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Jupiter in Scorpio

Jupiter enters Scorpio today and will reside in the sign for about a year.

During that year the Dark will be lit up. In other words some of the things that have been hiding in the dark will now come to light.

So, it will quite likely be a year with a lot of reveals and revelations, and some of them could be of a sinister character.

A huge collective, as well as individual, “shadow – work “awaits us.

It’s an opportunity to go really deep, psychologically and a lot will become conscious and needs to be processed.  

Expect focus on taboos, hidden motives and agendas, abuse of power, abuse of common resources, abuse of sex, the power behind the sexual energy, the survival instinct, death and rebirth.

The houses in your personal chart, that contains Scorpio, will thus receive a visit from Jupiter. Likewise, will any planet or point you have in the sign. Combined they represent the areas of your life, that brings you the highest growth opportunity the coming year.

 © Astrolog Tina Reinhardt Hansen

Oktober 2017




In 2017 several distinct, already familiar, planetary aspects and positions continues. But there will also be brand new and, thankfully, more positive energies at work.

The themes from the long-lasting global process of change (2008 -2019), symbolized by the Uranus - Pluto square (financial & debt crisis - leadership crisis - change in power balances - revelations of corruption, abuse of power & sinister motives - focus on inequality, injustice and suppression- anti elite movements - protests - uprising - riots - escalation of conflicts - terror - climate change - distinct changes in personal lives) is still ongoing. The square will not get anywhere close to being precise again, but it is reinforced in 2017 by magnifying Jupiter, who triggers both Uranus and Pluto one by one, from a challenging angle, up until late Summer/early Fall. So this year will bring further challenges, as far as the above mentioned issues are concerned. Especially in the first half of the year.

In the background Neptune swims further into the middle of its own sign, Pisces, continuing to put topics such as: heightened intuition - sensitivity - contact with other dimensions - charity - spirituality - art/artists (and hopefully not only in the form of beloved legends dying!) -  debate on legalizing previous illegal substances - medicine - viruses - water (in all its shapes and forms) on the agenda.

Saturn continues its journey through Sagittarius, until December, so in 2017 we will still see: resistance to globalization - national states guarding their borders and identity - focus on foreigners/fugitives/immigrants - cut down and restrictions in the educational system - serious reality check of positive thinking and psychology - difficulty in seeing the Light at the end of the tunnel.

But the Light is there somewhere - and 2017 actually sets itself apart from the previous years in a more optimistic manner. We no longer have any precise squares between the four planetary heavyweights and 2 of them; Saturn and Uranus, are now connecting in a HARMONIOUS aspect - the trine.

In this instance Saturn represents the old world, the well established, the formal, the traditional, mainstream, what we used to do and Uranus represents the new, the rebellion against establishment, the untraditional, the alternative, the different, the new and unknown.

A harmonious angle between these two means, that we now get the chance to experience a more flowing transition from the old, well known world to the new unknown, taking shape right now  - and this in regards to both collective and individual lives. We cannot go back to how things were before, but the way forward CAN be less turbulent and divisive than it has been so far.

An openness and accept of alternative and untraditional thinking and way of life is definitely on the rise. Things that was considered utopian or too far out before, will now prove valuable in practice and thus gain more respect in the population.

Even though much of the old and established has clearly and truly failed lately, with this trine there will also be an understanding of not ALL old necessarily meaning bad. We now get the opportunity to pick and choose the most important and still relevant parts from the past and update them and use them in new contexts - and it will be able to work; to make the old and the new meet in higher unison.

The Saturn - Uranus trine also means that 2017 can very well offer new technological and/or scientific landslides. New inventions, as well as new discoveries/information about the world and/or the universe could be announced and play a significant role in the future.

On a personal level it is also possible to use this energy to put any new, different and exciting ideas you might have into practice.

However, a trine is not nearly as insistent as a square, so with all the possibilities opening up now, it is extremely important to consciously reach out for them.

In many ways we are on a cross road, where things can still derail completely (keeping in mind, that the last decade we had an Uranus - Pluto square didn't end so well - the 1930s! ) OR we (both the people in power and each one of us individually) can keep our eyes really open and grab the beneficial possibilities that offers itself now, (in the midst of a lot of things, we might not personally like), and create something constructive, lasting and positive out of these new times. It has never been more urgent to choose the Light and to spread it around you than now!

