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About the astrologer


I was born in Copenhagen, in 1971, with the Sun in Virgo, Moon in Sagittarius and Libra rising.

EVERY single planet in my chart is connected to one or the other of the outer planets, so I am also what could be considered quite Neptunian, Plutonian and Uranian.

In plain English this means, that I've always had "open channels," have always been fascinated by and have a natural instinct for what goes on underneath the surface and that many things in my life have been quite "out of the ordinary".

I am thus very familiar with the outer planet energies that are especially prevalent when life takes a u-turn, both individually during our lifetimes and collectively as in the unique time period we are living in right now, this makes me well equipped to translate and interpret these energies for others.


During my teens I devoured everything from the local library, under the segments labeled ”Psychology &”The Occult” and that’s where I first discovered Astrology, which would turn into both a passion and a faithful companion throughout life, for me.

I started working with special needs children, when I was 19 and later got a degree in Social Education. 

At the same time, I became more and more interested in psychological oriented astrology and went on to do a four year astrology course, at the Scandinavian Astrology School, in Copenhagen.

Since then, I’ve taken more courses on the IC Institute in Copenhagen and CPA in London and am also a constant and eager researcher and observer of the biggest astrological teacher of them all: Life itself as it unfolds.

I had my first non-related clients back in 2002 and published my first (Danish) book ”Pluto – Måne Forbindelsen” (The Pluto – Moon Connection) in May 2013.


Nowadays I work with my own mix of psychological, mundane, spiritual, awakening and truth-oriented astrology.

Astrology plays a hidden, but central role in basically anything important taking place in this world and is one of the foremost code crackers in terms of what’s really going on behind the curtain and not least the timing of it.

I regularly write updates here om my website as well as on my English   Astrology Freedom Truth Light Peace & Love blog, which you can find  here


Tina Reinhardt Hansen