Astrologer Tina Reinhardt Hansen's written astrological reports in English

All reports are personally interpreted by Tina.

E-mail correspondence w. opportunity for questions and feedback included.


A classic birth chart reading in writing & a prognosis for the coming year: 1700,- dkr



 Venus Mars & Descendant Report:

600,- dkr

Venus and Mars - the planets of love and sex, the inner and outer woman and man.

No matter our gender (or what gender we are attracted to) we all consist of both - and project one of these two energies on the people we fall for.

This planet pair, their placement and connections, speak of how you relate to others, what turns you on, how you attract others and how you best go after what you desire the most. 

The Descendant is the point of relationships and the significant other in your chart.

The LoveSexy Venus Mars & Descendant report gives you a comprehensive description of what these three combined reveal about you and your love life.




LoveSexy & The Future: 1000,- dkr

The Venus Mars & Descendant report + a prognosis for the coming year, in terms of your love life.



LoveSexy Couple Report: 1500,- dkr

Here you get The LoveSexy Venus Mars & Descendant Report for both of you, as well as a description of the most important connections between your two charts.

IMPORTANT! Both parties need to agree to have the report done.

If you wish to surprise your significant other with a LoveSexy Couple Report, as a romantic gift, you’re more than welcome to buy a gift certificate  😊





Soul & Purpose Report: 800,- dkr

The most significant parts of your chart read from your souls’ perspective. What is the higher meaning and purpose?

The Nodes and the Prenatal Eclipse sheds light on where you’re coming from and where you’re heading as well on some of the specific assignments you have in this life.



New & Full Moon Chart: 900,- dkr

At the New and Full Moon, we have – in accordance with the prevailing energies - an opportunity to manifest what we wish to bring into our lives (New Moon) and to release what’s no longer working for us (Full Moon).

In the New & Full Moon chart you get a description of where the New and Full Moon, as well as the Eclipses, fall in your personal chart the coming year; what themes and areas they’re activating.

This chart is a personal working tool, that gives you the opportunity to make best possible use of these powerful lunar energies for yourself and your life.




Career Report: 600,- dkr

This report analyses the houses, signs and planets in your personal chart, that pinpoints your talents, resources, interests and goals, all of them waiting to somehow be included in your line of work and career.


Career and the Future: 1000,- dkr

The Career report + a prognosis for the coming year, in terms of your professional life.



For all chart and reports; date, time and place of birth are required.

For the classic birth chart & prognosis 3-5 distinct events of your life, that you have a date for, is needed as well.


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