Those who have important planets/points between 13˚ Libra - 16˚ Scorpio, will receive a visit from Jupiter, during 2017, pinpointing beneficial growth opportunities, and sometimes also downright luck. Everyone has a house/houses, containing these parts of the two signs. So if you don't have planets here, it will be the life areas, symbolized by the house(s), that are favored.

Happy New Year - may you make the best out of the opportunities that present themselves to you!

© Astrologer Tina Reinhardt Hansen - December 29th 2016






Once again we enter a new year, with energies close to the boiling point!  The Uranus - Pluto Square (global process of change - financial crisis - leadership crisis - exposal of abuse of power and other questionable methods - injustice and inequality revealed - protests, uprising and riots - escalation of new and old conflicts in the world - terror attacks- visible climate change/extreme weather situations - really distinct changes in personal lives), that has heavily influenced us, from the end of the last decade and will do till the end of this, will not be precise again, but it's coming VERY close to it, at the beginning of the year.

The square peaks, 1˚02 from being precise, at the end of January/beginning of February, so the energies will be very turbulent from the beginning of the year and well into the Spring. We will most likely see both more dramatic world events as well as experience huge changes in personal lives.

When we reach the Summer, the U- P Square will enter an on and off phase, that lasts until spring 2019. So, it isn't over, but many will probably feel relieved, that the first months of 2016 will be the last time it will be felt THIS intensely. In that sense the Spring Equinox of 2016 truly signals a new and brighter beginning.

Change aren't necessarily a bad thing, though, nor is it only something that happens to you, it can also be something you take into your own hands and make happen. From that perspective, the first quarter of the year is the last time you'll have THAT much momentum for personal changes, for a long time to come. So, if you have any wishes for change, make sure to use the energy while it's still here!

Especially when it comes to goals in life, career, personal freedom, close relationships, mindset and letting your true self shine, the potential for change is very much present for the first months of the year.

Neptune has been in its own sign Pisces for so long now, that it's no longer only highly sensitive people who feel it. Its themes of charity, compassion and helpfulness is becoming a part of the zeitgeist, trendy and "in". This tendency will only get stronger in the new year.

Saturn's continued stay in Sagittarius, for entire 2016, means that themes such as foreigners, fugitives, borders, faith, religion, ideologies and education will still be hot topics. Saturn in this sign also means, that from time to time, it can be really hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel and the solution to the world's many problems. But the Light is there, we just have to search a little harder for it...

The Saturn - Neptune Square topics (Borders; controlling borders/ dissolving borders and boundaries -  fugitive crisis - the attempt to keep the status quo, law and order/ compassion and the urge to help and receive all who is in need - faith, traditional religion/intuitive, self experienced spirituality), that began late last summer, will also be extremely distinct for most of 2016. There will be 2 more direct hits in June/July and August/September, where this particular energy will be especially intense, before it fizzles out towards the end of the year.

On a personal level the Saturn - Neptune Square is also about borders and boundaries; do you need to learn to how to draw the line and say no or do you need learn to loosen up and be more open?

The question of how your dreams, your sensations, your intuition, your empathy and your spirituality is best anchored, used and manifested in the so called real world, is another important assignment for 2016, as many things that don't hold up to a severe reality check, will simply have to go.

Exactly how and how much you will be affected by the Saturn - Neptune and Uranus - Pluto squares naturally also depends on what they are triggering in your personal chart.

If you would like to know more, you can order a personally interpreted chart for your coming year here.

There's a 10 % discount until January 10 2016.

Happy New Year - may the energies be with you <3 Tina


©Astrologer Tina Reinhardt Hansen

December 29 2015





Saturn- Neptune Square 2015-2016


1st hit November/Dec 2015


While we're still under the influence of the Uranus - Pluto Square, it's now time to get acquainted with another planet pair, the two other planetary heavy weights; Saturn and Neptune, that meet up in a precise square next week.

