differences and the common theme on the mutual axis made by the two signs.

In this phase the Moon rises, when the Sun sets, and as clearly seen in the sky, it has reached its maximum potential.

The Full Moon is alluring, fascinating, beautiful, mystical and magical. For some it's also disturbing, many can't sleep, some are more prone to mood swings, some easier lose their temper and planned things doesn't always go as intended.

The Full Moon energy is way better for improvisation, for letting go and going with the flow than for the planned and controlled.

With this energy, it's beneficial for you to let go, not just of yourself, but also in the sense of letting go of and releasing unwanted things in your life.

While at the New Moon you should focus on what you wish to manifest and actively bring into your life, at the Full Moon it's about cleansing and releasing everything in your life, that might once have had its purpose, but now no longer works for you and stands in the way of your wellbeing and balance.

One could also say that the New Moon has a more Solar/yang/"masculine" feel; here you get to be an active co-creator of your life, while the Full Moon has a more Lunar/yin/"feminine" feel, here the energy is more out of control, you get to release and receive.

A beneficial Full Moon ritual -  could be to write down the things you wish to let go of, (once again preferably as close to the exact Full Moon moment as possible) on pieces of paper and then burn them (safely), piece for piece.

If you don't have anything in particular you wish to let go of at a Full Moon, but perhaps are looking for some sort of guidance, open yourself up and see what comes to you, as you will be much more receptive than usual.

And finally, of course, make sure to get out there and take in the beauty and magic of the Full Moon in the evening/ night sky.



Every year has several eclipses at New and Full Moon, some of them won't be visible where you live, but they will still be highly influential on an energetic level.

A Solar eclipse is an extremely powerful New Moon and a Lunar Eclipse is an extremely powerful Full Moon. Both has an effect that reaches far beyond a normal New/Full Moon. The eclipses are the Universes way of pinpointing certain themes, that we collectively are meant to take a closer look at. On a personal level, the eclipses pinpoint specific areas of your life that will be of focus in one way or another, for the coming future.


New & Full Moon, Eclipses and your personal chart.

Obviously to make the best use of both the New and Full Moon - and the Eclipse - energies, you should use them along with your personal chart.

Then it won't just be the particular signs involved (that are common for all us), but also the specific life areas they take place in (which varies from person to person) as well as involving the planets in your personal chart, that might be triggered. It then becomes a deeply personal  way, you can work with the energies of our two Luminaries; the Sun and the Moon. During a year you will get through all the areas of your life and during a whole life time, different planets in your chart will be triggered and add to the meaning.

Here you can order my special New - And Full Moon Chart  which tells you where the New and Full Moon will be in your personal chart a year ahead and how you can make the best use of - and align yourself beneficially with the Solar and Lunar energies, in a way that only you can, since every person and their personal chart is completely unique.

© Astrologer Tina Reinhardt Hansen