Saturn and Neptune are as different as can be, and the prelude to their coming clash has already been highly visible in the world the last couple of months, with the fugitive crisis and the theme of BORDERS.

With these two, the need for borders, boundaries and control clashes with the limitless, that can't be controlled. Saturn represents borders, fences, walls, border control, attempt to keep the status quo, to keep chaos at bay with well regulated and responsible rules, laws and order.

Neptune represents dissolving of boundaries, borders and status quo. It represents unity, charity, helpfulness, willingness to sacrifice something for the whole; from this perspective we're all citizens of the world and doesn't have ownership of specific areas.

These two opposite viewpoints now has to find a way to work together, compromise and take responsibility to solve the crisis. We have obviously only seen the beginning of this theme...


Saturn - Neptune has traditionally always been connected to socialism and communism. Both the growth of and the decline/ fall of it, has been seen when these two met earlier.

The present Saturn - Neptune cycle, had its beginning in 1989, with the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the fall of the Berlin Wall. Now it's time for writing a new chapter in the story. Russia has, in its different forms, always played a significant role, during Saturn - Neptune meetings, so expect to see further focus on Russia/Putin the coming year.

During Saturn - Neptune connections rigid systems dissolve/ break down; dreams, utopias, faith and ideologies can be crushed or be realized, depending on whether they were too naive and unrealistic in the first place or whether they actually can function in reality.

On a personal level dream and reality will also clash during the Saturn - Neptune square. It's now time for dreams, fantasies, inspiration etc. to take and pass a reality check or simply die. It will take a lot a work and the reality might never be as fantastic as the original vision, but at the same time this is also a unique window of opportunity for physical manifestation - so it's now or never!

The theme of borders and boundaries will also be relevant for many of us personally. Do you need to learn to set better boundaries for yourself or do you perhaps need to loosen up and become more open and receptive?

The borders to other dimensions will also be less clear or simply vanish and more people can find themselves almost flooded by impulses from "other worlds". But these impulses and input need to be grounded and united with a well functioning everyday life, if they're to have any real value. So, keep your feed on the ground and your head in the sky!

The Saturn - Neptune square is precise the first time on November 26, it's getting quite intense now, as the first direct hit starts next week and last well into December.  The whole Saturn - Neptune period began September 2015 and lasts until late November 2016.

© Astrologer Tina Reinhardt Hansen

November 13 2015


2nd hit June/July 2016


The Saturn - Neptune square, (border control/borders dissolving - the attempt to keep the status quo, law and order/compassion & the urge to help all in need - separation, standing on your own/unity, union - rigid systems dissolving - different ideologies and beliefs clash (maybe even violently) - reality/dream - unrealistic ideas and dreams crush and die/concrete manifestation of realistic dreams and visions - personal boundaries/lowering of defenses), is now less than 2 degrees from being exact and is quite intense. In other words, it's hot spot time again...

The second direct hit of the square begins next week, June 4th, (when it's 1 degree from being precise) and last until July 5th. The exact, precise point being on June 18th.

Saturn is in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces. At the same time Jupiter is in Virgo, in about the same degrees as Saturn - Neptune, and in the coming weeks several of the faster moving planets,(Sun, Venus, Moon and Mercury), transit through Gemini, creating a couple of powerful Grand Crosses in the four signs, known as the Mutable Signs.


The Mutable Modality is characterized by one season turning into another.

Just as Spring at the moment transforms into Summer, during this month of Gemini.


On a larger scale, a Mutable Grand Cross tells us, that one time period is turning into another; that a new era is about to be born. An era coming on the heels of the year long process of change, symbolized by the Uranus - Pluto square. It's time to reset and reach out for new possibilities, both on a global and on a personal level.

The Saturn - Neptune combination is known as one of the classic "artist aspects". In the period between the 1st and 2nd direct hit of the square, the world has in a short timeframe, sadly seen several great artists, some of them very unique and iconic, exit this world and move on to other dimensions.

Interestingly two of them, Prince & Bowie, in some of their signature songs, both wrote and sang about such changes in time, that we're facing now: "I know times are changin' - It's time we all reach out for something new" (Purple Rain) & " Ch- ch- changes - turn and face the strange...Time may change me, but you can't trace time" (Changes).

Who knows, maybe in the future, we will find, that some great new artists were also born/created during this Saturn - Neptune square as well?  In any case, something special is definitely going on right now; an era is irrevocably over; a new one is waiting to be born.

On a personal level, it's up to all of us individually to take the lead , when it comes to  the creative, manifesting side of the Saturn - Neptune square - whether you consider yourself a creative/ artistic person or not.

Mainly it's about how you turn the impulses you receive, as well as your dreams and visions into something concrete, real and useful in your life. Being a co-creator of - and manifesting - your own reality.

So how do you wish this new era of your life to take shape?

The 2nd direct hit is followed by the 3rd (and last) in August/September, and the square is only a couple of degrees from  being precise all the while in between, so expect the entire Summer to be significant and distinct - basically one long hot spot period...

The Saturn - Neptune square is active until the end of November this year.

© Astrologer Tina Reinhardt Hansen, May 2016


3rd hit August/September 2016


The Saturn - Neptune square (Reality check of dreams and visions - Border theme (both personal boundaries and borders between countries) - Refugee crisis - Crack in the union - Brexit - A massive amount of killing/terror committed in the name of politics and/or religion  - Debates on laws concerning illegal substances - Great artists and other icons leaving this world - Great manifestation potential) reaches its 3rd and last direct hit, starting on August 24th, reaching the exact point on September 10th and lasting until September 23rd.


The square will be active until the end of November this year.


© Astrologer Tina Reinhardt Hansen




The Epilogue;

The Uranus Pluto square 2015/16 - 2019



We have, for several years now, been living with extremely turbulent energies and volatile changes happening around us, both on a collective and a personal level.

The Uranus – Pluto square (financial crisis, leadership crisis, revelations of abuse of power and other questionable methods, inequalities and injustice revealed, protests, uprising and riots, the beginning of/escalation of new and old conflicts in the world, terror attacks, visible climate change/extreme weather situations as well as distinct changes in personal lives) has now been exact for the 7th and last time.

It isn’t quite over though, as the Uranus – Pluto square and the process of change it symbolizes, can be divided into 3 phases; ”the Prelude” from 2008 – 2011/12, the ”Precise Phase”, from June 3rd 2012 – April 7 2015 (with 7 direct hits along the way) and ”the Epilogue” beginning now, in spring 2015 and lasting (at least) until 2019.

On a personal level, the process of change has for many, many people expressed itself in a wish for greater personal freedom, a general need for changes in life, as well as literal changes happening concerning goals in life, career, home, family, partners and other close relationships.

Having just left the Precise Phase it’s a good time to look back and reflect;

So where were you in your life in 2008? And what had happened when you got to spring/summer 2011, when the energies really started boiling? What about the Precise phase? How has your life changed since 2012? How have you grown? What have you learned? And where do you want the Epilogue phase to take you?

The changes and the personal growth you have been going through on both an inner and outer level, in your life the last 3 – 7 years, now has to sink in and then take you further through your life. The energetic flow you have received during the 7 exact hits/7 developmental steps, since the summer of 2012, will now have to anchor itself and find a level you can live with, in your daily life. The potential for functioning on a higher spiritual level is definitely there, but of course time is needed to take it all in and land on your feet again.

On a global level, don’t expect things to get calmer anytime soon!

That’s certainly not how its’ been, when you look back at the previous decades, where Uranus & Pluto met in the 1930s (also a square) and 1960s (conjunction).

Most people would probably prefer an Epilogue a la the end of the ‘60s rather than one like the end of the ‘30s (!). So far, there has been clear echoes from both decades in this Uranus Pluto round; among them financial crisis/depression, annexing of areas in other countries, as well as the fight for equal rights, protest, uprising and revolution. Of course, also with signatures that are specific for the time we live in now, with the technology and the social media of today.

Apart from the turbulent changes happening during the Precise Phase there’s obviously also seeds sown that won’t unfold/show its true colors/motives until the Epilogue – with consequences for a long time coming.

One can only hope that the world’s leaders and others in power also make use of the opportunity to take a step up the spiritual ladder, so that the more scary parts of history doesn’t have to repeat itself during this decades’ Epilogue...

In the Epilogue Phase, the Uranus – Pluto square is constantly activated until the summer of 2016 and then on and off until spring 2019.

We’ll see where we all end up – we are always under way and in process, but at least we got this far now and can salute ourselves for that!


©Astrologer Tina Reinhardt Hansen - Spring 2015




Neptune in Pisces


On top of the fact, that the Uranus – Pluto square enters its precise phase in 2012, the 3rd outer planet Neptune is, after a dance back and forth between the border of Aquarius and Pisces, finally entering its own sign, Pisces, in February - another sign, that we are living in a very special time period.

Both a spiritual and artistic renaissance could take place, while Neptune is swimming in its own waters. So, for the next 13 years things such as spirituality, compassion, intuition, fantasy, soulful art and creativity will be valued more and higher than previously. With the tough Uranus – Pluto square ahead of us, we’re no doubt going to be in need of things than can uplift us and speak to our souls.

However, Neptune can also seduce us, blind us with illusions and bubbles that might burst and bring us pain and suffering when they do. Neptune also often demands a sacrifice - a sacrifice of something important to us.

Neptune is of course the ruler of the ocean and the sea, and water in all its facets will become an even more distinct theme, whether it’s lack of water, pollution of water, heavy rain falls, flooding or tsunamis.

Pay attention to your dreams, you might receive important messages from them. In general, there will more communication between us and “other dimensions” from now on.

If you’re a highly sensitive person you will most likely feel more at home and at ease, since the prevailing energies are more in tune with your own, for the next 13 years.

© Astrologer Tina Reinhardt Hansen

Feb 2012





The Uranus – Pluto Square:

2012 – 2015/16; History in the making.


Some years and decades are more memorable than others.  Some time periods involve such a profound change, that a clear line is drawn in the sand, leaving a distinct ”before and after”.

Astrologically such periods are reflected in the outer planets; when they’re changing signs and especially when they’re mutually connecting.

Right now, we’re about to witness two of the most dramatic and transformative planets; Uranus and Pluto, hooking up in a precise and very challenging connection (in” astro-lingo” the 90 degree aspect; the square).

This means, that we’re living in a time period that are guaranteed to be remembered for a long time to come.


The prelude to this period has already been underway for a couple of years now, and last year the frequency of world events intensified to a degree, where it’s almost impossible to remember all that really happened in 2011.


It all began when the financial crisis set in, just as Pluto left Sagittarius and entered Capricorn in 2008.

Sagittarius is all about endless growth, expansion, the feeling that there’s no limits, boundless optimism, positive psychology. In Capricorn on the other hand it’s time to get real, time to take responsibility, time to pay your bills, cut down on the excess, there ARE limits and we will experience them firsthand.

In the following years various financial ”experts” have  several times declared the crisis over and started talking about it in past tense. But with the astrological glasses on it was already then very clear, that this was only the beginning; the prelude to the most challenging years in a long time; 2012 -2015/16.

During 2011, I think, we all reached the realistic stage, where noone any longer believes, that we have seen the worst yet, as far as the global economy goes.


In 2010/2011 Uranus started dancing back and forth the border of Pisces and Aries. This was not only a change of signs, as Uranus does every 7 years, but since Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and Aries the first, it was also the end of an 84 year cycle and the beginning of a new one. Another indication that we’re living in a special time period.

True to the spirit of Uranus this shift was accompanied by surprising  protests,  uprising, riots and revolutions around the globe. Perhaps the most surprising part of it was, that it all started in parts of the world, where it up until then would have been totally unthinkable. But not that surprising when you consider, that some of the classic keywords for the planet Uranus are: ”Revolution”, “Uprising”, Freedom, equality and brotherhood” ! And in the sign of Aries you take action, you’re willing to fight for your cause, add an outer planet to the mix, and you might even be willing to die for it!

It’s also indicative of the nature of Uranus and Pluto; they can both signify events, that you will have a hard time imagining, before they’re actually taking place.

That an outer planet sign shift can be most dramatic, was very clear on the day Uranus finally left Pisces (water) and entered Aries (fire), in March 2011; it happened at the same time as the tsunami in Japan developed from a natural to a nuclear disaster!


If you look at the years since 2008 you can sort of gather a picture of what kind of challenges we’ re facing now, and will be - at full force - the coming 4 years (at least).

The events of the summer of 2011 is especially worth taking note of, since the Uranus – Pluto connection, was as close, as it could be, without being precise.

That summer, we saw the ”Arab Spring” spread to the West, among other things in the Occupy Movements, there were extreme weather situations, there was the Murdoch - media -scandal, the terror attack in Norway, riots in London, nations on the brink of bankruptcy, leaders and presidents revealed in their powerlessness/ corruptness and a stock market that went into a total panic.

The summer of 2011 was a sort of trial run, so we can expect to see more of – or similar - themes coming up in 2012 – 2015/16 and presumably in an even wilder and heavier manner.

Countries and situations rescued at the 11th hour last summer, will most likely reach the point, where bankruptcy no longer can be avoided and they will take others down with them.


We could also look further back and see what happened earlier, when Uranus and Pluto butted heads.

Since Pluto’ s discovery in 1930, there have been two really distinct connections made by the planet pair.

The first was shortly after the discovery, when Uranus and Pluto were connected by the same challenging connection – the square – as now, in the 1930’s.

(Back then Uranus was also in Aries, while Pluto was in Cancer). That coincided with the big depression.  With the invention of nuclear weapon/energy. With fascism, Nazism, Hitler rising to power and the prelude to/beginning of the 2nd world war.

On the economic front it’s easy to draw a parallel between the current crisis and the big depression in the 1930’s. And no, we haven’t seen the worst yet.

There’s also the theme of nuclear power; it’s invention back then and the fact that we had a nuclear disaster in 2011, that didn’t just have a severe impact on Japan, but also reopened and strengthened the resistance to nuclear power in other countries.  We will probably see more about this nuclear theme; nuclear as both power and weapon. We had a terror attack, that unexpectedly turned out to be from the extreme right-wing, in Norway – and let’s sincerely hope that it won’t be necessary to draw further parallels between the above mentioned things, during the 1930’s Uranus- Pluto square and the 2010’s!


The next distinct meeting between Uranus and Pluto took place, when they were on top of each other (conjunct) in the 1960’s, in the sign of Virgo.

The 1960’s societal changes were so remarkable that they’re still felt to this day. Among many things, there were fights for equal rights and freedom for all, no matter, race, gender and sexuality – and several authorities lost their power.

Once again, there are many similarities between then and now, where protests, riots, and revolution are sweeping across the globe, spreading like fire. The previously suppressed rise up, resist and demand their freedom and their rights – and are in many ways granted them.

Authorities, leaders, head of states have already been overthrown and we will see even more of that, with Pluto travelling through Capricorn – (Capricorn is the sign of authorities, leaders, governments and Pluto brings fundamental change to everything it touches). Power-balances will change as well - also among nations.

The 1960’s also saw high profile murders (JFK, Robert Kennedy M. Luther King) and unfortunately it’s not out of the question, that something similar will happen again.

The riots in London also seemed to echo the 60’s racial riots. And we will most likely see many more riots around the globe the coming years.


Whether you think all this terrible or challenging, yet exciting, depends on whether you’re  personally longing back to the time before the financial crisis and just want everything to be as it once were – or whether you believe that fundamental changes to the world and the way we have been living so far are much needed.

There are no doubts tough times ahead, but the possibility that a better world might come out it in the end, exist - if we really want it.

No matter our personal opinions and wishes, the changes have been underway for quite some time now and are irrevocable.

Uranus and Pluto share a strong element of unpredictability, so it’s almost impossible to foretell what the world will look like at the end of 2016, but two things are certain: 1. when Uranus and Pluto are done with each other this time around, not much will be like it was before 2008 and: 2. It might be hard, really tough, but it certainly won’t be boring!

So, buckle up, hold on to your hats and get ready for the rollercoaster ride of 2012. The Uranus – Pluto square is precise from June this year.

Happy New Year

© Astrologer Tina Reinhardt Hansen

January 2012